I pray for his chosen people

On the news lately a certain country, it has been about a certain Tennis player, who said someone in authority, harmed her, now she has seemed to have disappeared. And why did they try to show someone else, who you could tell was not her. Do they think we are fooled, or waiting for our response.

I was talking to a girl who was from this country once, and how would she describe the men.

I got narcissist, selfish, ignorant, tantrum throwing man child, what she meant was, if they do not get there own way, and in the conversation they put out a threat, to make you do what they want. They will use force, intimidation etc, when they throw a man fit.

Now, I know that not all people think the same, but trying to control people on mass and lying to them, to do so, is very wrong, but only the father, can step in here & other countries banning together, to say hey, wait a minute, we find this unacceptable.

When they put limitations on our exports, all I could think was, are they trying to starve their people. Who are they really harming here, what is this senseless need for power. Is it like Hitler and they only have one testicle, that affects their brain.

Regardless of their so called “mental training camps”, for those rising up, standing for freedom, against this senseless power grab. It does not matter the amount of nuclear power you may display. The father ultimately will see you, when it comes to your time of judgement.

And then I hear, nuclear water storage is full and they will start dumping it in the ocean. Here, we have lobster shows and the fisherman said, that they are seeing more and more malformed fish, every time they go out. What I saw was, do they think, the ocean will clean it up, the ocean is not a toilet, the water moves around the globe, via currents. I would ask them this, if they enjoy eating sea food, then why pollute it.

It is just ignorance, and sheer stubbornness, to not think of others in a kind way, it not thinking like Jesus. The stories of the bible and evidence of him being here, is not some fictional story, its fact.

So, for those people, whom seek the truth about the Lord, I pray for you, fear not, for he is always with you and when you don’t see his footsteps, he is carrying you.

Oy, its cold & I’ve been thinking again

Last night, it was cold.

What is wrong with that, its Summer in Australia and normally sitting around late 20’s early 30’s and very warm.

But, I was rolling around trying to find the warm spot. Should have nicked the cats blanket instead, lol.

I know many would like it to be warmer, but when you live in a place, when every drop of water is precious, you would understand.

I love the fact, I did ask for La Nina, but did not realise the cold. I thank the father for allowing it to come back here and fill out dams and water the land.

Now, back to thinking. Watching American house & renovation shows, something I do not understand, drain pipes, they run from the spouting to the lawn or close to the house. Termites love damp ground, so why with such an investment, why would you do this, when you pay for services. Here, we run underground to the street, down the gutter and then into storm water drains.

I do not get many things, houses here take force to knock down here, on those shows they just crumble, how is that an investment.

What I am getting at is, cost cutting, you cannot cost cut, your time with the father, you cannot shorten his run off, you must build appropriately, to build strong. So when I see the natural, I wonder about those peoples lives, do they understand, understand you cannot put fancy tiles and think you have upgraded, you have gotta build right.

I know I use something practical to show what I mean, but it makes sense. Time and time again, the world is an example of what not to do, you just gotta see the msg & understand the significance.

Every time, how thrilling

It still totally surprises me when, what I am posting and my meaning is being said, out of the mouth of someone, whom I consider close to the Lord.

On Monday, when I went out and had lunch for the Prayer meeting breakup, I felt strongly to wear a necklace that read Faith. Some of the girls asked what it said, and I told them, “even George Michael said, you gotta have faith, faith, faith”.

Faith I always say good morning too, along with all the rest, those I can think of anyway.

And then, what the spirit told us Tuesday, Believe the living word.

If you weren’t me, then you would think nothing of this, but the revelation, that right now, things are happening, how thrilling.

Faith is belief in action, I know things are happening, the enemy is not happy, guess what, the more he grumbles, the more I shout for JOY… lol

If you make a noise..

Last night I watched part two of the Spice girls, and I saw something that I did not like.

If you stand for the truth, your seen as trouble or a (B), but the male always seems to walk away, clean as a whistle. When his actions should be confronted and shown as an insult to men.

And as a mum, everything ended up being my fault in one form or another. I will own my failures, but I will not be singled out, my children have TWO parents, not just me.

When I was young, I was abused, mentally & physically, I was also a child of an abuser (no pity required here), I grew up not seeing one man, with any moral fibre or honour, until I saw it with my own eyes, the first time.

You see, I realised there are a lot of men, but few are a man, amongst men.

