He gave me gifts, I wished for

Not only did my father give me a gift last night, but presents that I really hoped for.

Three things, which reminds me of the three wise men, he keeps showing me this.

I wanted a Faberge egg, which I love. I also hoped for Nivea Q10 and a satin pillow case and mask.

Three things from three different people, what I love most is his thought of me, thinking of me, knowing that I am here. Fighting everyday to get stronger and do his work, having faith beyond its simple word.

Putting the knowledge into each one, what an amazing thing to happen, think about it. This doesn’t happen in the world, but it happens to me.

Why, because I trust him with my life, all of me, when I am all in, I am all in.

I am blessed to have those people around me, I am blessed to know even when a call goes out, he sends in his army.

How wonderful is that, how absolutely amazing, wonderful and humbling…if only the world knew my most treasured possession is his love….

God gives you a gift, take it

I have said before how I was dealing with something.

Yesterday I got a step, I am taking it as a step to glory, a step to wellness, a step forward, not back.

This morning I have been praying, singing, worshipping, praising and laughing, I know this little glitch will go.

Because its his gift to me, to be healed, to stop it in it’s tracks. I have absolutely nothing to fear and I will not fear anything, I am strong and I stand on his sword.

I am going to show the doctors again, how his work is more powerful than anything they can do.

For I am his daughter, I am exceptional, I am extraordinary, I am who I am meant to be and I love him so much.

I am so thankful for all he is doing, because timing is everything.

You can loose perspective

Recently something was very wrong in my body and I held onto a vision from many years ago.

Because I was in such pain, I almost could not breath, so I grabbed hold of the first thing, so I could keep going and lost perspective to get help.

I was taught to hide pain and it has been a very bad habit, as it turns out. I was taught to tell no one and put a smile on your face and keep going.

Sometimes it takes a moment for reality and perspective from others for you to see the light.

Why do we teach our children to lie

When I was young, all I remember is the lies that were told and if it benefited you, then it was OK.

Well at this time of year, especially this time, why do we teach them to lie.

By lying to them from day dot, I had to go out today too, not only pay the rent but get food and I said to the girl, why do we celebrate anyway, because its his birthday.

Before, when our babies were just babies, we taught them this way, being a christian now, I seriously have trouble watching anything that is not of him and do the wrong thing. It is simple, I just can’t, I remember his sword, to be a good steward all the time and instead of being angry, I bless many many people and laugh. Especially those drivers making there own rules.

We tell them the tooth fairy and Halloween, etc etc and sorry but, its not on anymore. I always say to those around me, if you don’t like what I have said, that is OK. But the truth must be spoken, whether you like it or not.

And who thinks, it is OK that you trust a big hairy, old man…come on. And then not to trust or speak to a stranger, what the heck. I use to tell my children, when I lived in the world, that Santa was at the supermarket, I am not big fat and jolly for nothing.

Why do we keep scew wiffing the truth to suit us, what is there to be afraid of, isn’t the truth suppose to set us free.

Well isn’t it, so I say this wonderful time of year, be blessed, be safe and share the love and laughter… don’t get so hung up on what is not so important.

Why are you grumbling

I was thinking of leaving this page and then I got a very strong message for someone.

Why are you grumbling, you say you have surrendered, but you have not.

I have shown you miracles, you have seen evidence of me, but still you grumble.

I have been patient, I have waited for you and still you grumble.

Remember you and I have a contract, but you see things of the world as more important than me.

Your value is in your material things and money, but still I gave you grace.

And still you grumble, you want more and more, but more will never be enough to you.

You will never be satisfied with what ever I do or don’t do, GROW UP, I can give and take away.

As any parent, you only get so far before correction comes….

If the father speaks and you don’t listen, then only he can help you in the end.. oy this would scare me.

The atmosphere, I feel it coming

I cannot explain it other than, I feel in the atmosphere something coming.

I am so excited, the father is about to do something huge, I do not know what it is, but I trust all of it.

A while ago I did another painting and it is titled, a change is coming. Yesterday that stuck in my mind again, a change IS coming and we need to get excited.

