Just be calm, smile and share the love

So many this season are tooting the horn, frustrated, stressed and just plain over it. Why, because the advertising  etc shows, that if we put the effort in we get joy.

Hang on, stop right there, if we just show joy, joy will come back. If its about what you will receive, how big, how much its worth and not the giving, you got it WRONG.

Just enjoy being with those you are around, leave the legacy of grace and kindness.

I am determined to show love and like the other day at the post office, the lady who helped me, said, “I hope I feel as happy by the end of today”.

What did I do, swing my arms wide and said, “Merry Christmas darling”. This cost me nothing, it was a act of kindness that hopefully touched her heart.

Its what I treasure the most, everywhere I have gone. I put my arms up and raise my voice and say, Merry Christmas, safe holidays and laugh.

This has changed where I have gone, where I tread, where I have the ability to share joy, I WILL.

For the Lord granted me freedom from condemnation and I will share the joy I feel. Nothing will ever stop me from doing this and I smile as I type these words, for that is my joy.

Sharing what he has granted to me…be blessed


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