If money never existed…

I use to think about this when I was little, because I was told we were in a class, there were poor, middle class and rich.

But, when I thought if money did not exist how much better off we would be. Those who believe money is power, are fooled.

When you see a system in place to withhold or segregate you into a class. Who on earth has that power, only those we give it too, that is who.

I am classed by my love of my father, not the money in my account or what I own.

I use to want to be rich and win the lotto, because I believed the lie, but now, I know better.

I am neither, poor, middle class, but I am wealthy because of my love for him, so do not class me, by what I choose wear or not wear, whether I wear makeup or not.

The worlds measure, will never measure me, because I know I am his daughter, I am greater than the world and I choose him always.

So, regardless of it all, I am me.


Asking for a change in weather…

Here in Australia, many people have watched the weather cause the worst fires and drought, death and destruction.

So, I called in La Nina, I asked for the weather to switch and I am holding onto La Nina, I want to see Australia green up, I want to see our dams full, our rivers and lakes.

I know when I want something and the way I ask, it happens, those close to me know this.

I go out and speak to the father as if he is right there and I know he hears me, I know what he can do.

And because I trust and believe to my very core, it happens.

So, I hold onto La Nina, I hold onto it because our nation is in his hands and we, his people will flourish and grow.


I have changed, how

Once I would see someone, who has done me wrong and get all upset, it would set off my anxiety and cause anger to raise its ugly head, emotion would take control.

That has changed, why, I watched something and it rung true, when you do not surrender, you will be judged.

And, when I see them now, I feel pity, because regardless of today, tomorrow will take care of yesterday’s sin.

Yes I am getting very deep in the last few posts, why, its time, time to stand up and say what is needed to be said.

Because you get only, so many chances to change, then they run out.

So today, as you read this, do you really want it, or are you just playing church…

I see things aligning

I have watched many things lately, sitting or lying down and thinking.

But, one thing it has given me is time with the father, time to connect better spiritually.

Sometimes I watch shows and see actors, then think, do they not see the path of fame has brought on their end.

What do I mean, well something I have seen is, they act a certain part as young actors, but not knowing the father, they are mesmerized with money and fame.

Why is their life, so small, they need outside recognition.

But, this is what I see, when they get sick, it is reported about there condition and struggles. But what I see is the affect of there life’s course and the affect on those watching, what has steered them of course, thinking its acceptable behavior.

If you affect many people and many generations, do you think you get off Scott free?

I see their condition as affect from that, it is not ok to be married and kiss someone else or do a sex scene, because its just your job. It is not ok, for any affect of those strangers you don’t know, because of your belief that your job is acceptable, money and fame will not heal you or save you.

He has set a knowing in me, that what you reap, you sow.

So, when money cannot do the job, where are you, what have you set ahead for yourself, because the world tell you the biggest lie.

Take your knee and bow, repent, humble yourself before him, because nothing other than HE, can save you now.

Actors going to church, but their church condones it, I always think this, if Jesus stood before you, at the point where he was beaten beyond human endurance and you saw, your sins, the rape, the murder, the disease etc etc on him.

WHAT WOULD it do TO YOU, I watched the passion and ended up on the floor, whaling because the understanding that choices I had made, had caused him any pain, filled me with sheer sorrow and ask for him to forgive me for not knowing, then what I know now.

Things are aligning, more and more the world goes out of whack and countries try to overcome and control people.

But I ask you this, if in hell, where your going for eternity, for every sin you have done towards another, you will I believe strongly, pay for the rest of your life, over and over and over again.

So, what price is your life right now… can you really, cover the the COST.

How do we feed, today

Today, we feed by views online, by reading someones blog, and quickly loose interest in what is in front of us.

We feed, because we see things with our eye gate and it sinks in to our way of thinking, and we start to believe a lie, that we need it now.

Eating crap, because our lives are so busy, or the sugar and chemicals, train our taste buds to want more and more, crap.

Since I moved closer to the city, I have eaten fresh chicken once. I have eaten fast food and thought YUK, why because it does not satisfy, the craving I have.

