Lets just say WOW

I have been quiet, because things have been happening and he must come first.

I am blessed beyond measure, because of the decision and what I have said lately.

Someone asked me if I was looking for a Christian man, my answer. If you put Jesus as your best man, if you believe with everything in you and surrender it all to him, then NO MAN, can come close to him and where I am at, the path I have chosen to take, then I happy to be here, to finish the race and stand before him when my day comes. So I decided, to not entertain the option of a husband, I have one already.

Someone said, they saw me picking fluff off Jesus gown in heaven, anyone who knows me, knows I would do this, I am automatic when it comes to fluff, hair etc lol.

This morning I was reminded how, my Pastor’s wife use to have hands that instead of sweat, it would go gold, you might not believe it, but when the evidence is in front of you, you cannot deny it. And this morning a flick of it was on my hands.

I am coming to a place of such peace, peace in the knowledge that I have given all my desires, all my plans and all my wants over to him.

There is nothing that I want more, and I am at peace with where my children are at, because I cannot change their minds, but I can do what I must for me and my mandate.

Their lives and choices are what they have to answer for, but I am here to chat, if and when they run out of self-righteous steam and stop to ask. But I have to keep going, this drive to do everything I must, in the time I have and I will do, what I have to do, when I have to do it, without question.

That is the key I have found, why question your maker, the one, the only. YOUR NOT SMARTER THAN HE, so why waste time, yes I ask later and he answers me and that is OK, but teach yourself to do it, and it will become like second nature.

It is like me knowing when people are going, I have this responsibility to hold my tongue, but to be there as they need me, for those I know, but others who I hardly know, it is just OK, brace for impact. But what a burden, but also a great blessing, for him to trust me and for me to love him so much, that I can be trusted.

We always hear about relationship, I learned that the one with myself was important, what did I rely on myself to hold dear. For if I can hold my standard, then he can trust me, and having the trust of the father, boy, that is really really really BIG.

And for that, I am honored and I will hold my standard, because he needs me to do so.

That is one big thing lately, HOLD YOUR STANDARD, when the hail or rain comes as barbs etc, HOLD, STAND


What does WAR, mean to you…

To me it means, man thinking he is greater, than God.

It means, to take, to control, to kill, to steal and destroy.

So, when it comes to actions of MAN, no weapon formed against the father, shall prosper.

Because, he is all I need, if your mind is so closed, that you think war is your answer, I pray that you have a moment when Gods reality hits YOU.

For no MAN, truly has control over anyone, its an ILLUSION in your mind, for everyone has a key, FREE WILL.

Two streams, two ways for flow

On Saturday and Sunday, I try to take the time, once I wake up, to get up, make a cup of tea and go back and sit.

I sit up in bed to keep warm, but also to say good morning.

Good morning Yahweh, etc etc and good morning to the seven spirits all the rest and even those, most forget.

Why, because I believe they require my acknowledgement, I am not putting myself first, I am going to make the time, to spend in acknowledging all that are able and willing to work for the father.

I say, Romans 12 v1, I, me, present myself as a sacrifice to him. Why, because it not only says it, but it is my job to do it, nothing is more valuable, than that.

I love a small act of kindness, last week as a lady was entering, I was exciting a shop. We made a laughable comment, but as I put my hand on her back and gave it a little rub, I felt her presence.

That little action, builds in you something, that others would not be aware of…

These things do not make me more than anyone else, but every action of kindness and good, is like Jesus offering comfort to the lost.

I will keep on saying it, don’t work the worlds way, give his way, by his laws and things will change in your life, it is truly awesome, the awareness you come into. Times when I have sat, thinking what would Jesus do here, what would he say, you move into a presence, I cannot attach words too.

So again TRUST him, give him all you have and flip that switch, let him have full access and be blessed.

Can you see in the spirit…

What a tremendous gift, this has been since the person, left this earth.

