What about his race…

This is something I have been thinking about since the new year started.

What about the race, the one you agreed on, when your scroll what written.

Have you been, like me at times, sitting on the side line, wondering if your worthy to participate.

I remember when I was younger, all I wanted to do as a hobby was run, problem my ankles would pop and I would fall over. But when I did run in races, I could never be first, but I kept thinking as a youngster, just FINISH.

I was always good at marathons at school, why, because I listened to my body, I chugged along and when it counted, burst for the last couple of meters.

I felt good, because I finished, not trying to win, not trying to be the best in others eyes, just running my race.

This morning I was reminded of this, to RUN YOUR OWN RACE. The one you agreed on, and this is to me as much as anyone.

Stop sitting and questioning, just line up and participate, be part of the race, but make sure your RUN YOUR RACE.

So, as I am about to go today, I have seen myself lined up at the starting line, its not about what others see, its about you and him and the race, you signed up too…

Have a great day and RUNNNNNNNN lol

It could of been me…….

Yesterday, I ordered online and went to pick up my groceries.

On the way home, I felt prompted to go and get a drive through drink from the big M.

I never ever go in, to get anything for myself, but I felt the need too.

As I have said before, you have to be listening, so I listened and got a drink, sorry I did choose what I did, I felt so sick afterwards. But getting back on course here, it saved me.

As I drove in, picked up and drove out, would have been about 2 minutes, tops. As I got back onto the main road, I saw a car in the front, it was white with unusual back light design.

All that popped into my head was this, if I had not gone into get a drink, I would be up there.

As I turned and drove up the hill, I came to the dreaded roundabout, that is oval in shape and has blind spots, in the place I live.

An accident, had just happened, what was hit, that same white car, the front was off the car, another car was in the medium strip. A woman was sitting on the side of the road, with people around her, and all I could think was, turn left and get out of the way, so services can come and assist.

Then, I felt to ring to check if an ambulance had been called, they had not, only the police, you see, you may seem fine at an accident, but a brain bleed or something else medical you cannot tell and your life is worth them checking.

All, I saw like a headlight was that WHITE CAR, and all I could think to myself, beyond doubt was this, it could have been me. If I had not turned into get a drink, I would have been in the roundabout, at that exact time.

My angels, protected me, I have been going over this all night and I cannot deny the truth, MY ANGELS, who are always with me, saved me.

I kept thinking, I never get junk food, I deplore the M store, because of the smell turns my stomach. But, I listened and listening, saved me.

I have no doubt, my beautiful angels were there when I needed them.

Can you feel, his blessings?

I ask myself this many times, to make sure, I keep tuned in.

Tuned into, what he is blessing me with.

The other day, I said to a friend something, she then told me, that she was waiting for me to do it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but bugger waiting (sorry for the Aussie slang), but I have to get real here.

It does not matter where I am, or who is around, or who hears, I will do what I am prompted to do, immediately, right there, right then.

You see, he knows something that you are yet too, he is training you, to see if you will show the lead. And I think if I was him, I would be tired of people, consistently seeing if it was embarrassing or who was around etc, for fear.

I say things all the time, and bugger what others think, I lived too long, to worry about you, you worry about yourself instead, how about those apples.

I love it when I am prompted, I love it when I figure out, what he wanted me to do and why. I feel blessed and special every time, because he is thinking of me and others. How special is that, to know it, beyond doubt.

So, as your day, ends or begins, tell him, talk to him, take no care for tomorrow, but instead of expecting him to answer when you need him, what about being there, for when he needs YOU…

Who is your family?

We get birthed into what the world calls, family.

But, when the one you have, does not measure up, and you select him, over all else. Remember the old saying, “You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family”.

He gives you another family, a family that builds you up and a family you can be honest with and not be judged daily.

I was born into a very dysfunctional family, everyone seems to have different issues, but you have to deal with them, at each point, truthfully and move on.

So, with me, instead of being condemned by them, and being on this continual merry go round, I got off. I decided to follow, my personal experience and stop being the YES person, I use to be.

I decided, this emotional pull, is toxic and I must be released from it.

So, I chose the father, they say things have a habit of working out, well it wasn’t anything like joining a cult or anything like that. It was just me, seeing, that those who said they loved me, continued to hurt or control me.

So, I looked at the road to where I was lead, and realised the father was calling me home. In many ways, it has nothing to do with the group, I go to church with, it is about choosing him, where ever I am.

All my roads, all my blessings, all my miracles, everything lead to him, and I accepted him, that to me is real family.

Jesus is my brother, father God is my only father and when all fits together, your home…

How each day, can be better…

Many times we can get stuck in a continual motion and each day we miss an opportunity.

I realised this yesterday, man I had to push myself, my knees were not happy, lets put it that way.

I knew I had to pay the rent, get some elastic to fix something, then the day was gone.

Having to rest and raise my legs is time wasted, but then today, I thought hang on, you should have prayed. Then again, do not get caught up with the, shoulda woulda brigaide, just learn.

So I am looking forward, each day, I tackle the next thing and then think to myself, I cannot go back. “There is no going back, to go back too”.

My decision, the ultimate decision is set in stone and regardless of who is happy with me or not. I have to keep going, like yesterday, I thought to myself, bugger it, I am going to do what I need too, I am tired of limitations because of an accident, years prior, I am going to push, and so I did.

