Confess and it shall be

Yesterday was fabulous, to say the least.

Someone who attended the pray meeting said that she was given, confess Jeremiah 30 v17 “For I will restore health to you. And heal you of your wounds, say the lord.

Now I don’t know about you but, I WANT IT real bad.

And I believe, therefore I receive. Get excited I am.

I refused to crumble

All week I have had technical issues, even the local IT said to give up, naaa not going to happen.

Yesterday I worked hard and struggled trying to get my computer to do what I wanted.

So when my Pastor’s wife needed me, I went to help out. Knowing that, that was more important.

As I got out of my car, I leaned out of the opened door and said quietly. I will not crumble and I will not give up, devil get your hands off, my computer will work and I will succeed.

The devil try’s and try’s to take over anything that uses power, for his only desire is to take ours, bugger that for a joke, sorry but its true. I have all power and authority and the devil HAS NONE.

I went in, did what I was required to do. Rang someone I know in church, to see if he can help.

His whole family came over, which is what should have happened. I awoke the computer, double clicked and yahoo, it worked.

I believe that little moment and putting the needs of others ahead of myself was what did it (the key).

Positive of this is, I learned things IT people were surprised I could do.

I am a strong lady….

The other day I was at the local library, a woman I met years ago. Use to come into the store I worked in and get a testimony from me.

And find out what God is saying and how she can effect what was going on in her life.

She was hobbling along, her knee had been operated on, she said, it was prayed over at church BUT until the doctors fix it, I have to wait.

Oh Lord, I shut that down.

Wait for what, does it not say that, by his stripes I AM HEALED. Jesus died on the cross for us, TODAY. So if he took our sin, our diseases our broken’ness, did he not. Go say to your knee over and over, you are healed by his stripes and devil get your hands off. Now go be determined (the key) and believe its done.

Then we chatted about one of my children, she said, “You are such a strong lady”. I said to her, that I trust my father with everything I have.

I know what ever happens, he has a plan for my life, so all I have is to trust that very fact.

All I know is the world is confused and his message for me is really SIMPLE.


The Holy Spirit does give you what you ask…

I have learned that you have to ask for what you want, be specific if you desire something. For does it say in his word, I will give you the desires of your heart, if you will only follow me.

So I am asking and he is giving, last week I said, Holy Spirit I need the internet and I need to work a couple of hours a week. I even asked if it could be from home.

I know have internet at home and a couple of hours work, something I love doing. Within one day my prayer was answered.

I always ask as his friend, his daughter and his servant. He put life into me and its him who can only take that away from me.

Now Holy Spirit I want to do the very best at the job and having people lining up for me to work on their behalf. I work with integrity and honour and I will not lie for anyone.

So if you want something, remember to keep in mind that as a parent he will give to you as you please him.

So go in a quiet place and go as his friend, his child and servant and see what happens.

But remember you must be so grateful and thankful for the gifts he gives you.

Be blessed

Never think your smarter than Einstein

Einstein was brilliant and wanted to figure things out for himself, I was taught that you must look into things. Don’t trust that google knows all, find out what is behind it.

Where did their info come from. Most of us are so quick to take one way as the right way.

My thought is always, the only right way is HIS way.

We learn by mistakes, make sure your not repeating some else’s mistake. We are never smarter than our maker.

Be open and alert and never take your eyes off his word, ask him to assist he is the best teacher.