As a girl, I had no rights, I would have been dragged through the wringer, if I brought justice in, even though I was the victim. So, all those whom had harmed me, got away with it, but my father knows, he also knows, I have stepped from that threshold.

I am no longer their victim, but I am my fathers VICTOR.

Yes, there are women, who use, and lie to act like they are a victim, only to cause harm for others. The harm is, when we really need to be believed, and seen, but also supported and justified.

We are strong, we give birth, we make a house a home, we are awesome when we are allowed to fly.

I am woman hear me roar….

Chewing on his living word

As you may have read, yesterday I posted a word, straight from him.

And, since then I have been mulling it over, meditating on it, because his word is like a pop up book, there is always more, if your willing to dig deep and be open to receive.

Since finding my place in him, certain information has been set inside me. And this is the latest, most wonderful word to have.

Because, you read the word, you mull over it and you get it and live the living word. When I had my needles, out loud, I stood on his word, I took hold and believed it beyond any doubt, regardless of whom I was with.

Take no thought for tomorrow, he feeds the birds and its true, for this, I also stood on and he delivered, literally.

When I chose him over a family member, I asked what is wrong with them (this need for total control), he opened the bible and it read something like, when their demon is cast out, unless they continue, 7 more even worse come and reside, that was frightening to read at the time, but I saw it in them and I was sad for them, but I still pray.

Many, many times, his word has been my greatest blessing, my greatest comfort and my greatest strength. Having him as not only my dad, but my friend and knowing what I have cannot be bought but treasured, is precious to me, relationship.

I had to trust him with my life and my children, regardless of what I see them do. I will not allow, them to be used against me, to move me away from where I am and no result from the doctor can cause any fear, for I will be and am, the exception to the rule.

My choice may seem excessive to them, I have not changed, but how I will be treated, HAS. I choose to go to church and read the bible, I choose to link in, I am not a nut case, but I am where I am suppose to be. I love them very much and I do not see any change in me other than becoming better, all I have done is stand my ground.

Being nice is acceptable, being a strong woman is not, I thought we had grown more than this. My path was set long ago, and all I have done is accept, that I have a mandate, don’t know what it is, but willing to accept it.

I just felt like a soldier in an army, being handed my orders…. yeehaa

Be happy…

Many times you read on how to get happy, either by loosing weight or having work done, or a big holiday or having it all, really.

Can you look in the mirror and just be happy, you see over time we change, yes the wrinkles start the skin changes, you produce children and your body shows it, either externally or internally.

I am not suppose to look the way the world stipulates, but I am happy being me. I can look in the mirror and really see myself and smile.

It is something we all need in our lives, to see his reflection in us, and be happy. No amount of starving, no amount of exercise, no amount of surgery will do, that is the worlds illusion and yes if its for your health then maybe a change is applicable.

But being happy and knowing that if your not so perfect, he still loves you, he still cares and he will always be there for YOU, especially if you do your part.

I always just wanted to be well, I cannot turn the clock back and I don’t want too. I do not conform to anyone but my dad and that is where my happiness lies.

So, if you see me and see faults, maybe your mirror should change, just maybe.

But above all, be happy

Nothing can stand, if you stand for him

These words are what he just spoke to me.

And how true, so say it over and over.

Nothing can stand, if you stand for him. Nothing can get in the way and have any power, when your all in.

It can try to fake it (any situation), but when you stand and let him do it, it all falls away and I love that.

I love that, even sometimes his words are hitting you straight between the eyes (be mature enough to take your discipline from our dad), its all true.

Many can take one thing and sorry (crap all over it) because their selfish desire, but when you know the meaning, nothing can stop you.

Over my life a fraudulent spirit, has stopped a lot of finance, that should have come to me. But, my father keeps a tally, he knows that when it comes back 7 fold (right time, right season), it means nothing to me, only the sheer blessing of a gift from my dad.

Not, because I desire a Mansion or a Bentley or Jewels, because he knows none of that means anything to me. My value is the love, between him and I, I have no need of a safe or a security guard or anything else, he is my all and again, as you may have read many times.

Once I make a decision to surrender, that means all of it. My value is something no one of this world can touch.

And that is the most awesome thing to say… and I feel his love right now and I have tears, because of its power and strength, sitting on me. WOW WOW and WOW

So if I can leave this page today with one word of wisdom, stop messing about, grow up and get serious.

Be blessed, because you can be…. CHOOSE

I love his presence and listen when he speaks…

Today, like most days when a certain someone visits, he is here in the room, things happen and we get excited.

