Don’t bind your positive outcome

When you say, I would like or maybe or do you think or put a debbie downer on your words.

You bind the positive outcome, its like putting handcuffs on angels.

There can be no moving forward for you, so this is for me as for anyone else.

Watch what you say, how you say it and believe you will receive. Stop the cycle of already being defeated with your words, for your word has power as his word does.

I believe that 2017 is an amazing year for me, watch this space and believe.

Vision board, write the vision

A lot of people I know have done this and everything has come to pass.

So being prompted, I finally did mine, then someone said, but what if it doesn’t happen. Fair question but I trust my father, if he sees fit that it isn’t the right time, that is fine by me.

He knows how much I trust him, but he also knows what I expect from him.

Yes I expect that what has been stolen WILL BE restored, I have no doubt and I demand that it happen in 2017.

Every step, I want to always keep checking in with my father, to make sure I am not removed off course.

So my vision board is up, the word is on it and the outcome cannot be denied. YEEHAAA

My father is so very paitent

My dad, my father my very best friend and the one I love, is so very patient. He really puts me to shame, but I live to grow patience more.

I want to fulfil what my dad has written for me, because its his plan. Work that he knows that I can do, as I was just saying to someone.

Just deal with today, leave him in charge after you have asked in prayer and trust him, don’t try and rush it. Let him do, what he already knows, needs to be done for you.

We have to be patient and trust, for my love knows how much I love him and I trust him, so go for it father.


Where did I come from???

I was just chatting to someone and discussing family history, I am so different and have gifts that are beyond anyone’s comprehension.

But where did that come from, I can pick up anything and make it happen. Crochet, learnt at 5 just by watching my mum (cannot read a pattern to save my life). Design, inventions, cooking, landscape design etc.

Where in my linage did that come from? I am so far outside of the average, why?

I told my friend that I have this nagging voice to find out about my fathers, mother. Voices in my head about the sunshine harvest family and so much more. Is it true, what is my history.

I feel like I have been given the green light to find out, I want to know who else shared this DNA that runs so loud and strong.

Yes I am of my father, Jesus absolutely in every way now. But what about then, I need to shut this voice up and the only way is to research… this should be fun.

My heart has always been one of great care and love, but I have had to guard it. So many wanted to crush it when I was growing up. So who had this, who is like me and what did they do.

Having a gift about houses and plans and not being able to use it, it is like being a horse and not being able to run.

I need the key to unlock the road block and I think this is it, in part. Hmmm I am excited.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I would like to take this time to say to all of you.

Be happy and safe this holiday season, know who you are, know your full value.

And be the person he has destined you to be.

May he keep you safe and if you have a drink, drink at home. Be sensible and wisdom from him will be your guide.

Everything he is doing is a blessing. He loves all of us, let him in to show you. And Happy Birthday Jesus, your the man.LOL

God Bless you all….

His is with me

Today is a day that I cherish, not a normal day like everyone else. But a day that he is with me, I don’t stress or have anguish.

I am at peace, I am filled with the knowledge that he really does love me and with that I am brought to tears. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a tough cookie most of the time. But honesty my heart is full of love, be it a little guarded, I always remember not to throw my love before a swine.

And my love is like a pearl, precious and so very beautiful, something you can never really fully appreciate. But always enchanting, scratches easy if care is not taken, but reminds me always of the colours in a rainbow and that is his sign for us of his promise.

How beautiful, a rainbow as a sign of a promise. Not just a mundane thing, but a rainbow. I remember once standing in the school yard wondering why the ground had gone purple and blue. I was standing at the end of a rainbow, I think it was not long after my first experience with him. Other kids yelled out, she has a rainbow on her, I thought of the old saying, about the pot of gold. The gold was him, doing that for me, we all look at things I think the wrong way.

My abundance is coming in 2017, I can feel it, I don’t know if I shared this with you or not. Sorry if it is a repeat, but I went to a church night along way from home. At the start I did not fully get why people fell down as I saw it.

Anyway, this young girl came over to me, she was trying to prophecy, I thought to myself is she OK? She went and got her mum, she kept bending over, like having a huge weight on her. Her mum explained that when she was in front of me, she could feel this huge amount of wealth and abundance. It’s funny now because money does not impress me, I know what it can do. But really get happy first and trust the father to lead you.

I always have been gifted with knowing what can be built, designed or changed when it comes to property. Maybe he has been getting me ready for the next faze of my life, fulfilling my destiny. Growing his wealth for his purposes, see how I said, his wealth.

Yes I would love to own my home outright, but I do not require a mansion, that I will have in heaven.

Right now, sitting here, he is my wealth and happiness. He will make his word true and if the thief be found he must return 7 fold, I always add with interest and that has been accumulating.

I trust his word and him, knowing that to have the blessing with the knowledge that struggle brings you a great gift of appreciation and knowledge of him looking after me.


In Him is your safety

On Thursday night, I was coming back from a Christmas work dinner.

Well I was in the Australian country and I kept warning the city people to watch for kangaroos. How to warn them, you know they are dazzled by the headlights (they will come towards the light), dim the lights and honk the horn. Do not slam on the brakes just take your foot off the accelerator.

Well, I did not protect my words, for it says, you will have what you say, meaning your words have power.

Well someone had stopped on the other side of the road, I questioned why? So slowed down, had someone right up my butt (another car). Not more than a couple of metres here is a kangaroo, the guy must have hit it, because we use to look after baby roos when I was young. All I could think of was if this animal is in pain, looked lifeless, so I finished it. Got slightly air born, only was a young one, I call that a blessing. Kangaroo die of stress and its kinder, to assist the end, if it was still alive.

Playing it over in my head, he really took care of me, car bumper needs clips re-fixed, but other than that all OK.

I was shocked and couldn’t drive for a couple of days, a friend came out with me today. I have never killed anything bigger than a bug, all I kept thinking was how bad it could have been and I killed Skippy.

But in my father is my safety, in him I have my strength everything I have is within him, and I want to keep it that way.