Boy oh boy

I have been one very sick, duckee…

The enemy is trying all he can to stop me, this realisation is key to my recovery.

What I have been doing is taking mental note, of what is going on in the world.

I prayed that the worlds people would realise, money cannot save them, but can aid in their end.

If you get serious, he can save you, he is the key, he is all your need in one.

I may have been down, but I am never out, I am still his, I will always be, HIS

So, in this crazy world, take note, if you want to live, money and fame will not do anything but cause your end.


Standing, on his law

Something that frightens me is when a law, says it is ok to marry your 1st cousin.

When you know, that the fathers law is what you need to follow, something is very wrong.

I know someone, who did and then had a affair with another 1st cousin.

At the time, the revolt coming from within me, was so strong, I was dry reaching.

I believe at the time, it was the spirit in me, showing me, how wrong this was.

Problem is, our laws and his are very different, but as an individual, as long as I follow his. Then when I stand before him, I can stand, knowing that I tried my best to follow the true law.

When is the obvious going to be made law….

Recently here, we have had hackers and scammers go nuts.

Problem is, if it doesn’t touch the government, there is no change.

But, I stand on this, if you have a site, then you must hold a protocol, of if its sick, bulling etc, then you need to let the law enforcement have access to be able to find these people.

I do not believe that allowing individuals to hide behind a screen is ok, for how is that not ok if they are going after your children, I believe strong action and laws should be put in place.

It is like a recent news report, 2 dogs who were bullmastiff, a lady was out walking her dog, had her baby strapped to her, these dogs kept trying to attack her and the baby and mauled her dog, which was on a lead.

The owner, said to the reporter she knew and the reason, she couldn’t walk them, sorry but when you own an animal, then you must be responsible, even if that means, either putting them down, or giving them away in a animal shelter to be tested.

I am glad she can face a fine of $20,000 dollars, I am sorry it comes to that, but imagine if a child was riding a bike by themselves, it could have been a lot worse and a dog, once blood is tasted, changes. Training needs to happen to not only the dog, but the owners in general…

Maturity, logic and responsibility are being lost and not for the better…

How things can just click in…

Sometimes I begin to pray in tongues, sometimes I pray with a tune, it causes me to go into a realm that is awesome.

On Wednesday unusual music was played, it was the same tune, that I had been praying and worshiping too the week prior.

So, how amazing when things, just click. I love and appreciate my father Jesus, I am always thankful, when I ask for a parking space, or chat about something and he finds a way to make it happen.

I am amazed, bless and humbled by these occurrences, because it shows me his love and that he has me.

We get so bogged down with, trying to make things happen, we forget to stop and hand it to him. We forget to let him father us, but also, we have to be mature enough, to accept it, when we don’t receive.

It comes down to love and relationship, who is the most important in your life.

Simple, HE IS

Yesterday I remembered, how my mother said, that she always wanted me to be her friend, and before she went, our relationship was that of mutual respect and honor, yes there were traits from whom she lived with, but her true self was what we shared and valued.

The same with the lady who recently passed, when she walked in my door, the father was present, when she was allowed to just be, let out what she needed too, and just be, whom she could in a trusted environment. I don’t mean anything bad or special, just free, because if you cannot provide a relationship with those, whom you respect most in your life, and just take, then its not one sided.

Working on these relationships, I believe trains you, for your relationship with him. You must make the space for free access, a trusted place of knowing that what goes on, a secret space that is between you and him, in trust, and will go no further.

That is what is required, decorum, trust, honor and love.


Keep it simple stupid.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, she said your know a lot of things.

Yes, mainly because I pay attention.

But, I know that what I see, there is HIS way, and that is why I answer the way I do.

Because his way is obvious and I need to always remember, KISS.

I believe, therefore

I do believe, so I also am waiting to receive…

Why do I make this statement, because something is coming, something big.

I know I am rich in spirit and truth, when that is what you have, its awesome. But, I keep thinking, he also wishes to bless us in another way.

Now, most would not even go there, but I am, why because I know how much he loves me. And I believe, I am set enough, to not become stupid or full of myself, but as I sit here typing, I am very aware, I would get rid of anything in my way, whether that be finances or something else.

My value of that relationship with my father, is worth more than money or riches and I keep saying it, people with money get stupid, I was watching something late last night, a lady stated. That “some women have class and some just have money” and wanted them harmed, because something didn’t go her way.

I could see, only through her eyes, did she think she was above them, when to me, she was lower. It often shocks me, how small a persons view can be, when wealth blinds them.

Sometimes I watch things and think, they may be older, but they are not any wiser.

I believe, in many ways, things are put in front of you, as a sign from the father. I was thinking yesterday as I took a chance to go out, with my achy stomach and the car park, in front of me was a trolley with a piece of paper that just had, BB.

What does this mean, I always wanted to start a small niche business. Why niche, because when you get too big, your chasing money and you loose your way.

So my idea, was Bronie’s Bakes, for I have a way of making something simple, given an edge that fills you with love as you eat it. What makes me laugh is most things if not all, I never eat, allergies oy.

Anyway, that BB was only significant to me, I know what I would do, make them and distribute to chosen places, no shop front, but a little kitchen room in my backyard. Then I think about my knees and back, but with help, I think it could be done.

You see many places to grab a bite, but they are all the same, I don’t get it. But I know what they need, because, people need to feel the love from food, because people in the world are starving for his nourishment, and praying over each bake, would I believe bring change.

