Acknowledge him

His word says, acknowledge him, (before man) and I WILL make your paths straight.

Now I did add a little but its so true, this is what has been my driving force these last few weeks.

Acknowledge him, again and again. Not when its convenient, acknowledge him always.

This is what I mean, I was having problems with my mower, once I finally got it going it would run for less than a minute and stop.

So as my friend, I was chatting to him Saturday. Lord I have pulled out the spark plug and given it a sand, checked the fuel and given it a clean, what is wrong.

Put it away went inside and he said, buy a new spark plug. Well I did, pulled out the old one, took it into the store and came home put it in and pulled the cord and off she went.

Now I have had this problem for months, but what didn’t I do.

ASK him what it was, he is my provider. All I did before was grumble and say, Holy Spirit its a crap thing and will not go, grumble grumble grumble.

Well I am sorry, I forgot what I needed to do. I could have saved all that time and got it going before.

OMG, see even I can get it wrong.

He loves you, so very much

Do you say, I love you Holy Spirit? He wants to hear it, that I know, so join with me won’t you.

I LOVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT. He works so hard, doing everything for us to benefit, God gave his son, FOR US. Jesus took all of our sin, sickness and diseases on him and died for us.

So can’t you do a little giving…

He does so many great things and I know that I would not be here without him.

So together we say, we love you Lord, our father our guide our alpha and omega.

We love your work, sometimes its hard to understand why your doing it the way you are. But we know that its for us, with all the pure love you have. We cannot fail, the victory is ours to share with you.

I love you with all of me, you know me. Inside and out, I just love you.


Interceding with true worship

When I pray and really go for it, with worship and tears, things really happen.

Sometimes we are guilty of not really trying, I am as guilty of this as the next person.

But we really need to push, not because we have to, but because we have to do the work, to get the finished product.

In this day and age everything is really easy to get, you don’t have to work hard. But that is your key, work at it, don’t take the easy way.

By his grace he will move the mountain, its all written on your blue prints, trust the father for he will restore all of it for you.

Maybe just not the way you think….

NO, sometimes is the answer

I was watching a movie and someone was saying but why does he do such and such when I beg him.

They answered, sometimes the answer is no. I know from experience that if, I don’t have the hedge around me then it allows the enemy to come in and its not him saying no, its us not allowing him to work in our lives.

We cannot see the blue prints of our lives but if we want to, we have to do something and that is pray, dedicate time to him and preserver, because there is a time and season for everything.

Sometimes we think its no, but we do have to think  about it and realise that, he has a bigger plan for us and keep the hedge up. If we cannot see yet does not mean its not going to happen.

Just wait for the answer, don’t be in a rush, wait…


Please if you wish, join me & pray

I had a feeling while I was getting ready for today.

My son, who has his head in games. He is so like the old me and self righteous, blunt and stubborn.

I feel he needs us to pray for him, he has a beautiful heart and is so giving. But he needs a push by the father.

So join me and pray,

“Father I come before you as your daughter as your word says, and I believe every word. So I ask father, that my son is brought before you and that he will fulfil the purposes that have been written about him on his scroll. He is of my DNA and I am of yours, so father I ask that his time is now, to hear from you as I did all those years ago. Let him be the next generation of worshippers that fulfil there destiny for you. Let his life be yours and your will be his. I pray in Jesus name.

For I come before the throne of grace and I ask that you have mercy on him, for the time is now, for him to become a man of God. I petition the courts of heaven, to show your presence to him and remind him of the times you have saved his life. For no reasoning can deny your living grace over his life. I bring him before you now and my daughter for there time has come, to step forward for your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

AMEN… thank you father I humble myself as I step back into this world…


Death, what comes to mind

Recently someone too young was found dead. All the friends were whaling with grief, but do you think, doves came down and took them to heaven.

Death is a terrible finality to those left living. But really if you have not done the work and surrender your life to him, as the son of God. Then where do you think you are going????

I believe that if I do not do the right thing, then my end will be hell. Burning and screaming for eternity. Because that is how you live, eternally.

I was asked once if someone’s grandmother was in heaven, I asked this person the question, “do you want me to lie or tell the truth”. Of course she asked for the truth, what is the truth, your end is hell if you don’t wake up and follow him.

As a mum I know that if my children don’t surrender. then that is there end. It all comes down to free will, where was this person’s friends. Guess, the devil knew so why don’t you.

Death is the next step, you choose heaven or hell. If your young and we all were once, living out of home is NOT your key to the freedom you think. Its freedom to live as GOD had intended. So live…