Xmas day

Yesterday, blessed me in so many ways.

You see the night before, I stayed up past midnight to wish Jesus a happy birthday. I always feel the need to extend this to him, because of what he has done for me.

And, invited to Xmas lunch, it was perfect, by just being what I would consider as normal. I was able to eat, which I prayed for, nothing worse than smelling something fabulous and not being able to taste any.

I admit, I do miss the hugs my son, use to give me. Because of his size, he is very tall, his hugs use to surround me and I felt loved. But yesterday as I was leaving, someone ran over to me and said, “Cya Bronie” and gave me that hug.

That means more to me, and the father knew it. I knew straight away, where it came from and for that I was blessed.

How blessing’s, touch my heart

It amazes me, watching people shop at this time of year. They go about, exhausting themselves, trying to make that one day perfect.

They try and give a gift, that touches the persons heart and then I think, or secretly hope of a little appreciation given back.

But, when the father, gives you a blessing, it touches your heart, not only when it happens, but every time you remember it happening.

A blessing is just that, whether its for you, or to you and when you think about it, its true.

A blessing can be a gift, but also a lesson, its your maturity and how you take it.

But never stop being humble, many fall down because of expectation, or I deserve it etc.

I keep going over about the 2 streams, what has frustrated me from very young, is why do adults think they are smarter than the father. Even living in the world, but quietly knowing the power and the truth, I knew that I would never be smarter than HE.

Why, is it because of money, is it because you get told all the time your super smart and you’ve become so self absorbed you now believe it and no one can correct you.

Remember you are a child of God, not his CEO, not HIS parent, but HIS CHILD. You and I learn every day, there is no vanity in how successful you may be or not.

He is your father, brother, husband all in, as you require to what ever is taking place in your life.

Its your character with him & in him, your honour and respect, your diligence.

So, count your blessings and always remember the many blessings, already bestowed on you…

Do you show respect?

Something that has always been instilled in my DNA is this.

Show respect, for someones character, for their position, especially when it is well deserved and listen, when you can bless them for it. It is not about what they have, how fancy they live, because that means nothing.

You see, a real leader, can get stuck in and knows there is no, I, in team. And when your in the fathers team, you have to realise this and show it.

You must respect the character of the person, placed in the position, that the father has chosen.

Now, I know many can look like wanna bees, but that is up to your intuition, to be shown where the father wants you placed.

But, I know how important it is, that you show, your own character every day, in trust, respect, honour, truth and all the good things, that you show in all that you do.

And, I always remember this, its about time, tithe and task. His DNA, works like a stream, it flows both ways, not only one way, like a river in the world.

And remember your Angels character, they are given positions because of this, not because of what they do, they are part of your immediate family, the family the father has given to you, sometimes, like my worldly one, it is dysfunctional, because of the situations that has come with time.

But those angels deserve your respect, they deserve you to put in the effort, to get closer to the father, to bring joy to the work, not only for what they have done, as you may have requested, but the work the father has instructed, two streams, not all about YOU.

I keep my listening stream open, I know the wave length, I keep tuned into. Something happened once, before, I went to church, before I locked into the father and gave myself over to his will.

You see, I may not have shared this with you before, but I use to live in a small country town, they use to have in the short main street. Two lanes on each side, but they went down to one, each side. I ran into a lady (Gwenie), I use to board with, I told her I was about to go over to the bank etc, ended the conversation, turned and this strong voice said to me, “Get out of here, NOW”. I took a quick look in the direction, knew how important it was to act, and instead of going over the road, I went left, into a lane, to the car-park. As I quickly walked, I heard a loud bang, she heard it too, knowing what I had told her.

A lady got hit by a car, now from that day, I knew it was my angel, my assigned angel and that I was warned, that it was no joke and I was to get serious, but I was smart enough to know, not to shut that door, the door of that frequency, that was opened to warn me.

Gwenie went back to see if it was me, as she told me, next time I saw her. I said to her, “you know me, so what I am about to say, may sound far fetched, but it happened”. When I told her, because of my conviction of the facts, and knowing my character, she believed every word I said.

So, know what respect means, get a little and show a little, it really isn’t hard to do.

Give yourself a little love, and own it

As I just posted on facebook, & key words popped out and this is from the deepest part of me.

It is not what you have, its how you present it (I was sharing my cooking hacks). And this may help others who need a little, self love.

I think its the same for me, yes I have the trackies and can speak like someone who fell off the back of a truck in the outback.

But I choose too, most of the time, take a little care, show love, not for others, but to me.

I can choose to be a dag or a bogan, or choose to show myself a little love & choose for me.

This has taken me time, I use to shy away from pink and bling or any kind of, anything nice, because I thought I was not worth it, I would say, I hated it and made a big No, towards anything nice.

Now, from the fathers guidance and his love guiding me little by little, I have embraced pink and the odd flower, I have embraced the acceptance of loving me.

I have never been one that has wanted, diamonds, mansions or fancy cars, not because I think I do not deserve them, but because I think of how much can be done, with all that wasted cash and remember, its not yours, but the fathers provision and what he says, goes.

So, at times I do wear daggy things, just to remind myself, when I look in the mirror, that what ever I wear.

It is OK, to love me…

How, do I deserve it

I just read my words and cried, you see, I know what I am capable of.

But, when I look at myself, I do not see, how he sees that I deserve it, his love.

I pray that it clicks in, but also if it gives me a big head, then I do not want it.

I know I love him, I know he loves me and that is enough for now.