It is like when my mum passed, I saw her in heaven, in a white gown getting her daily instruction.

But when its greater, everything is greater…

I saw this person dancing, I saw jewels of different colours and the joy, was limitless.

Like the song by Hillsong, Oceans, “you take me out upon the waters” every time this song is played. I am in the spirit, I am by the waters, that have access to him. I stand on rubies, sapphires, emeralds, all in the water, instead of stones, its jewels. I am always overcome, because of the sheer power and love, all that I feel at that time, trusted with access to him.

So when I take the moment and see the person happy, no cares, no emotion, but sheer joy, that gives me a great big hug from the father.

So, how do you see into the spirit, stop trying to force it, build a relationship, build love, build on those two streams.

It is something that has stuck with me from a child, seeing a family of takers (my spirit felt the pain) and I thought, give and take, but give and receive is better than that. If you need to unburden, then what can you do in return, be available, when your required, put time first and self last.


He has seen how much I love and trust him, he knows what I am willing to do, when he calls. That is how you build, little by little, his love is never ending and he wants you, to put self down, wealth down, immaturity down and grow into HIS plan.

I believe so strongly, that because of the way, I have accepted him, that he will use me to do amazing things in his name, by using the vessel, I have surrendered to him.

Give yourself all over and watch things take place, you will be used, raise your hands and praise him, let nothing stop you and count it all joy…

How honest are your conversations?

How polite do you have to be, to then realize, you lied to save…

Think about it, I have to be totally honest, I cannot respond to someone, unless I speak the truth.

Why, because truth will set you free, I don’t get hung up on things, some take offense or think I may be harsh.

But, if its done with love, and when people realize, it comes down to the word, maturity, everything makes sense.

Because, many cannot take it, because they haven’t matured and there are many levels to work on.

Family fights, disputes at work etc etc, all come down to the level of maturity of each person, well I say this, if the father wants you off the dummy, off the bottled milk and toilet trained. Then YOU MUST MATURE, and understand the way, he sees it, then you grow beyond measure and learn just how amazing, he is and truly who he wants you to be.

So, I will continue my posts, I will continue to answer honestly and as I use to always say, if you don’t like the answer, don’t ask the question.

I have taken a life time to get here, I treasure the process I have come through, even the times I felt like I might be hanging on by my fingernails, with all that, I will keep posting and I thank you for the comments, I hope the words and lessons that I have learned, touch your heart, so you can live the life, as his child, completing your mandate.

Faith is made stronger, when he shows his hand

Its beautiful when you see his work in many ways or aspects of life, how he does what he needs too, when he leaves you with signs and your faith IS made stronger.

Don’t ever doubt or fade the level of his love, push forward, for your feet will wander deeper and deeper, where he leads you, in spirit and truth, where no enemy can go, because when you are with him and live for him, he is in you.

When you call upon him, your eyes are set on him and rest in all his plans for you, your life starts. He is mine and I am his, always and forever more, nothing can stop this, NOTHING.

I sit here with tears, but I also am very aware of what is happening, I heard the persons voice as if she was still here, and I know for a fact, that she has not only checked in, but is down to business and can come and go as required, many worldly people cannot imagine this.

How strong is your belief and faith, don’t let a passing, pass via you.

What do I mean by that, its simple, when someone passes, you back off or back down or even take time out. But I stand strong, because that is what my father expects of me, to stay the course and that I will do.

I will shout, I will pray, I will be here when others need me, but I am stronger than people think, because, I am MY FATHERS DAUGHTER.

Sometimes, when he puts a jet engine in my spirit, I have no option, I cannot stop and frankly, I don’t want too.

Build up your faith, by simply accepting he is in charge, that nothing compares, not money, not material possessions, NOTHING.

Job done….

Thank you to anyone, who joined in prayer, but she had finished the mandate and has gone home.

I knew last year, but the human part of me, wanted a different outcome, but I will always settle on the fact, that I cannot stand in the fathers way.

