Pray for America

On April 29, 2017, the Lord Jesus appeared to Bro. Sadhu Selvaraj.
He said: “Surround the president with prayer. You need to organise a
governmental prayer watch. Pray he completes his full term for that is the
period of grace extended for this nation. His term should not be
prematurely aborted. Witches have formed a prayer watch in the night
hours to do sorcery and witchcraft over him.”
The apostle, Paul, instructed Timothy to wage war with the prophecies
spoken concerning his life. We should do the same as we pray for
President Trump.
“This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies
previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good
warfare.” 1 Timothy 1:18

“Donald Trump will become president. He will be used to clean and
purify the nation.

Do you accept the challange…

Again I tried to leave the page and these words got asked of you and me.


Do you accept what he is about to ask of you, to do?

Lord I accept the challange, show me what you need of me and I will do it.

I do not care what the world thinks of me, they do not rule my life.

I live for YOU and YOU alone…

Don’t waste the life your were given

Some go through life and just want it easy, why.

Why is easy better, easy is never fulfilling your very best.

Easy is never finishing the destiny, that you were birthed for.

Time to take hold of the scroll and finish well.

You don’t have to be first over the line, you just have to GET OVER THE LINE.

While I live, I know I can make a difference, slowly and strategically. I know that the pain of my back is building a resilience in me like never before.

I know I will use anything I can get hold of to breach the divide, I am that stubborn and strong.

I will finish the race, one way or the other. No one will stop what he needs of me, but me..

I am strong and all my life things have been used to try and stop me, we’ll I stand for him, I am his daughter. I believe Jesus died for me, I believe he is still living, just not the worlds way.

I believe I can and will make a difference….

There is coming a time to stand

I thought I was done and about to leave this blog.

But the words come strong, it coming, the time to stand.

Stand regardless of what you want or scared to do.

But to stand for the father, to be heard, to be one of his chosen ones.

Time is near, time to stand up for what he needs of us, time to put down our dreams and desires.

Time is near to make the final choice.

Time to change the status quo…

Sometimes you gotta trust and not trust what you see

Sounds simple right, what am I talking about.

Your trust is normally set on what the media tells you and what you see with your eyes.

Well I trust the father, I trust that when I say no in my spirit. It is the Holy Spirit in me shouting.

And with America news he is shouting NOOO, so I am trusting him that he will step in. I believe he will do something that no one can deny and change the reality of what others see to what he wants us to see.

Just trust and keep praying, this freedom needs to be fought for.

Trust the masters plan please, its so important this very minute….

I am the exception of the father, NOT the worlds rule.. think about it and do something..

America keep praying

I have seen so many things wrong, and over the time of the last week I have been praying, I know what the media is saying but its a lie.

America needs to vote again, again your being lied too.

He wants you to keep praying, he needs you to stand up, like always there are things you DO NOT YET KNOW.

Donald is the right one, putting a guy other than him in is xxxxx personified. His words not mine, you need to shout.

You need to know the truth, rise up and take your place in christ for your freedom is worth it….

I believe the wrong man won’t last the distance anyway.

I feel a fire stirring

Yesterday I had this knowing about getting the bride ready.

Today, I feel a fire stirring inside of me for battle.

Battles to win, not the worldly battle but spiritual.

I am excited because every time I have this feeling exceptional things happen.

The more I feel pushed down, the more I feel inside a phoenix rising from within.

I have learned, that when something comes, get excited because if something is trying so hard to stop you, then the father is about to do something amazing in you and that is worth all I go through.

I am inspired now father, restore this body to be able to do what I need to do FOR YOU…

Its A OK, to be different

If we have a different thought to others, then we are driven to shut up or shut down.

I, on the other hand say if, no one took a chance then we wouldn’t have the light bulb or anything else.

I use to be so lectured to or pressured to say YES to everything.

But I have always believed it is OK to be different.

I am his exception and if you don’t agree with me, then that is OK.

But I have a right to have my beliefs, I am who I am, because life and living and deciding to be who he made is OK with me.

I am a little round and laugh out loud when other moan and that is OK.

I am exceptionally unique and he wanted me this way, to do his purpose. So as I always say, if you don’t like it, then don’t listen.

It comes down to choice, I choose Jesus, I choose God, I choose life. My life to choose, not yours to choose it for me….

Where there is hope there is freedom

I was so frustrated I had to post my last post and get it out, because the truth sets you free.

I have lived in hope that the darkness is revealed, I am praying that those in power, stumble and that which we don’t know comes to the light. What I am saying is those who are not doing the right thing. But I do pray for our prime minister and other leaders.

I have hope for my fathers freedom, that his truth reins on this beautiful earth.

I pray for truth and justice for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I know his word will bring life to this body, I know his work will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I have heard his words before and justice was served, so now I have hope and belief he will do it again.

I get angry at injustice, I know it and when I see things others don’t, its only because they have never had to use a part of the brain. You have to know pattern of the evil against you, to not only save yourself but to get to safety.

That is what has been developed in me, I wait and watch. I can see a pattern, in many things and behaviour is one, an eye movement, weight transfer etc all lead to the truth.

So when I say something, it is not because I am barking up the wrong tree. Its because I have come to the conclusion and I hope that others see it too.

Too many times the blinds are down on eyes of the world, but keeping our eyes open and the fathers truth, the light shines on my day and I live in a freedom, that I believe few will truly know.

I made a decision, and I do not go back, but move forward. If I am unsettled then I know something is not yet evident, I have trusted this because I believe its my father, revealing to me something to come.

I love that freedom of trusting the only one who is the most awesome I have ever known in my life.