What is it with guys in the world???

In the last two weeks I have had to get a brake light globe for my car and new relays for the blinkers.

Now I am not a normal female, I am extraordinary because I grew up in the country and you had to know things if you broke down.

Well first the brake globe, argued with 5 different guys, in 2 different stores before they worked out I knew more than they gave me credit for.

Second time, I kept getting the same comment, “are you sure, that is whats wrong”. Proved it correct again, the guy said, he was amazed that I was so positive and didn’t  take no for an answer, this was 3 shops later.

I have to say this not all people whether female or male don’t know about mechanics. Some are quiet knowledgeable, so here is to the women and men who are a little more than the rest.
Cracks me up….


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