Coming through the fire

As I explained before, what I have recently experience is like coming through the fire.

Not only have I had a miracle happen, but most recently, I was again tested to my very core.

What I kept utter most in my mind, I must not let go of the Lord. I have to accept the verdict of my prayers and trust him with the outcome.

When it comes to those closest to you, its really hard. But after the tears, the reality is, I do trust him with every fibre of my being.

It is very private matter, but I need to let you know, you can come through the fire and out the other side. By just trusting his verdict, and realise that I have no power to fix what has been broken, but he does.

I know he will not let any harm come to those close to me, so I stood on what he gave me and in that, I found peace.

Sometimes the hardest things, that can show you, what can be and lets him know, just how much you love him, how much you can humble yourself, to obey what he says for you and those around you.

All you have to do, is to have courage and accept he knows more than you ever will.

Then you know, you have passed the test. And he knows, he can entrust his steward with more and more….

Sometimes pain is there for YOUR growth, and not to hurt you.


Just be calm, smile and share the love

So many this season are tooting the horn, frustrated, stressed and just plain over it. Why, because the advertising  etc shows, that if we put the effort in we get joy.

Hang on, stop right there, if we just show joy, joy will come back. If its about what you will receive, how big, how much its worth and not the giving, you got it WRONG.

Just enjoy being with those you are around, leave the legacy of grace and kindness.

I am determined to show love and like the other day at the post office, the lady who helped me, said, “I hope I feel as happy by the end of today”.

What did I do, swing my arms wide and said, “Merry Christmas darling”. This cost me nothing, it was a act of kindness that hopefully touched her heart.

Its what I treasure the most, everywhere I have gone. I put my arms up and raise my voice and say, Merry Christmas, safe holidays and laugh.

This has changed where I have gone, where I tread, where I have the ability to share joy, I WILL.

For the Lord granted me freedom from condemnation and I will share the joy I feel. Nothing will ever stop me from doing this and I smile as I type these words, for that is my joy.

Sharing what he has granted to me…be blessed

Let the light in…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share with someone about my most recent breakthrough.

As the sharing began, it was like hearing what had happened or been in my mind before.

I was able to share the light I have, now. I prayed for her and I know the Lord is watching and the angel are protecting her right now.

I know from experience its about giving in, surrendering, knowing you are not the one with the plan, but to start and trust that he will do the work.

Surrender, trust and faith, letting go, hand it to him, trust that in his right time and season, he will do what has to be done.

Just go out and enjoy living, with grace and kindness.


Coming through the fire

Recently, again I had to be tested, I had to choose God or the other.

I chose the only choice I can make, which is my father.

Yes, it hurt to my core, but I had to reach out and grab his hand.

And welcome victory into my life, for he is the only choice.

He wants to be your number 1, so let it be and let the rest fall away.

You would be amazed, at how much more you are aware of him and what he has for you.

I cannot explain, but choose wisely, for your choice is eternal.

I tried to control all things in place

Before because I tried so hard, to feel normal, I was extremely pedantic, why if it looked right, then I am alright.

I know it sounds bizarre now, but was my kind of normal.

Now, do not care, I will get to it, no biggie. Oh what a change in me, LOL I think its funny.

The Lord just gave me, you cannot control, what you have given control over. Think about it, we give the enemy control, by words and actions.

So, I stop, no more, double jeopardy wins.

Down but not out…

Since we have been getting to learn about this knowledge in the last few weeks, all have been hit physically.

I may be silent, but I am not out, my words will reach to the heavens tonight.

I will fight and never be silenced. Jesus blood covers all.

We are learning what the enemy does not want us too, look out, we are coming in powerfully than ever before.