How beautiful is love…

sometimes as a woman you and waiting for the Lord to bring your husband you need a little kindness.

So the lord lead me to the songs of Solomon c1 v8 it’s really special how he calls you his beloved. What got me is my favourite colour is green, which it says that our bed is green. I have been srearching for a green quilt cover, I gave the one I had to my son.

I don’t like bright greens but muted with a touch of blue, like the old HG Holden kings wood my mum use to have.

Love and getting to really know people is a precious thing, I am so glad I didn’t wait but got close to my mum  for she did have traits I didn’t like but I knew why they were there  to understand and go outside of yourself is what I believe we all need to do

for love is a beautiful thing, Jesus loved us enough to die for us. God loved us enough to give his son, so why not love beyond your limits there is always more to behold

be blessed


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