Lets get serious

Yes its time, I was about to leave the page when I felt the serge.

So, when you read the bible it talks about, spirit of fear of God, spirit of wisdom, spirit of understanding etc.

They are all spirits, you can ask them to assist you there are seven. His perfect number, for the spirit of wisdom was with the master craftsman when he made the world. Before he shaped the oceans etc.

So, when you ask, make an action. It says take the helmet of salvation well, motion that your grabbing it and putting it on.

If you don’t then what your asking for is like hot air, it does nothing and you get nothing.

We have read the bible, the way the world wants us too, the enemy does not want us to understand the depths you can achieve and because we get comfortable.

(Don’t be in house arrest, for he dwells inside.)

Then we really don’t move, as I have said before. If your comfortable, then your not in the right place in god, you gotta go through a fire to come out, counting your blessing.

And that is something we forget, to humble ourselves and say thank you for ALL he has done for us.

We get finances and think big headed and fall off the perch, well I am in a place if I had money, it would just be that, plastic paper you can use as required.

People seem to buy what they want, when what they need is flay ling in the wind. And then they seem to get stupid and hang around with those who have no morals or conscience.

Well, I would rather be where I am, know that when it does come, it is no big deal and I stay the same, with a big love for the father.

That is riches to me…


The enemy tries anyway he can

I have been fighting for months now and they cant figure out why?

Well as I said to my doctor, the devil is trying to stop me, the more I move forward in God.

And you know me by now, I believe and he says to me, well hes not going to win. LOL

I was so inspired that my little visits in to see him, have had an effect. For he cannot deny when medical miracles happen and when they happen to someone who will shout from the rooftops of his good news.

I will win because my father says so, I am not in no way ever going to surrender. I only surrender to the Father the king of kings.

I am extra ordinary, I was born this way and I am becoming whom I am suppose to be.

The enemy lies to me all the time, well I know the truth, I know how to get it and I will take the lot, when released.

I use to stand at the back of the line, thinking I was not worthy, now I am up the front.

Father, I ask the spirit of wisdom to show me, what I need to do. For I know you have my set of keys, please heal everything I have asked of you. Amen


I release it

Sometimes you are given a project and he talks through you to a person.

As of this morning, I had to hand it back.

I really tried, but I would rather it come from someone else. When its him, he does not mess around.

But I trust the outcome…



Today I was reminded about when my kids were little especially my son.

I had a rule because violence was what I grew up with, no gun, no swords and no insane noisy toys.

But puzzles etc to make them think was what I went for, if my children followed after me, they would require the mental stimulation.

I remember my son, he was only small and he loved those wooden puzzles he ended up with about 8 of them. He shocked me by turning them all out then, put them together in record time.

When he was small would sit and read a book to his sister he was only 2. Yes he didn’t get all the words but knew the story from me reading it to him.

I wanted to give them a thinking mind, not a following mind. A mind that knew when they were being brainwashed or manipulated.

I made sure they thought about not only the answer but, how the answer came to be, who came up with it and what was their credentials.

Its like reading the bible, once you get to know the master craftsman and all the spirits, Jesus and all the rest. Its so very big and you expand your spirit man, that is what suppose to happen.

I do hope he remembers the fun times, and its OK not to agree with where I am at. But the evidence is clear as crystal.


Pressure builds and I stay quiet

With where I am at, you have to go through the fire.

And I have had a migraine, why because I felt the pressure build and I knew to stay quiet. Sometimes you can talk all you want and still no one listens.

So, I wait for the father to talk, he has a way of making you listen. Sometimes I feel like some need a cricket bat hit over the head to get it.

But as I always take it as a blessing, its not up to me. If they are so busy and are not listening, then their end is up to them.

I have to remember my dad is so important to put first, no family or anyone comes before him. And that’s the way, its just gotta be…

One born to glory

Thinking of how Jesus was here for us, died for us and will come back for us.

I was watching one born every minute last night.

And just as I was about to leave this page the Lord reminded me.

My mother, I found out was pregnant 13 times, but only had 5 children. One died 15yrs and 10mths due to a drink driver.

So being the final one, my mother went into labour 23rd October, but I was stuck under her ribs.

She was 4 ft 10 inches, I weighed 7 lbs 9 ozs when born, anyway the doctor came in on day two realised the problem. Dove in pulled me out, I reportedly was black and blue when I came out.

They did not believe I would survive, well the enemy will not stop me. 3 times in my life I have come so close and the father just reminded me.

Why, to show, nothing can stop the destiny, once you accept it into your life. And remember the contract you made with him before that.

He will never fail you at any age, if you believe beyond doubt. For your born for his glory and purpose….receive it.

You just gotta fight…

Why do I say that, because I have to fight for my right, especially this week to be able to just do the normal things.

What a week, sometimes it is hard to even sit and type. So today I am taking what I can do and running with it.

I have to fight, and I have to believe I will come out the other side. I have to believe, my healing will come.

Having tests that cause your veins to feel like they are screaming, they should not put things in that do that. Found out later, as to why I felt the way I did.

But I know, I will find my dad and he will give me the life I am after. If I did not have him this week, I hate to think where I would be.

When it gets tough, that’s right dad, the tough get going. I will be a sign and wonder, for I believe him in all ways and all things.

Its my birthday and my greatest gift today is him. Oh what I have received I give him all the glory. Without him I am nothing, love him today and every moment.

Blessings to come.