Nothing can stand, if you stand for him

These words are what he just spoke to me.

And how true, so say it over and over.

Nothing can stand, if you stand for him. Nothing can get in the way and have any power, when your all in.

It can try to fake it (any situation), but when you stand and let him do it, it all falls away and I love that.

I love that, even sometimes his words are hitting you straight between the eyes (be mature enough to take your discipline from our dad), its all true.

Many can take one thing and sorry (crap all over it) because their selfish desire, but when you know the meaning, nothing can stop you.

Over my life a fraudulent spirit, has stopped a lot of finance, that should have come to me. But, my father keeps a tally, he knows that when it comes back 7 fold (right time, right season), it means nothing to me, only the sheer blessing of a gift from my dad.

Not, because I desire a Mansion or a Bentley or Jewels, because he knows none of that means anything to me. My value is the love, between him and I, I have no need of a safe or a security guard or anything else, he is my all and again, as you may have read many times.

Once I make a decision to surrender, that means all of it. My value is something no one of this world can touch.

And that is the most awesome thing to say… and I feel his love right now and I have tears, because of its power and strength, sitting on me. WOW WOW and WOW

So if I can leave this page today with one word of wisdom, stop messing about, grow up and get serious.

Be blessed, because you can be…. CHOOSE

I love his presence and listen when he speaks…

Today, like most days when a certain someone visits, he is here in the room, things happen and we get excited.

I am excited because, last Monday my car was put in, to be fixed after someone left their mark on my car and I let the father deal with it and when I woke up yesterday. My first words to him were, father it would be really nice if, when we are at the luncheon, they called to say it was ready, I was told Wednesday at the earliest.

So as I was paying, I got a call and boy did I get excited, call back at 4.30pm to see how long till you can pick it up today. Isn’t he fantastic, no one knew, but he did and you gotta love his work.

So, as you can see, he acts on my behalf all the time, and the other day, helping a friend, in front of me was this little thing that read, Blessed Beyond Measure and that was for me.

Getting back to today, this may sound harsh, but if you are not in the right place, then this should move you toward it.

If you do not believe the living word, you are not a christian

Bam, but its true, take no thought for tomorrow, so why are we so worried about food on our table, why when it comes to Xmas are we so worried. Because he is wanting your trust, if your a good steward, YOU have nothing to fear.

I showed it by just paying my registration for my car and my mobile phone bill, without concern.

Why, because I TRUST HIM… I am all in.

Writing MY xmas story

As a child, I remember the stress, I saw in my mothers eyes. The tender hooks we walked on, to keep from any strain, once mum made up Jesus in a manger, she dressed dolls and even used guinea pigs as animals, so funny, but those things, cost nothing, but are special memories to me.

We get so caught up with, bigger, better, more and fancy or expensive and why, because we have forgotten, to appreciate the one and only one.

At the time, when we were poor and had little, but somehow I knew, knew what to be happy for.

I remember one Xmas, I was asked what I wanted, it was a doll with long hair like mine, right down past her bottom, it was the only time I remember us having money. My mother won, betting on the horses and won a trifecta, I think it was.

And another time, when mum went to great lengths, to get us all together for Xmas lunch (days of hard work and planning), she was so excited, but also cautious, because we were still living with the old man. Someone decided to have a fit (its all about me moment) and that blew it, tension rose and mum was shattered, she said, that was it, and was never going to do this again, and she didn’t.

What got me was the, not understanding, mum did not have this, but craved it so much, she put a lot of herself into it, wanting a perfect Xmas lunch with her children, and instead, someone self-centred, blew it for her.

Every year for me, it was tension, I knew mum was watching the money, even when she went to the trouble of putting 5c coins in the pudding, she needed them back. I remember as I grew up, mum struggling to find something, to give as a gift, and I said, I wanted slip on slippers, these were $5 and that is all I asked for, for years, because I knew it made her happy, that she could give something, I seemed to want, yes I made a big deal (oy, could I act).

I am not putting myself on a pedestal here, but trying to explain, my mothers feeling were so much more important, than what I got as a gift.