I must accept those things, I cannot change. I had to tell those close to me, I knew and this is how I explained it.

Some might see me as, just Bronie. Well there is more to me than meets the eye.
What am I on about, well you might ask, I go back to when the doctor told my mother that he thought I was twins, wasn’t I a surprise.
And she use to say to me, “when God made you, he broke the mold” which I will take as a positive.
Because at these times, I feel like I’m split.
There is part of me that lives and activates in the spirit, that hears from the father, knows things and much more.
Then there is the other, the human side, the one that wants something different, but knows otherwise and must live in this world.
So, if at times you can’t work me out, this is why.
And if anyone thinks I have lost it, then we need to chat. Because this has been the case for a very long time, as if I am two in one.
But then again, his spirit is within me, so maybe that’s it…
Be blessed, much love to all

I do feel his part, him speaking, his wisdom and then I am back to being just me. But this in the future will be known by the world, in his time, at his request, I just need to do more to get ready…

Because, look out here I come.

How little we truly understand…

I reflect and as the father reveals things to me, I keep seeing how little we truly understand.

We think we know a lot as we live in the world, but the reality is, we know very little.

I know, we only get told what we need too by those in power, and this is something we all need to realise.

I see things so clear, it stuns me when others don’t, you may have seen on the news about China doing a deals with places very close to Australia.

Now a prophet in the 1500’s had a warning, and many didn’t believe, I believe the father has been trying to warn us for many many years, the third war was predicted to come from China.

And if a country buys you, all you need and you do deals, who are you really shaking hands with?

So, what I see is this, who has your security information, who is buying up your land, who has access to making weapons, one country, I see the Russian president as a pawn, I see many nations as pawns to a inevitable end.

If we get rid of cash, how simple would it be to steal from us.

So, what are you doing NOW, I remember hearing how, we would have a time coming, to make a choice, we either renounce the father or have our heads lopped off. Well, I will loose it, because I see it coming, I see a time, because this country need more land, they have this uncontrollable need for power over people.

When they have eaten everything, polluted everything, destroyed all. They will have nothing to have power over and that if the truth I see, for when we go, we will have those years with him, when he takes it back to how it was, when it began, so his chosen can start again and do it right…

That is why, I only take what I need, not what I want..

I call upon prayer, Dunamis power of God

We need urgent prayer, NOW.

Our pastors are under attack, join with me, the Dunamis power of God to heal both of them.

They are tapping into things and the enemy does not like it, so he is trying to take them out.

We’ll lets show him, who is the BOSS.

Father, we join in prayer, that the enemy gets his hands off our Pastors, that the angel goes into the body parts room and takes what is required to heal both of them. It is time for the prayer warriors to stand together, to affect change and you do miracles, I know and I believe, so father, step in and make him step out, NOW in Jesus name.

As I come before the portable courts of heaven to request this on their behalf, all those reading this join together and you say when two are gather, YOU MUST ACT. Its time for our power, that you have put within us to stand for them, NOW.


I love chocolate… I know the best, the bitter and the sweet

We have a brand called OLD GOLD, its a dark chocolate as the milk in other gives me pain and xxxx.

So, I found Old Gold with orange, YUM but now they stopped making it.

When you have allergies, your limited and when you find something, your ecstatic, so when they take it away all you think is, I need to buy every single one… but not an option.

I am not as bad as I use to be, but something is wonderful, when you can sleep so soundly and feel happy, that every bit is just yummy to your soul.

Its colour and depth is something I love, because it reminds me, that its colour is important, but people I see us as all the same, because I see how my father sees. We live on the same planet, our uniqueness is our personality and love of him, that’s were we are the same, love.

I am unique, but part of him, so I am the same, just a different part.

So when it comes to colour’s of chocolate, whether dark, semi dark, milk, white or ruby. The lord sees me, he sees what is important, my heart and the love that I have for him.

A love, beyond chocolate…