I know how to make a tasty, chicken twister at home, its cheaper healthier and satisfies me.

I think because having a lap band that has caused all sorts of problems, trying to fix my initial re flux problem. I know what nourishment can do, through food and through prayer food.

When I was pregnant with my son and daughter my main aim was to nourish what they needed, especially my daughter, why because I had to have my gallbladder out, the doctors were alarmed, telling me that I could loose the baby, they could loose me or both.

I knew regardless of what I liked, I had to feed my body the best I could, to help her grow and it worked, the food of faith and belief also fed her, my son and myself.

That burger, is not convenient to your nourishment. One made at home, controlled by your hand, is of more value to you, I always like content and not including the bun.

That pizza has been brutalised, then marketed to make you believe how awesome it is and you have to have one.

I make a dough with my spelt flour, nice and thin and I control the toppings, I have it once in maybe 6 years. I make rissoles, which is more veggie than meat, because I know, it is better for me and it tastes better.

In Australia, we don’t buy meat injected with hormones or fed on grains, I want grass fed, I watch American shows and they have to put so much seasoning, I always think to myself why, is the real taste so bad, you need to have less sugar and salt as the doctors tell you.

Fat, comes in many forms, some is good, some very bad, but too much and eating huge portions is nuts to me. I have one meal a day, currently, why my stomach feels like I have eaten leggo pieces, it hurts, so I limit the content for now.

I know since having so many blood tests and required procedures, it has heightened my need to feed ME. I am not over the top as I can only consume certain things, so my allergies keep calm.

But what this time has done, has made me very aware of what I am eating…

You can eat bad food, you can consume bad thinking, you can consume the negative, you can feed on faith or starve, but what does your body need.

I was always told my body, its like an engine, leave the oil out it will explode, put bad petrol in it will cough splutter and eventually die. You must look after your engine, your body, your mind, your spirit and most importantly your faith.

I read things and watch, but I make sure, I know the food I will accept and what I will not. I allow the wisdom of his knowledge to lead me to his best restaurant, so I can eat.

My food comes in many forms, in comes in many ways and it also comes via my little spot in the backyard.

As my body speaks, I listen and know I have to feed it to survive, this message can be for your life, for your eternal life.

Keep watch on exposure to chemicals, that new car smell is toxic over time is one example, as it comes in many ways, to kill, steal and destroy.

Sharing a bit of wisdom that time has taught me.

When he shows you, its time to get serious

Many gifts have been a blessing to me, yes some have scared the pants off me.

But, you have to be scared sometimes, to your very core, to jolt you to make the changes required.

As I get older, I know the time comes when we all will leave to go home, please father allow me to be in heaven.

But sometimes the homes we think were going too, is not what we expect, being shown the video I last spoke of last post, has changed me.

Seeing this man, go from an atheist, to a full on, no holes bared believer and experiencer is how grace shines through the darkness.

This man, who was heading for the bad, was saved, because all the way, seeing what he saw, he spoke two words over and over.

JESUS CHRIST and Jesus came, and saved him.

Those words allowed him, to be saved, both for his eternal life and his real life, as he survived to tell those who needed to hear.

Many witnesses like this, never are heard in the mainstream of the electronic world, but it sits, waiting for you. Waiting for the father to give you keys to know, what you have asked the answer too.

And that is the real blessing, grace.. love and time.

Something was shown to me yesterday and it fits

I have been trying to work out something, that has had a very negative affect on me.

I saw someone who tries to make out they are a saint, standing outside a coffee house, but I know all the bad that has been done and it has really affected me over the years.

It has bugged me because, they set up their own brother to be hurt, the whole town hated them, and tried to control me, manipulate, now has hooks into my children, the countless victims is immense.

I kept wondering how, especially when others don’t know, and thinking, just how my mother hated, in her words (the bullxxxt and lies that come out of their mouth).