We seemed to have not have a normal family, it was very dysfunctional, but knowing the little my mum shared about her childhood, and the pain in her words, was enough for me, to be mature and make sure, I did not further her anguish. But of course you do, but regret it all, later on.

As I grew up with my own children, the stress of trying to make do, make it special, make effort, when their dad couldn’t or just wouldn’t. And as I have grown older, seeing Santa at the shops, seeing stress, over spending and parents trying to give their best Xmas, to their ungrateful children. It has at times made me hate it, when we get Xmas in July, what the heck. Then we get it all coming out, once the last marketing comes forth.

I detest Halloween, get lollies from strangers, dress up and give the devil glory, what on earth are you doing. Sometimes we need to throw it all out, stop being religious followers of certain times of year, stop caving to peer pressure, stop all the waste.

Just stop, and appreciate each other, stop and appreciate this time of year and throw out all the tinsel, I would love an Aussie Xmas, a bottle brush tree, red tip that light up, then dangle gum leafs, kangaroos etc. Why, it does not snow here and it can get really hot and why not, make it your own.

I have had Xmas alone many times, my two children never wanted to be together and because of the times I tried and tried, I gave up. I thought if they do not realise, its about sharing time together, not me, me, me, then I am out.

So instead of sadness, I sit and appreciate time with him, and do not feel sad, because it is not, I have had times of understanding, appreciating a really special time, yes my worldly mother side sheds the odd tear, but I refuse to let it consume me.

Yes it would be nice, but life is not a movie story, it is not all a bed of roses, real life can be messy. Mine has been and currently is, but hey, I would rather be where I am, more in tune with the father, and remember, even through utter sadness, comes JOY.

So, have a wonderful time together this Xmas…

I am humbly grateful

Many times, I stop and think about what he has done for me, the abundance of blessings, that he has bestowed on me.

He has supported me, comforted me, given so much and it stops me, when others, do not see him in their lives.

I know being grateful is only half or a little, but being humble, is the greatest I have, to bow before him with all I am. He is all you could ever want, but you have to realise, when he is actively acting in your life.

He is especially at this time of year, my greatest gift and even though, I have a problem with Xmas, I never forget him. I don’t see it as a time of excessive marketing etc, but a time when we should appreciate the fact, he gave to us, his life…


I know what I have been learning is vast, I know sometimes, I cannot explain what I see or experience. I also know, that some of it, it is not the right time to share, as others journey is not where I am.

But, wow, my experiences are shocking and wonderful and frightening and its hard to breath etc etc etc.

There is something I have done for a very long time, its have a relationship of acknowledgement with angels.

What am I on about, once I put down my very first experience hearing the fathers audible voice, from that day, angels that had been assigned to me, where in my consciousness.

Being alert is not it, it is another level, taking in, not only where you are in the world, but beyond it, his space. For there is no measure to it, once I remember I was coming home from church and had a conversation with the Spirit of Wisdom, then I knew she was sitting in the car next to me.

I have spoken to them, when I felt alone, all of a sudden I was squished in the car, it was full of angels. Many times when I just say, Hi and start speaking, I feel there presence.

This is not some sort of off the wall nut writing this, but a fathers daughter, more engaged with his world at times, than the one I live in.

I love it when they make me laugh, I love it when they answer a question, or show me something that is only between me and my father. I love it when I am out, because they are all with me, I am NEVER ALONE and never will be again. I love it when they think of me, a family not chosen by the worlds rule, but my fathers.

For the world is not right, he is, I love the way I get car parks where I need them. How I get blessed, it is all connect to the father.

But like everything we forget to engage, because like a restaurant kitchen, we only recognise the chef, but without the sous chef, even down to the dish washer. Nothing would work without the other, it is up to you, whether you want to recognise the whole kitchen or have tunnel vision and miss the rest.

You can have a wow, or just chug along in slow motion, you choose to be conscious and active. Or dull and silent… it makes sense when you see it.