I believe it even when I don’t see it, but it is coming, IT IS because my dad says so.

What joy we have in the knowing of having him as our father, who breathed life into us, gave us life, gave us a destiny and plan. How absolutely amazing, I think sometimes we take this very thing for granted.

But I appreciate even being corrected, I appreciate it because I have come through so many hard times. And with that you learn, you grow, you mature and you appreciate the good.

And the father is just this ALL GOOD….

Yesterday I woke with a number

2348, now I had no clue what this was, but I have been getting info on the DNA.

This number relates to the number of the homo sapien,a human and splitting of cells, now I read this below as this, my DNA is changing into his adding a third strain. I do not believe a negative or what the world may say, for there is always a blessing in many forms, that you are yet to see.

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the folate receptor family. Members of this gene family bind folic acid and its reduced derivatives, and transport 5-methyltetrahydrofolate into cells. This gene product is a secreted protein that either anchors to membranes via a glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol linkage or exists in a soluble form. Mutations in this gene have been associated with neurodegeneration due to cerebral folate transport deficiency. Due to the presence of two promoters, multiple transcription start sites, and alternative splicing, multiple transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.

Joy of the Lord

I have not let go of the trust that the Lord will overturn the American election outcome.

Don is not going anywhere, I have always seen the world at the moment as when Moses went up into the mountain, and the sinners built an idol and did all sorts of things.

But, when the father spoke and the sword was spoken, those lead by the enemy, were squashed. And the world I see as back then, and he is about to have his way.

He gave me a chance to turn from my sinning ways, I took it and had to hang on for dear life at times, but nothing can change the love I have, this is not a challenge, just a fact.

The joy of the Lord is in me, healing will soon be mine, for I will not go down without a fight and boy am I fighting right now. I feel a roar of the Lion of Judah in me, and if I have to roar, then I will.

I have come to such a place of not only faith, but trust, I completely trust him. I know each step, is training for my future to do what he needs me to do.

I trust in the visions I have been shown, I trust in the process, I trust my father all the way.

I feel the awesome power coming

Most of the time, I am quiet with what I get from the Lord God.

I read his word over and over and I keep reminding him, what he has said over my life.

I have felt his power coming, this is stronger and stronger. The reason I don’t say a lot is because I believe each person has their own journey, how far they get is up to them. But boy, my father is more and more pleased with what is going on.

He is very very wise in the fact like I have always believed, let the enemy show his face, before you fire. And I know from experience and that old saying, give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

The enemy got cocky and bold, but no one is more powerful and awesome than my dad. The one who I gave myself too, when I signed the contract before I even existed.

I know I am in such a place, of excitement and confidence that he who has begun a good work, will finish it. This was words given to me by two very special women I know, from him.

I am so fired up, it gets hard to contain, for I want to jump and shout for joy, but I know I must control and be wise, for time will come shortly and as I always say, flip the switch, well my father will flip my switch.

He just reminded me of something I said, years ago. Oprah Winfrey is considered a billionaire and I said, I don’t know how, but I will have that money.

Now you have to understand, I do not understand it, but I trust it. And my father knows I am in a place where it means nothing, but I would be happy to let it sit and do as instructed and being a good steward has been my training.

And as I have always believed, just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to spend it…

How did we get to 0

Here in Victoria we had many cases in a day, I was praying and standing and for a time I liked it.

I liked spending undisturbed time with him.

I liked the quiet, I liked the atmoshphere.

When I had enough, 0 happened.

I am not saying anything but that, I find if I ask it happens.

Yes we all did our bit, some didn’t but that is OK, for the lesson was learned.

But the people of Victoria got it under control, by stepping up. Watching what they did and making the sacrifices to stop the spread.

So well done to all and if anyone can learn anything is, for other countries, is to wash your hands, wear a mask.

Disinfect what you buy, wipe surfaces and be sensible, it is really that simple. But when you trust the father, there is no FEAR.

For fear belongs to the enemy, and if you trust him, you will not loose. But you will gain, gaining is a state of mind, think about it.