I am excited because, last Monday my car was put in, to be fixed after someone left their mark on my car and I let the father deal with it and when I woke up yesterday. My first words to him were, father it would be really nice if, when we are at the luncheon, they called to say it was ready, I was told Wednesday at the earliest.

So as I was paying, I got a call and boy did I get excited, call back at 4.30pm to see how long till you can pick it up today. Isn’t he fantastic, no one knew, but he did and you gotta love his work.

So, as you can see, he acts on my behalf all the time, and the other day, helping a friend, in front of me was this little thing that read, Blessed Beyond Measure and that was for me.

Getting back to today, this may sound harsh, but if you are not in the right place, then this should move you toward it.

If you do not believe the living word, you are not a christian

Bam, but its true, take no thought for tomorrow, so why are we so worried about food on our table, why when it comes to Xmas are we so worried. Because he is wanting your trust, if your a good steward, YOU have nothing to fear.

I showed it by just paying my registration for my car and my mobile phone bill, without concern.

Why, because I TRUST HIM… I am all in.

Writing MY xmas story

As a child, I remember the stress, I saw in my mothers eyes. The tender hooks we walked on, to keep from any strain, once mum made up Jesus in a manger, she dressed dolls and even used guinea pigs as animals, so funny, but those things, cost nothing, but are special memories to me.

We get so caught up with, bigger, better, more and fancy or expensive and why, because we have forgotten, to appreciate the one and only one.

At the time, when we were poor and had little, but somehow I knew, knew what to be happy for.

I remember one Xmas, I was asked what I wanted, it was a doll with long hair like mine, right down past her bottom, it was the only time I remember us having money. My mother won, betting on the horses and won a trifecta, I think it was.

And another time, when mum went to great lengths, to get us all together for Xmas lunch (days of hard work and planning), she was so excited, but also cautious, because we were still living with the old man. Someone decided to have a fit (its all about me moment) and that blew it, tension rose and mum was shattered, she said, that was it, and was never going to do this again, and she didn’t.

What got me was the, not understanding, mum did not have this, but craved it so much, she put a lot of herself into it, wanting a perfect Xmas lunch with her children, and instead, someone self-centred, blew it for her.

Every year for me, it was tension, I knew mum was watching the money, even when she went to the trouble of putting 5c coins in the pudding, she needed them back. I remember as I grew up, mum struggling to find something, to give as a gift, and I said, I wanted slip on slippers, these were $5 and that is all I asked for, for years, because I knew it made her happy, that she could give something, I seemed to want, yes I made a big deal (oy, could I act).

I am not putting myself on a pedestal here, but trying to explain, my mothers feeling were so much more important, than what I got as a gift.

We seemed to have not have a normal family, it was very dysfunctional, but knowing the little my mum shared about her childhood, and the pain in her words, was enough for me, to be mature and make sure, I did not further her anguish. But of course you do, but regret it all, later on.

As I grew up with my own children, the stress of trying to make do, make it special, make effort, when their dad couldn’t or just wouldn’t. And as I have grown older, seeing Santa at the shops, seeing stress, over spending and parents trying to give their best Xmas, to their ungrateful children. It has at times made me hate it, when we get Xmas in July, what the heck. Then we get it all coming out, once the last marketing comes forth.

I detest Halloween, get lollies from strangers, dress up and give the devil glory, what on earth are you doing. Sometimes we need to throw it all out, stop being religious followers of certain times of year, stop caving to peer pressure, stop all the waste.

Just stop, and appreciate each other, stop and appreciate this time of year and throw out all the tinsel, I would love an Aussie Xmas, a bottle brush tree, red tip that light up, then dangle gum leafs, kangaroos etc. Why, it does not snow here and it can get really hot and why not, make it your own.

I have had Xmas alone many times, my two children never wanted to be together and because of the times I tried and tried, I gave up. I thought if they do not realise, its about sharing time together, not me, me, me, then I am out.

So instead of sadness, I sit and appreciate time with him, and do not feel sad, because it is not, I have had times of understanding, appreciating a really special time, yes my worldly mother side sheds the odd tear, but I refuse to let it consume me.

Yes it would be nice, but life is not a movie story, it is not all a bed of roses, real life can be messy. Mine has been and currently is, but hey, I would rather be where I am, more in tune with the father, and remember, even through utter sadness, comes JOY.

So, have a wonderful time together this Xmas…