why are you scared

Many times I hear, or see people to scared to speak the truth.

I find, if someone is asking for help when it comes to the word (and what it says), why would you not. Yes I make sure he wants me too, for you do not put pearls before swines.

But radio stations, when someone call in, as a last ditch effort and they are suppose to be Christians and say nothing, why, what is so scary.

If your not suppose to be the vessel of the holy spirit, if your not suppose to trust in him, then what are you doing.

Seriously, I am un-apologetically me, if you ask, then are you not expecting an answer.

Sometimes things that I hear seem, so incredibly daft to me.

But fear is not something that will stop this ship from sailing.

Doing things quietly, can have massive impact

Sometimes I might seem a hermit, but really I love my time with him. I dislike noise and going out, I liked less planes because they fly over and make noise and peace was a real gift.

I am blessed everyday, because of the peace and quiet, I hear a laugh or feel him smile.

I feel many times a friendship between us, he sees me, when I am at my best and when I am at my worst, and still he loves me.

When I wake up, I try and plan my day, to get as much done, with as little amount of pain as possible, either that day or that night or next day.

He showed me why I have it, and trust me when I say, it will go… I feel it coming.

I love it when, the whole day is spent with him, its like having a friend walking along side of you and it goes so fast.

But boy, do I feel so very blessed, nothing in this world means more to me.

He is my beginning and my end and everything else is not as important, I really do wish those with wealth all the best, for they always seem to loose the plot, or everyone wants to know them. Their reality gets bent out of shape, and they have no real direction, they always seem to be to be flags flying in the wind, but not really doing anything, but showing what they are.

I hope I make sense here, I watch many become wealthy and they spend, spend, spend. Why, yes I would like to own where I live, but I do not want a mansion, or jewels or Bentley’s. Good grief, a car is a car (I do not need to own a Mercedes to be worth something), if I had the chance I would like to find Jesse, Jesse was an old car we were in, when we escaped hell, for freedom, that is because of heart, not worldly value of the car now.

It always has to be with heart, heart is, what he sees in me, he knows mine, for he has full access.

When it comes to things of the world, I don’t need to impress anyone, and I certainly do not need fame. I write because I want my journey to inspire someone, or help in a small way. But you don’t need to see me, because my voice is finally found and when he says to use it, whether it be via this blog or verbally, I am ready and waiting…

God bless to all

How you find patterns, and power follow with words

Last week I found even outside patterns talking to people, the word assumption kept coming up.

People who assume, if you having your third baby, then there will be no problem, oh I assume you wanted it.

I find all the time patterns, doesn’t matter, if I am shopping or watching TV, a pattern will arise.

It is like going back another week, and the lord says to me, the appearance of what is seen and the evidence is different, then following that, it came up again and again.

It is like being a parent, you see your adult children and they show, the appearance of good behaviour, then the evidence is completely different, once out of sight. I learn’t long ago, to watch and listen, to watch and wait, for the evidence will show in the end.

And in the mean time, the hardest thing is to sit tight, and do nothing, I believe that the Lord is working on my behalf, and stepping in, because I am their mother is completely the wrong thing to do, for I would rather, show I trust him and for the lesson to be short, than a long drawn out process.

The pattern of behaviour, has been evident through the years, but I choose to change the course, I refuse to just tag along, because I am told too. If there is no heart, then it it worthless action, to me.

Your heart and that of the next generation must be in it, money and all material things are always there in the world, but they must be worthless, and your worth must shine through the darkness.

I love my two and I trust all the good that I once did, will count for something. Yes I made mistakes, and I have owned them, but I will not be held down, because of the past, I once decided to only move forward. Why, because if you keep going back, you never move, in any direction, you just become stuck.

I am not hard (I have such a big heart, but I am no body’s fool), but I refuse to be held back, words others have used accuse me, no longer hold, because you have to be guilty, to be held, don’t you? Lies are the enemy’s, and I won’t partake of that anymore, if that is all they have, god bless them.

For my pattern, is now set by the father, his blue print is my main aim, if none of my family chooses to join me, that is their choice, I have given all I have, and I am humbled in the knowledge that I am his. No, I am definitely, not a nut job christian.

As I told a lady in a shop, I don’t care if I am politically incorrect, I am God correct.

Its funny how I went in for a new broom and shovel set, and came out glorifying the father. I went off like a cracker in all the good ways, she was so inspired, she said, “your so cute, and so right” I told her, no he’s right. I am alive because of him, I live for him and I am a walking miracle because of him and his love for me…


Words so powerful

Words have so much power, we forget the strength behind them.