Like a forest, why is it important, it is not the whole that is, but that single tree and all the life it supports. That is where it starts…

Remember ME…

I was watching the show again, Expedition Unknown and it was about the details of finding the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves.

Have you seen your scroll, once I was given mine, cannot read the text because it is not in English.

But one day, I believe I will know, I have seen my name written in his book, so why not, his words for me.

One part of the written text, written at the time around when Jesus was here, was the 10 commandments.

The one thing that was different, was remember the Sabbath.

What I got was, all last week remember, remember me, remember the things I have done for you, remember my words, on the seventh day he then rested, so rest little one and trust his love for you.

So, I took it on board and started to remember, to thank him and it was a bad week, the enemy is trying his best to stop me again. I was tired and so fed up, on my worst day, I made a decision to CHOOSE.

Choose what exactly, choose the father, over everything else, choose to give him my tithe, show him you mean business, show him that I know that to receive, he wants us to freely give. Give up something, to show him, you want him, more than, that of the world, what ever it is in your life holding you back.

His street has two lanes, two lanes for you to give unto him and for him to pass to you, for it says, time, tithe, task. Never forget this, never forget what he has done, for you to live, to thrive. Never take this for granted, never give up, never give in, keep on HIS path.

It has been told that for each one of us, there are 170,000 angels watching us (reporting back to him), you know when I am awake, I am very aware that I am being watched. I know I have said it to those I know, but I think they never really believed me, until someone else said it to them.

You see many only try and show their best side, but he sees all of it, from before you were in your mothers womb, to eternity. So why try and hide, if it is hard to be good, then what has hold of you, to do bad.

Think about it, his love is suppose to flow, from within you, Holy Spirit let it flow

Shout for joy…

What a week of blessings, asked on Sunday for the Lord to help me, needed my hair cut desperately. Money tighter than a fish’s butt.

Monday, someone made me an appointment and paid for it, hair cut.

Wednesday, kept praying, asking for my spelt flour in the brand required, so I can do lots of things with, in shop $2 instead of $4.99, so I bought many.

Thursday, I need my car sorted, emailed the court house, where its being handled and I was told insurance was contacted, car assessed today and will be fixed. My car scraped, they left the scene, then he was found and charged, the police took over and took him to court for me.

Its Friday, raining and raining so much, but I feel so much joy, I keep telling everyone.

YEEEHAAA glory to the father, Lord Jesus…

Its nice to hear you say

Yesterday my neighbour got a delivery of mulch, I know her as she has been there since the day they built the homes, off and on over the many years.

So, I saw her trying to shovel each bit, onto her garden and offered her a big bucket.

We got to chatting and she said, later as I completed putting out my garbage bin.

“Thank you for your offer of help, you are so nice”.

That little thank you, made me feel really appreciated and thankfully she understands the issues, with a trespasser and keeps a look out and then will call the police.

I work under this, because when I first moved here, someone wanted keys to my house, encase of emergency, then came in without asking and I caught them, as they were swapping my mattress for theirs, so my landlords changed the locks when I found evidence of stolen property, which the police had been notified of.

You have no right, you ignorant twat, I am grateful that my neighbours know me and look out for me. And I am also grateful that over the many years, many have said to me, how much they like me and not someone else they know. Its not about who is better, but to me, its just them seeing that I do not go by airs and graces, but honesty and integrity.

And, all I did yesterday was see, help required and knew I had the tools, human kindness needs to go along way in my book.

Going by his words, that by grace you will… and by his grace he sees.

YOU ask and YOU receive

My budget has been tight and I need my hair cut, its heavy, hot and itchy.

Everybody loves it, men are paying more attention when I leave it down, but I have had it.

I asked the Lord to help me and someone said to me on Monday, I am going to pay for you to go to the hair dresser.

They did not know my prayer, and I have to say, we had been in lock down and it needed cutting, then before I could go, we were back in lock down, so you can imagine my hair grows fast, so its very long.

So much shampoo, so much conditioner, so long to dry, oyyyyy.

Then another blessing followed and I am so very grateful, very very grateful.