Little things

Ages ago I bought a new journal an yes it’s green lol.

I love that it had sayings or quotes on certain pages, like the cover ‘a simple life is a full life’

and this goes for yesterday, resolve to see the world on the sunny side, and you have almost won the battle of life at the outset.

Another is, when we take time to notice the simple things in life, we never lack for encouragement, we discover we are surrounded by limitless hope that’s just wearing everyday cloths. And, I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life, he gave me life that I might enjoy all things…

sometimes it takes you to appreciate the. Little things begpfore God gave give you more, we sometimes expect far too much when we have yet to show we are worthy.

Be content in that which I have given unto you, for tomorrow may bring more than you hoped for. For I have heard your prayers and seen your tears and know I am here. For I am about to send the rain in your life, get ready for you have withstood the tests I have given you with humbleness and quietness. So beloved know that I am here for you ready for you to take what I had planned for you before you were I your mothers womb.

Pooh that last bit was the lord speaking through me giving me a word, know I am excited.

See what happens when you trust his ways and not those you have been taught to do, I believe we all have it in us. It’s up to you, how you take your journey. You can either take the wide road that leads to destruction or the narrow. I know what I choose.

I don’t know if I ever told you, but my eldest brother was killed, mum use to take us to his grave and even back then she would say to me, come through this gate it’s easy. I use too always pick this funny gate that was narrow and like a maze. Maybe the lord had me even back then food for thought.


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