When you know, he knows maybe really that is enough…

A little love

I was about to go for the evening and I felt the words, a little love goes a long way.

I was talking to someone yesterday and I said, what I believe are wise words, because the truth has to be said.

Sometimes we hide words, because it hurts us, or letting it out, is not right.

Who said, I don’t know who made the rules many go by, but I remove my emotion and as I told them, I will be dead honest.

I cannot help, if I hold back and its in my DNA, to follow the law of my father. Yes I cried when I shared, my deepest truth, but I had too and with that my angel was my witness.

His love, the love that has guided me to here today is building a boldness, a strength and a truth, that I will not be afraid.

I will stand for the righteous law of my father, who died for me and with that, whatever it takes. Many run from danger, I learned to run towards it, and he knows, my fear is not doing enough and facing him, when its my time for judgement.


I use to work under the assumption, fake it, till you make it.

And with confidence, if I thought about anything I wanted to do, I would feel the need to hide and act dumb. So the limelight would not flow in my direction, but as I grew older and got bolder. I found if I just went for it, then things got done, and its OK, but also, I was pushing myself towards, changing my need to hide.

In the last couple of days, I posted on what we call marketplace here, to sell my excess belongings. The lord said to do it, and it took a lot for me to do so.

In lock down I made many blankets, crocheting what I had tucked away. Some examples to explain myself, you see when I was younger, we had little, but what I was taught, was to use what you had, save every piece of material etc and my mum told me about Joseph’s coat of many colours, and that stuck in a good way. Because it is not about the coat and the cost, but the love it was made from.

And I cannot read a pattern, to save my life, go figure.

Wondered if I could make a round one & dadaaah
Colour adds happiness
I had heaps of balls, that were baby 4 ply, so I doubled it.

I don’t know if its the artist in me, or what it is, but if I see a colour I like and something inspires and fires up inside. I walk up and down with that ball of wool and wait for something else to match it. Tones, shades etc, work in my head and I see it finished, what it could be, and I do know if it doesn’t work, I unravel it and cannot sit still until its right.

It is like when I paint or draw, I pray first and as I question what I see, I hear “done”.

I have kept little scraps of material and made pin cushions, what I am trying to say is, putting this up for sale is like selling your art for the first time.

You expose your talent and gifts and when people appreciate it, confidence grows.

It is like this blog, I write mainly to my father, but also to me, to say, “hey your doing well, keep going”. You are worth the effort and you are capable, (dad said) very capable…

So cheers to all… whether your an excellent cleaner, mum etc, we all deserve a little boost.

Joy comes to those…

The other day, we were putting together a list, for our end of year BBQ, I put down salad.

Someone said, “ooh, what about your potato salad, its the only one, everyone wants here”.

That filled me with JOY, why?, because, I looked at something and made the effort to seek improvement, to make what I call, the Ultimate Potato Salad.

Many times when I make something, I use my secret ingredients, love and consciousness. The ingredients speak to you, if you let them.

What I mean is, most people see a landscape as they drive along, but I see colours, textures, how shades and tones work together. To really see, not only what is right in front of you, but what it is trying to show you.

I make and this is big for me to say, the best carrot cake, how did this happen. The thought of going out and having cake is a rare thing for me, seeing a sad piece of dry cake on offer in a cafe. It fires something in me, how stingy, to just put in 2 cups of grated carrots, and what is up with the icing. So, I got out all my recipe books and did my home work, I understand the reaction and science of each ingredient, how the effect of simple changes, can make a huge difference.

Thinking about how the living word is our recipe to follow, and knowing my allergies, I found the key, then the icing, I put it on, left it in the fridge and cut the next day, well, something magic happens, it is no longer just a cake, it becomes desert like.

It is like mulling on the word, give it time, it will improve, it will show you the way and give you something so unexpected.

Be conscious, and see what the father has to show you…

I pray for his chosen people

On the news lately a certain country, it has been about a certain Tennis player, who said someone in authority, harmed her, now she has seemed to have disappeared. And why did they try to show someone else, who you could tell was not her. Do they think we are fooled, or waiting for our response.

I was talking to a girl who was from this country once, and how would she describe the men.

I got narcissist, selfish, ignorant, tantrum throwing man child, what she meant was, if they do not get there own way, and in the conversation they put out a threat, to make you do what they want. They will use force, intimidation etc, when they throw a man fit.

Now, I know that not all people think the same, but trying to control people on mass and lying to them, to do so, is very wrong, but only the father, can step in here & other countries banning together, to say hey, wait a minute, we find this unacceptable.

When they put limitations on our exports, all I could think was, are they trying to starve their people. Who are they really harming here, what is this senseless need for power. Is it like Hitler and they only have one testicle, that affects their brain.

Regardless of their so called “mental training camps”, for those rising up, standing for freedom, against this senseless power grab. It does not matter the amount of nuclear power you may display. The father ultimately will see you, when it comes to your time of judgement.

And then I hear, nuclear water storage is full and they will start dumping it in the ocean. Here, we have lobster shows and the fisherman said, that they are seeing more and more malformed fish, every time they go out. What I saw was, do they think, the ocean will clean it up, the ocean is not a toilet, the water moves around the globe, via currents. I would ask them this, if they enjoy eating sea food, then why pollute it.

It is just ignorance, and sheer stubbornness, to not think of others in a kind way, it not thinking like Jesus. The stories of the bible and evidence of him being here, is not some fictional story, its fact.

So, for those people, whom seek the truth about the Lord, I pray for you, fear not, for he is always with you and when you don’t see his footsteps, he is carrying you.