Set you as a seal

I dreamt of large silver coins, one was not, it was flat on one side and the other was pitted surface with twisted detail.

I did not know what it was, but trusted he would let me know.

As we sang, I set you as a seal, upon my heart, as a seal upon my arm.

He brought it back to my remembrance and showed it was a seal.

That gets me even more excited….


Prayer has brought dreams & visions

Again on Wednesday a prayer was spoken out, I grab hold of things like this, because I want it desperately.

That night I dreamt or had visions of two things, one I will share.

I went into heaven and was handed envelopes, one was my inheritance, one was the verdict, now these were fat filled envelopes.

I decided, right, hand me an arm full, I remember taking them as I was leaving. I lifted a hand and waved to Jesus and said, “I will be back”.

I got excited and I have noticed that supernatural things are taking place, experiences are more vivid and super exciting..

See what can happen, when you never give up, for he will never give up on me.


What are you made of…

Many times, I see little things erk people… And I see it as such a waste of energy.

When a battle or storm comes, I get excited, because I so often have come through, with such a joy, it was worth every step.

When I was younger, I kept saying to him,”my life is not meant to be this way” for I knew deep down, there was more for me.

I knew, I was here for greater things, but I praise him for bringing me through, being on my own has been the greatest blessing, yes it hurt, to have those close let me down.

But if I dwell on it, the enemy wins, if I use it against him by using it to Gods advantage, I win every time.

I know, if pain comes, I may call on him and cry, but I know, I am stead fast.

Many times I hear the story about Jesus in the boat and it’s rocking, they panic and say those words.

My thinking is, OK if Jesus is asleep so will I, I trust him with my life, he is not going to drown, so the message is change what you see, change what the enemy wants you to see.

Change, and trust in the knowledge that he is your greatest champion. He is the alpha and omega.

So what is the big deal… get over it and LIVE WITH JOY and knowledge in your data base…

Lean on his understanding, you ain’t smart enough, so let go, trust and smile….

Do not divert your eyes…

On Wednesday the message was clear, to me anyway, to not divert, not give up.

Because he is so worth it all, and always remember what Jesus took on himself for us, so if your life hits a patch, it’s only for a short time, grab hold of the handles with both hands for the ride. Your about to learn from it.

Yesterday someone said something to me, that filled me with such joy. The main gist of the message was, “you have had a crap life, but you are so close to receiving it all.

Why because what the enemy used for bad, I flip for good. I will not let him steal, kill or destroy me, I am here because I am a winner, I am a son or daughter of God.

My response was, thank you so much and Amen.

I can tell you from experience this, walking away, diverting the course, giving up. Gives you nothing, remember the word ETERNITY.

I can tell you the truth, when I say I have been to hell and back, and walked around like the walking dead, never feeling or letting anything touch you. This is not living, but being a victim of the enemy.

So, what I do is make fists as if I am grabbing hold of the father, and I growl, I put down what is hurting me, I step out of it and know my father has me, when I may fall. He will pick me up and keep me safe.

But as the blues brothers said, I am on a mission from God, and it ain’t over till,┬áit’s over, so hold on, for the glory and joy that comes from the other side is so amazing, I cannot put it into words.

The journey is worth every step you take, it’s about YOUR maturity and how you take it that is the message to learn.

I WILL NEVER concede defeat..I am my fathers daughter…no longer a slave…

How is your day going…

About to log off after working from home and wondered about you…

I don’t need an answer, but I feel an excitement rising.

So lets see what he has in store, I am excited, are you?

I know its Friday, but really ITS FRIDAY, another day to make a difference.

I received the revelation and I am so excited, I cannot contain it..



Trust me when I say this, life is not about waiting for the storms that come our way to pass, get up and dance for joy, because you need to dance in the rain.

The lesson, your about to learn and the next level you enter, is so joyous, its worth every step.

When I see something, I sometimes don’t understand why people follow as the world dictates. Flip it, see the truth, for it WILL set you free.

Have you not got the King of kings, teaching you.

I look at all the enemy used to crush me, try and kill me are all benefits.

He read my book and he knows what my destiny is, he does not understand how stubborn and strong I am, because of my love for father God, Jesus and the holy spirit.

He will never understand, that when life gives me lemons, I will make lemonade, lemon curd, lemon iced tea, etc etc and cake…

His hurdles are my excitement to jump and learn and to get more and more closer to the Lord.

I AM going to finish the way its written, I AM woman who father God gave life too and I AM going to win every victory there is.

Get empowered by these words, know that when it gets hard, you about to get the win a prize that no one can measure….

Many times I am on repeat…

Time and time again I feel like I am on repeat, why because I keep saying it, then I get a revelation.

Its like thinking your smart, but finding out, there is much more to learn.

Yesterday, after talking to the Lord for the last few weeks, I wanted to get it. I wanted to understand what was the road block, I needed to move.

So god’s gorgeous red head dropped in, and wham, not only as I kept saying over the years, bad is bad, sin is sin, their is NO grey area.

Then realise that Jesus took all my sin, ailments, had his limbs stripped and balls cut off, hit home, yes I said off.

Thinking how when he took everything, cancer etc and became a snake on the cross and his father had to turn away, he took everything and said those words, FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY NO NOT WHAT THEY DO….

We have the power to get healed, we are just getting in the way, we need to move our mind into another realm, HIS realm and grow, to stop acting like children and mature.

To think that he was not recognisable anymore, only his legs were not broken, and he did all that for us. HE knew what he had to do, in full faith and love, to prove to all, even his father, father God, to finish that part of his destiny.

He gave me, the life I live, so why would I want to stuff it up, and then told, if I go backwards, I put him back on the cross. Naa, not gonna happen.

Why do I say that, I have a mission driven mind, one way and that’s forward towards my ultimate goal of meeting him. His suffering we can never come to full realisation, but we have the ability to stand, for good, for what we say matters following HIS lead.