Many times I am on repeat…

Time and time again I feel like I am on repeat, why because I keep saying it, then I get a revelation.

Its like thinking your smart, but finding out, there is much more to learn.

Yesterday, after talking to the Lord for the last few weeks, I wanted to get it. I wanted to understand what was the road block, I needed to move.

So god’s gorgeous red head dropped in, and wham, not only as I kept saying over the years, bad is bad, sin is sin, their is NO grey area.

Then realise that Jesus took all my sin, ailments, had his limbs stripped and balls cut off, hit home, yes I said off.

Thinking how when he took everything, cancer etc and became a snake on the cross and his father had to turn away, he took everything and said those words, FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY NO NOT WHAT THEY DO….

We have the power to get healed, we are just getting in the way, we need to move our mind into another realm, HIS realm and grow, to stop acting like children and mature.

To think that he was not recognisable anymore, only his legs were not broken, and he did all that for us. HE knew what he had to do, in full faith and love, to prove to all, even his father, father God, to finish that part of his destiny.

He gave me, the life I live, so why would I want to stuff it up, and then told, if I go backwards, I put him back on the cross. Naa, not gonna happen.

Why do I say that, I have a mission driven mind, one way and that’s forward towards my ultimate goal of meeting him. His suffering we can never come to full realisation, but we have the ability to stand, for good, for what we say matters following HIS lead.




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