The Lord reminded me…

My worth is great and I am a zillionaire times a zillion.

Because in every way I am a good steward and he has found someone, whom he can trust.

I believe this is priceless gift, and I always love a bargain, any cloths I very rarely pay full price and $20 is my limit.

It may seem like a minimal amount, but I always remember who’s money it really is and I am very humble and thankful for that…



I lost a dress size already

By just switching my mind, a dress size has gone, I feel it.

Wow, I am not holding onto protection anymore, I do carry my weight very well. But its time to say goodbye.

For I need to be fit, for the destiny to come.

Mercy me, Even if

Sometimes you do loose some, but mostly you win some.

So, never think of the last post as (poor lady) no not at all.

I am rich because my father loves ME.

I am a winner everyday and today is another day closer to the day, I come face to face with him.

So smile and cheer, rock the gates of hell and find the joy. But if you can learn by my journey, then sharing with you is a pleasure.


Mothers Day baahumbug

Now I wanted to think Baahumbug for a short time, but I chose to flip the switch.

My son, (my thought was he sucks) he never sent me a msg, but its his loss and I am not going to own it. My daughter being locked up, well that’s another part of my journey (being tested is part of my process).

Anyway, I was driven to do something for my spiritual mum, so the Lord made me think of a breakfast hamper, croissants, crumpets, bacon, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, fancy tea, etc etc. A small gift bag and a plant.

In the giving I found my joy, so on Saturday, I bought myself a pj top and another really nice dusty blue/white stripped top. I got up and decided to have a great day, and I did.

With my children, I keep my eyes on the father, because many years ago a word was given to me, don’t take your eyes off the Lord, whatever comes your way. So I hold tight, when the enemy cannot affect you, he gives up. And as I said before, Lord I trust you with their lives.

So baahumbug to the enemy, you lost again PRAISE THE LORD….


Hiding behind FAT

Yes, when I got married before in the world, there was a history of bad behaviour from men. So my response was, to hide.

Since I was 19 yrs old I have hidden, men do not noticed a fat woman. And that was comfortable to me. Yes I did get back for a short time, to my size 11.

But again, males were not kind, so now I buy cloths that cover and are decent, most I do not like, but they do the job.

When I see me, in the mirror, I do not like what I see. But again, when so many bad things have happened it becomes a comfortable familiar, that you hide behind.

So, last night I found myself wanting to look like what I know I feel under the fat layer.

I want to feel the smile, I know is hiding behind what I carry around and I want to do it for my hubby and for me.

I am stronger now, and if I do not like the way I am treated, I can make sure that I make my point LOUD AND CLEAR….

No one is ever fat because they want too, they are hiding, either illness or emotions, so be extra kind. It may make the difference…

Wow have I had to find another level

Over the past time I have had to find another level and I also had to curl up and shut down a little.

My child is back to adjusting my depth of sadness for her girls.

Being a mum and most of it I was single because the dad didn’t care. I was brought up and I admit, most of my normal, was not that normal at all.

So I did the best at the time I knew what to do, but being on my own. When she goes off course, it hits hard and I am sharing this because I am human. If I can help anyone, I will share my heart.

I wanted desperately to have a relationship like you see others having, but something she wrote “you need me, like I need you”.

Growing up, I had no one to stand up for me, to support my emotional state, to know they loved me and it would never COST me anything.

But I did not, until the Lord spoke to me, so when I read this, it brought me back. I depend on him, I need him, she has to find that out for herself.  And in the meantime, everything I do, is building the place for the next generations after me.

Last night, for I think the first time, I really stepped forward within my heart, wanting my hubby to come and be that support. As I said last night, I have been ripped off in so many ways by the enemy and I want it restored NOW.

Its time, time to start a life, I was destined to live and it starts now.

Again I say it..

Ladies and gents, KNOW YOUR WORTH.

Stay in his presence, cross into what he has and never forget you are made for greater things.

If things happen to you, flip it, make it count for good. Make lemons into lemonade and let the sun shine within you even if the enemy is trying to make it a cloudy day.

You are loved, so receive it and treasure your place in his house.