Again I say it..

Ladies and gents, KNOW YOUR WORTH.

Stay in his presence, cross into what he has and never forget you are made for greater things.

If things happen to you, flip it, make it count for good. Make lemons into lemonade and let the sun shine within you even if the enemy is trying to make it a cloudy day.

You are loved, so receive it and treasure your place in his house.


Me too…

What happens when those who have done, ugly things to you may have passed away and your still holding this hurt.

FORGIVENESS is the key, when you hold on, you only hurt yourself and those close to you.

Someone who thinking about it now makes me feel physically sick may be dead, hopefully. See what I am doing, I need to get this off me. I need to heal, so many mistakes have been made by me, because of what has not only happened to me, but also my mother.

This familiar thing keeps tracking generation after generation and you must face it and get it out.

Clean up, clear out and be beautiful for who you are, not the body your in…

Rejection is out

Last night we had a ladies night and something buried came to light.

Rejection, so many times I have felt, they don’t like me or I have done something wrong.

Well I have not, rejection out, Jesus in.

This was my prayer last night, when I was younger I had nobody to stand up for me. Today I have the Lord, there by my side all the way. And when a storm is happening he is still there with me, he will never leave me or forsake me.

Remember who is on your side, then you can never loose. But clean out what comes to the light, remove what holds you back, open the doors to the locked room within.

And finally be free to live the life he has for you…


Married at first OMG

I have been watching married at first sight and its come to the light.

The words, there is no spark etc etc, now I would rather a slow appreciation of the person I am come forward.

I use to have a real hour glass figure, 36, 20, 32 now I have a figure that has lived, it has carried children, and lived a life.

I pray that people know its not about, the needles surgery and everyone seeking perfection mind set.

It is about, respect, honour, lasting love, communication, appreciation.

When did it go wrong, when did we stop hearing what is said, and just listening.

Why do guys think its great to bed a woman, but if they leave them with a child, then a woman is less than. A woman who may be on her own and bring up a child, for circumstances beyond her control should be valued.

When is someone going to say, FLIP the SWITCH. Stand up and say what your thinking when your a decent person. Tell a person like Dean, sorry you did cross the line, you were very wrong and this is why, take ownership and call him on it.

The fact that when the show wraps up, there will be girls eager to cross the line with him. Someone needs to ask, DO YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH. When all things are removed, take sex out of it, what is the value of that person.

Interesting thought don’t you think…

The world doesn’t like it…

I believe with all I am that the Lord is directing Donald Trump and if he does wrong the Lord will convict him.

But those who run him down, will pay a hefty price.

I do not know why, but I know that the USA needed this. Sometimes you get so far off track, you forget or cannot see how wrong you may have gone.

And it can take someone who will go against your grain, to pull you back.

I always state to people when they say, oh your so nice, big heart full of love and empathy.

But its no longer I that lives but he who dwells within me, so if the Lord is using the vessel of Donald. Then I would be terrified to not know and accept his correction.

Remember he create this world, he knew you from the beginning and he has a PLAN.

My example that follows on

My back is fabulous, I walk around crying out stating that I am healed.

I tell him where to go (enemy), that he has no right for I am made clean by entering into the court of heaven and have been redeemed.

So, I state my claim. Enemy, you will not stop me for I am my fathers daughter. I was put here to go through this to show others what miracles you can do.

Lord, I am blunt and bold enough, because you made me that way. To show those what belief in you and passion and love creates.


AMEN and HA HA, HA HA enemy defeated.

Laugh for its your key.

Smile and …

Remember the saying, smile and the world will smile with you.

Well why not, pray and the next to you will pray and so on.

It reminds me of that movie, pay it forward. I am a born giver, why? Because I feel like I have been given so much more than you could ever imagine.

As I go about my day, at every chance I tell people how the Lord saved my life again. I am passed caring and most responses are taught by the enemy, so I ignore it.

I love the fact I woke up today and its another before I get to see my father. I am glad to be breathing and I do not have to say sorry for the fact.

Its a wonderful day, because I am in it.

Its a wonderful year, because I have expectations of what is to come.

Get optimistic about your life, and find your joy in knowing your worth.