And, really being upset and feeling so unwell the Lord showed me, I was watching a YouTube clip of an atheist, he had parents that were Christians and others that believed, he became unwell died and when he left his body, he saw many layers, many things and even Hitler paying the price for every death he caused.

One experience that struck me and gave me the answer was this, a women who outwardly in her life, seemed a saint, lovely women always dressed lovely, even part of the PTA, her life seemed perfect, but she was controlling, held those around her back so she was the most important, manipulative narcissist, violent with those around her, her children and controlled those in the way of the description, Stockholm syndrome.

She was in hell, paying the price for all her wrongs, the damage she had inflicted on others and I saw the mirror image of what I have had to deal with, with that individual and I was scared for them, yes people who do not believe think there is no eternal life, but there is and I see her headed straight for it, even when she has even used God to seem perfect.

As I have said before, (YES, I AM NOT PERFECT EITHER), but I have repented, surrendered and handed all over for what I have done, I have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus and apologised to those close.

Oh, I stood and prayed for family members, I see it now, I see narcissism, Stockholm syndrome and believe me when your around this person, who sets you up to fail and even doubt your own sanity. It is frightening as having this experience yourself, and knowing that if my life is not right where am I going for eternity. Made me cry out for them to come to the realisation, because of the experiences I have had.

I have seem my mum in heaven, getting instructions and she told me to go back. I saw my brother, sitting in a room with wooden walls, first off I thought and felt my heart think family, then wham, something is not right and kept screaming at him saying, “what are you doing here, GET OUT, GET OUT”. The enemy can show you in any form, to make you not see the mask that is being worn, you must get your life right, NOW.

Again as this man was speaking he said, “Hell will make you think, it all lovely and full of love, but your very core knows its not what it seems”. I think having severe sleep apnea, has allowed me to see things, when I am at my worst in sleep. I knew what I saw was not right, and being so sick, even felt the enemy trying to steer me in his direction, but I am not allowing it.

Let me be frank, being really sick and having green come out has caused weird thing to happen in my body, even affecting my driving ability, especially when I have a migraine as well. But I know, it has to pass and I have to rest, but I keep my father in mind, and not to allow the enemy to win.

But I am also thankful, because these times of quiet has allowed the father to show me, the truth and that has been both frightening, and know I am loved.

But if that person, your name beings with S, reads this truth, you need to know, I have prayed for you, but as the man experienced, when you are before Jesus at the time of JUDGEMENT, you cannot lie and manipulate your way around it, you will head for the same suffering in eternity of hell for what you have done, to me, my children, to mum, your brother and many, many more.

This is YOUR CHANCE, to stop this and get on your knees, cry out for your salvation… do it now, this is your final warning.

All I feel now, knowing this truth is sadness for them, no longer is the hold, holding me anymore.

Thank you father, for showing me the truth, as it is…

Revelation, do you stand on them

When I get revelation, or know that something is coming, that no one can question, it sparks me up and drives me to know, he loves me.

I get saddened when people, cannot see the blessing.

Going back to the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

You can sit in church, but are you allowing change to take place, are you present, when he calls your name.

I know, one day, my words that are his will hit big time, seeing your name written in the pages of history, is really big.

I have an inclining, but I am not the architect here, he is, so things could change.

But I know, the world will be made to listen, and those who can listen and hear, will know that what happened 2000 years ago, IS REAL.

How deep is your depth

I know, I am getting very deep here, but seriously, how deep is your depth of faith in him.

Are you just like a duck, paddling on the surface, or do you submerge to the deepest depths…

It is a fair question, you see, here there was something on the television and it caused food for thought.

You see many people get into a situation of following one man, but forget whom they need to keep their eyes on.

My eyes remain on, how he has brought me through, how he saved me, how he gave me the great gift of hearing his audible voice.

My eyes know, man can fail, but he does not, you have to use your brain and know what in a conversation is truth and what is not.

I know when things don’t fit, I know when something is off, it is a gift I love and treasure.

My own personal depth had grown tired, but that is my fault, being sick and now having severe sleep apnea and PTSD can rock you a little, but my love remains the same, all for him.