So soups, biscuits, cakes, meals, could be a simple thing, that creates great change…

How things are used…

Recently I was contacted for my operation slot, went to the doctor, told I had another infection. So went on antibiotics, slot lost.

When I went back, as I was told to get other tests, then send to them to open another slot.

Tests came back, I did not have an infection at all, but the pain, oy something was going on.

I sat here paying a bill and cleaning my email address and the thought came to me, how the enemy puts road blocks in the way.

So, because of this I will be fired up, to get into the next one. And what got me was this, as I sat in the doctors I started talking to a lady.

Funny thing is, she looked a lot like the lady, who recently passed. Then she tells me she is Scottish, omg if she only knew.

Now, she was telling me how she also has heard the fathers voice, then the next breath about how she is also seeing ghosts. OMG, talk about being there for her, not me.

Anyway, I took action, I told her about things I had experienced and how the enemy can use anything to try and get us of course.

She said, “but they are only little children”, I told her the enemy will use any form and do not be lied too, by your eyes, but be lead by the father.

It was longer than that, but boy, did things change. I would not let her leave without, firing back and warning her of the enemy, I told her to evict him and tell him to leave.

So great and all I kept thinking was, appointed time, the father uses me, because he has granted me a boldness, and I will not let him down.

When you get shown, what is coming

These past few weeks, he has granted things to me, that I cannot speak of.

But mark my words, CHANGE IS COMING.

I am stepping into an arena of something, beyond this world. Hang on lets get it right, into his world, stepping into a way of transformation.

Oooh, just got that, I have seen a time coming, when I speak, but its him speaking through me and its like on Bruce Almighty when he parted the cars, nothing will stand in the way, NOTHING.

I think those who have a gripe against me, in my worldly family should be warned. Because my father is jealous of me and will not take it anymore, their life will be in peril and this is a warning.

I have handed all the pain and hurt to him, I know from experience when peoples cars are damaged etc, if you have an issue, deal with it, for he will not stand for it.

But lets get onto more positive things, I know things, I know more than I let on and he knows he can trust me. But I am excited, because I will be a sign and a wonder on his behalf.

I have met many people and one that stands out, and said to me, how many people say that they are Christians but show NO FAITH, but that I, have it, all over and I walk in it.

Sometimes when people who have not seen before and meet me, change takes place, because I believe point blank.

I have stepped into places and seen the word GRANTED stamped on paperwork from heaven.

Nothing can be withheld if you know, what standing you have in him and humble yourself with its knowledge.

How far, have I come….

Something I realized this week was this, just how far I had come.

Before I was released by my father, I use to have to hold onto a lot of things, this overwhelming need to hold onto what I had.

Well, I found something that was my mum’s, it was rusty and I went and put it into the recycling and felt nothing. Nothing to have me, hold on to the point of making myself sick.

So thinking of just how far I have come, what has been taken from me and the injustice I felt, gone. Because I have put it all in my fathers hands, I know his justice is more than I could ever think of here, in the world.

So, as I go through things and downsize, I can get rid of things with no hesitation, but to ask if anyone wants it.

When you TRUST him with all of you, things that were important, are no longer so.

I am blessed, blessed beyond measure, because people know me, I do not hide away or think I am not good enough, but I stand in the knowledge that as long as he’s got me, nothing else matters.

He wants me to finish my mandate and I feel such freedom, knowing how bold I am now.

But also how I will not back down, but finally stand up for myself.

I read something today about gas lighters, and it showed me the evidence I knew, but could not put my finger on. It is all there in black and white, that is what I love about him, he shows you, when you ask, but then you must be still, to hear his response.

I am so close, I have felt a position of where, he will use me and those I know, to change events etc. There are two events that have happened that I stood for, when the world said no, I stood and went into demand change and it happened within a couple of weeks.

If you believe you are a son, and have been given power like Jesus, you get shown how to NOT take no for an answer, but also how to change the outcome.


The Queen and death

Something that I have been asking about and have been enlightened on.

Reporters keep saying she can finally rest and be with Phillip for eternity… you go to work for your family here, there is not rest, but there is eternal LIFE.

NOPE, not happening, when you marry, it stipulates, 1/ till death, us do part.

Then I went searching, I will not post detail, but when a man chooses to join a group, sometimes it provides you with your end game.

That is as close as I will come to that, but in no way, is he with her, nope, nadda, she may have wished that he join her and be placed in that spot with her parents and sister. But that is just a body, the spirit is another thing, you must choose the one and only, not idols, it tells you so in the Bible.

It is like when I grew up, I could not in anyway, Idolize a actor, player etc, because something in me, said hold on, do not entertain another spirit that is not of God, so I didn’t.

The queen is just Elizabeth now, like everyone else in heaven, her earthly position is no longer of importance, but her standard and what she stood for in faith is.

In the 1980’s my mum and I were discussing the family, why we should acknowledge them, and how important is a head of state, when it comes to wars etc. My mum knew I would say things that I did not personally know, but it was like wisdom speaking.

I said to her, “the queen will make it to, almost 100, Charles will be in for a very short time and George will be the last” now if you go back on a timeline, William was not born yet, no hint of George at all, but with everything in me I knew, the words I had spoken to be true. Because the Royals think as one had said before, “we are suppose to be respected” sorry wrong, you earn respect, you don’t just get given it, because of your status.

Another is, there is one KING and the ones we have are playing with fire. He, Jesus must be acknowledged above all others. And that is all I have to say on that….

Be blessed