Take a look in the mirror….

This is something that is so hard to do. Today I was praying for our government, that God rules over them and their decisions.

I think the biggest and most admiring thing in someone is when they can see their faults and admit it.

Here is some honesty, point-blank. Once I was asked something, by someone who I love and I lied. Yep, it just flowed off my tongue, what stopped me and hit home was, DONT REPEAT HISTORY. My earthly father use to lie all the time, that much he couldn’t keep track and as a child I hated it, with everything in my being.

Why, because in my heart I kept crying out, why was it so hard to tell the truth. His word says, truth will set you free.

So the next week, the sermon was on courage. Do you have enough courage to go up to someone and admit your fault.

All I kept thinking was, the devil tried it again and I have the power to change it. I have to tell you, I felt hot, clammy, shaky and worthless, but I went straight over to the person and admitted it. I said to her, you wouldn’t know the correct answer but I do and I am sorry for lying to you, please accept my most humble apology.

The person was so shocked that I did that, she admired me for my honesty and integrity.

I was so grateful and I will not let the devil win over my life. I have had enough and I am now going to make sure he is finished, if it’s the last thing I do…


How hard is it to care???

Again what are you on about woman, I show how much I love someone by either cooking their favourite meal. Growing a veggie they may really love.

Or simply, honour them when they ask me to do something. I will drop everything or do it first, so they know they can count on me.

I will preen them sometimes so they look there absolute best. Because I love them, that I care.

Today it’s so simple to walk by someone who just needs you to say, “are you ok?” I don’t know how many times these three little words have touched people’s heart.

For so long people used my big heart against me, they either tried or did hurt me, deeply.

Well, I am here to admit that my heart is huge, I may get hurt again. But all I know is if I put all my faith in the father and not in man, then there is no holding me back.

I trust him with all I am and that for me is priceless, so show you care. Don’t let your stubbornness stop you, or un-forgiveness, you can do it. I believe in you.

One more thing before I go, I am every day trying to forgive a family member. Someone who is single-minded, I know they are mainly acting out of fear, but know this, as I have said before, “I still love you, but I don’t agree with you sometimes”.

Sometimes we can be so single-minded to point the finger at someone’s problem and not see the big one hanging over our own heads. Maybe we can be the one with the problem, not others. Food for thought.

Be blessed….

Different people need to find honour..

In the world you have many different nationalities and they all do something different.

What am I on about, well last night I stayed up to wait for two people who were flying in and need somewhere to rest before their next flight.

Someone went to pick them up, waited for nearly 4hrs and nothing. Yes it may be ok, where you come from, but I go back to the Lord and what he says about it.

HONOUR, honour those who are kind enough towards you, if you say your going to do something, either do it or ring and apologise. People do understand and if they don’t then you have to know that by his law, you did the right thing.

We cannot loose in this day and age, honour – respect for his word and his LAW.

Keep it simple and know that when you do this that he records all in his book for that day (Judgement Day) that you have to answer for what you do on a daily basis.

I am not angry, just that I care about their end. It is really important to me.

I am making a decree…

Here goes nothing and I hope you agree.

“I here by make a decree, that something great is about to happen to me.”

Its true something is about to happen, I cannot explain to you what I feel, but I only know that it’s true. As I sit here I am more sure of that, than anything else.

The old caterpillar is being transformed and the butterfly is about to emerge. I have friends say that to me recently and I am reminded by my father of a vision he showed me. That no longer the lies of the dark one will affect me, I am stepping into his reality.

As I was told once, morning shall go away, you will no longer count the penny’s but you will thank god for the abundance. YAHOO

What is it with guys in the world???

In the last two weeks I have had to get a brake light globe for my car and new relays for the blinkers.

Now I am not a normal female, I am extraordinary because I grew up in the country and you had to know things if you broke down.

Well first the brake globe, argued with 5 different guys, in 2 different stores before they worked out I knew more than they gave me credit for.

Second time, I kept getting the same comment, “are you sure, that is whats wrong”. Proved it correct again, the guy said, he was amazed that I was so positive and didn’t  take no for an answer, this was 3 shops later.

I have to say this not all people whether female or male don’t know about mechanics. Some are quiet knowledgeable, so here is to the women and men who are a little more than the rest.
Cracks me up….


I was recently chatting to someone close about my last posts on this blog.

Wow I was so excited to have what I was feeling confirmed.

Its amazing how this little site is used by him. Like I said to the person, when I start typing most of the time its like he uses my living body and the wisdom is all him.

I am not going to say anymore but yahoooooooooo

Are you stubborn???

I know people who are so stubborn, they cannot see the leaves for the trees. Or forest for the trees, what ever way you know the saying.

You control freak, yes I was this nut bag once upon a time.

Really, who was I helping, myself or my family or God? None of the above would be correct, what was oblivious to me was the devil had me fooled.

Yep, correct. He had me thinking that if I stood my ground on many things that I was better than the rest, now this doesn’t cover all but certain things in my life.

And all I can say again is, you idiot.

Stubbornness is the root of your problem, stop right now. Change for the better, for being alone is a very lonely place to be.

Take the glasses off.. and see for the first time

What do I mean, so many of us have glasses on. Not to see what is really going on, but to make us focus on what we sometimes should not be focusing on.

As a parent sometimes you can say, oh no my darling wouldn’t do that. I know from experience when I say, you idiot.

Now I am not trying to be hurtful, just real.

Sometimes we focus on all the ads or being politically correct. Or making sure we follow the rules, that really we had no say in making in the first place.

Sometimes refocusing on him can do more than we give him credit for.

All he asks is we spend sometime with him, my question to you is how important are you to deny him. Trust me when I am speaking to myself here.

You want to have success, well his law says, ‘If you meditate on my word day and night, for then you will have success’. This is not rocket science, simple stupid.

I keep hammering this home to myself, so I am not picking on anyone here. You may tithe at church, but really how much do you tithe of your time and task.

I know great people who never forgot, forgot what, that they can wash a dish and help out. That they are part of a team, not the Lord of all.

Take a new look through different eyes, you may be seeing for the first time….