Lets just say, last night, oy. LOL

With my father, I have to move in the knowledge that I have to move ever so carefully forward into what I must do. I have let go of the past, I have stopped letting myself be dragged back into what I call, the dirty wash cycle of the washing machine, I hung myself out to dry and for that picture he gave me, I am grateful.

Something that convinced me, happened in the last couple of weeks, you see, others keep going over and over the past and the good old blame game. But their lives do not seem to change, the same pattern exists and that is what I decided to move away from.

I am honest, and as I have said, I am not perfect in anyway, shape or form. But at least I admit it, at least I move forward, this continual gossip train, especially with women. I always use to think, who on earth made you, judge, jury and executioner.

It says that he is the only judge, so get a grip and move on…

Growth is an amazing, gladly I have finally realised this.

I sit here with sadness

Why, do you say…

The need to be the richest, the most famous, have the best or the most.

I simply, do not understand this at all.

It says to treat others as you would like to be treated, but instead we get lost in the world of haves and have nots.

I could have a trillion, but to me, as I sit questioning what I just wrote. It means nothing, I still see and have no desire, for fancy cars, for big mansions, or for jewels.

My desire is the love of my father, the only thing that fills my heart, he is my desire. He is my light, in my past, when I felt I was on a path of darkness, he is where my path now leads. His light shone brighter and brighter, leading me here, today and for tomorrow.

I know, I stand on the belief that his words, that all of it rings true. His words, for my life, are loud and clear.

I have been told many times, people see me with lots of wealth, but as I sit and shake my head. I still will be the bargain hunter, I know that I hate to my very core, people who waste and boast.

For to me, if your not boasting about the father, then your on the wrong channel..

So Lord, I know its coming, for I feel it strongly today. But, please do not let me go, I would rather hand it back to you, than loose what I have now.

It is about being a responsible Christian and I believe your living word, I put it into practice all the time and for that, I already have wealth beyond measure.

How many times will history repeat…

I was watching a show called Travel Guides and they visited Cambodia.

What got me was the day before we saw on the news, people being paraded in China for not following the law and photos put up with this list, I know my voice may seem insignificant, but I believe many see the same thing aligning.

Now, the familiar seemed to be, people in Cambodia were tortured, twice a day for up to 4 months, until they repeated the words, or confessed to a lie by force.

How many times does history show, Communism doesn’t work, it is inhumane, it always seems to be a power trip, but in Cambodia over 1 million died. And all we remember is this, another mass waste of life, that go on and affect families, that did nothing, to deserve it.

Humans are not robots, history shows, all we do now is come together to show respect to the lives lost. Isn’t maturity showing that, we agree to disagree and if no ones agrees with this particular post, that’s OK too.

Lord how many have to die, you suffered because those in power, knew not what they did. They saw you as a threat and thought, taking you out removes the risk. But, they did not know that you are not dead, you have risen, that you are the son, the king of kings. And when you return to this earth, wow, are they in for a shocker.

Today, people are suffering again, how blinded can power be. The enemy working in them, the demonic realm taking control and trying to enforce his will, through them again.

Lord I pray for freedom, to live the life, you mandated over the lives of your people. I pray for their liberty, I pray that what you did for me and those that have given themselves to you, will continue and not die in vain. I pray for justice, as you said to me that day, “Justice is done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Lord, you took back the keys, I ask you to use these to unlock anything that is causing any harm to those people who are yours and yours alone.

Yes, I know it reads we will come to a point of the same threat, to loose our life or bend to there will. Lord you also say, we will rise again, and live with you for a thousand years. So when will they realise, we have nothing to fear….

Do you get asked what you want?

Now, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I try and get up and make a cuppa and sit back in bed.

What I do is, say my good mornings to all and start to pray or talk with Yahweh.

Now, sometimes I feel the question, what do you want. What is something you can think of right now, you have wanted and need?

And, how many times do I receive it. This I cannot tell you, but when you have a relationship with the father, it opens heaven, it opens your receivership.

So, if you make time for him, he will give you what you need or want, depending on what it is, but always remember, dad knows best.

And be grateful and shout it out, for his loves abounds in many things.

We are not all the same…

I was asked by a friend yesterday, to pick her up and take her to the shops.

She wanted to buy me something and I said to her, they make the same thing, but we are not all created equal.

For example, undies, some people have pointy or round, or wider backsides. We are all different and especially us girls after, having children.

And depending on your requirements, riding horses, runners, bed time etc etc etc.

Its because we are all different, so makers need to take heed.

But, this makes us unique, this is what Hitler didn’t get, trying to control, which is an illusion to the power hungry.

If we were all the same, how boring, but that would not have made him any better or more powerful, it just made him the biggest fool.

I like how I am different to other siblings, I like how and this came to my thought this morning. My mum said, “I only had two children, Larry and you”. At the time I could not understand how she could say that, but as you get older, your understanding widens. And, I know if she was hurt deeply, that was it, Fort Knox was erected and she was done for eternity.

I like the fact, I am comfortable with myself, yes I could loose weight, but until this lap band is out, I am not pushing my luck. But that time is coming, and luckily he keeps showing me, how much I will soar afterwards.

I love, that I have somethings that others can never touch, and in my fathers eyes, that makes me feel special. I never want to let him down, for it is a humble gratefulness that I hold dear.

So, if your different, that does not mean you have a mental problem, weight problem, feature problem.

Your just you, and if the father loves you, and other than requiring help from doctors, depending on whatever it is.

Your beautiful, by just being YOU…