This is what I recently posted on my facebook sight.

“Heaven to gain, hell to avoid”

I listened and heard these words, it is amazing to me everyday. How we can strive for things and forget the word eternal. For it is not about anything else, but this.And each day we waste is a day shorter, to where we will spend eternity….

He is giving those who have an ear to hear, to get busy diligently seeking him, for with each step forward, it is like putting up pieces of a house, your building his house in you, so he is building your house in heaven.

It is ultimately up to you, what sort of house is standing, in both places.

He’s my dad

These simple words were reminded to me today, he is my dad.

Any action against him breaks my heart, and moving forward because of that fact is sometimes hard.

But the gain you receive is so much more, nothing can hold a candle.

Many times the revelation of having to step forth, and just know he has me, has been my most valuable belief.

How much more do you need….

I get so fired up, when I see people being used

I get fired up over people being victims.

When someone is single and is financially sensible, you wait and see a vulture whether that be male or female swoop in.

There are ways they speak to get what they have planned for in there mind.

I have this ability to see the pattern they use, when others can be blind. For that I am thankful, I think because I grew up around it and could step out of it in my mind and look at it as if the father was looking down.

I pray others get the checklist in there conscious to become the victor not the victim.

Sayings and how true they can be

If you did something wrong, you would say to someone, you wouldn’t shxx in your backyard would you an example would be dropping rubbish.

One rock can bring down a mountain, when something falls and knocks things down on its way.

And the other day wise words were told to me by him.

Our mind limits us, what the Lord has for us is limitless.

People in the world are being warned

Why I write this is because of two shows, one that springs are starting to dry up. And how we are destroying the planet with over processing, meats and products. We just eat far too much, too often and cause problems with packaging and much much more.

We dispose of waste and then never give it another thought, we need to have some form of accountability. Do we forget, that if we take from nature and make a group of animals extinct, we unbalance the planet. Animals do many jobs, like compost the soil, keep other animals, insects etc in balance. Some even give humans for example, Armadillos give humans leprosy. We are mortified that the excuse is used that if you eat dogs you will get more of a sex drive, what a warped mindset, it is like Rhino horns, which is just compressed hair, or shark fins, you cut them off and dump them back in the ocean to die, how deplorable is that for disrespecting God’s creatures. They have produced synthetic drugs that benefit you 300 times more and no damage caused.

A lie is told and generation after generation believes it, and no the bible is not a lie, it’s my manual. The selfish put there head in the sand, as long and there wallet is full. But when there is no water to drink or food won’t grow, your done. People just accept what they are told and do not think to investigate the truth.

It is like knowing who the Lord is how he put his life on the line for you, and ignoring the magnitude of the evidence over history is just plain dumb (personal view). If you seek him and ask he reveals the truth, he shows you the answers to your questions.

The Lord will supply all your needs, but the world cannot, you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be the most famous, all you need to do is diligently seek him.

He has been my only constant in my life, even when I didn’t think I need him. You see many have families, husbands, children around them all the time. I find it would interfere with my friendship with him, and yes I have been a bad friend these few months, pain does drain you. I know he knows I am sad, sad to not be able to do what I want to do and have the energy to do it.

Today I have expectation

I got up after weeks of severe discomfort (my word for mega pain) with my back and hips and gave in and took a pill.

I hate medication because I don’t have normal reactions, like the rest of the planet.

So today I expect it to ease, every year I get the flu gab but even that makes me feel bad.

I feel strongly when to do things and in other ways not too.

When I was thinking of things I always wanted to do and that I had to let it go, I realised that doing what he wants is far better anyway, so I have been cleaning out my desires.

But today Lord I expect to get to the shop closest to me… sounds easy right oyyy

Listing his blessings

I am a woman who loves a bargain, because I always have in my mind to be a good steward and being blessed and that feeling is wonderful. I am grateful for the things I wear, growing up my mum made cloths out of many things, even down to the underwear, which was cost effective but you really do appreciate what you have so, so much more.

Realising my wardrobe of cloths and how cheap it is, my cheapest is $1, yes you read it correctly, it said $3 on the rack but by the time I got to the check out it was reduced and this happens a lot.How to find a bargain:1. Relax – be calm and patient

2. Really ask yourself if you want it

3. Then say, OK lord I really like that and if I am mean’t to have it, please make a way

4. Then watch online and in store if you can

5. Keep the finances aside and don’t spend it

6. And don’t forget to say the price out loud, the price you would really want to pay

7. Give thanks for him for supplying it to you and humble yourself in being grateful