How can you be alone?

Sometimes I feel the world judging me, but I really do not care.

Because, there is only one to answer too.

The world sees me alone and unloved. What a lie, he loves me just as I am, I am so surrounded by angels etc, that I am never alone.

Its about your perceptive, don’t limit him and don’t let the lies of the enemy tell you your not.

We have a right, to be seen, to be heard, but only when HE chooses. Not living by what the world dictates.

The rain has gone for now, the sun is shining and I feel his presence. I am the daughter of the living God, I am who I am intended to be and I will silence the enemy.

I use to be a yes person, you get groomed to just say yes, even when you scream NO. So now, you say anything that he does not agree with and you dish my father, then its on.

Its on, in the right way, not the worlds way. Time and time again he deals with those who are trying to hurt me and I fear for them.

He is my father and a jealous God, he will deal with anyone who tries to take me down. He has given warnings, I have had to say to those I worked with, if you have a beef with me, come and lets talk, but DO NOT go behind my back. Because he will deal with you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Yes I have scared people, but the truth is just that. They know after a while, he will make a way.


Standing up for the word given

Many times things happen or I get something and I realise, the truth from him.

But we mere mortals have trouble deciphering the message, that is when you just gotta TRUST.

I know the first few times are hard, but then it clicks. Your trust in him, with all things.

His first words to me, “I will always look after you”. Next when I was asked to be filled, I kept saying, Lord I don’t know what to do, “just breath me in”.

Many times things are told to me, when I pray and demand an answer. But its going past the mere evidence in front of you.

I think that is where Mr Morrison is hard to understand, I see times when he is just looking forward, then believing and many cannot comprehend it.

But there are other times I feel he just sits still, not passing what he knows to get to God, to know Jesus etc.

I have had to make many decisions which may not seem right, but I know with every fibre why I have to do what he instructs.

I know those who cannot understand when I say I heard his voice, because they think the bible is just a book, but it says, the living God. He is not dead, I have faith because of what I have had to come through, he has never failed me.

And if you cannot understand, I pray that you will. Because being trapped in the world is not living, it is existing and their is much much more to come.

Its take me a while..

I have been chatting to people about how to make things out of nothing as my mother would say.

Giving them ideas, how to stretch beyond what you seem to have.

And, they said you need to write a book a blog or something.

But I believe face to face is more powerful, you can read if someone gets what you mean or not.

What you may need to repeat, etc.

But I believe there is an opening, and he will show me soon. I realised I am a wealth of information.

What doesn’t break you makes you stronger

How true are these words, I refuse to let anything come on me that is not of God.

And again the enemy tried to knock me off, but I will not cave.

I have not told anyone, mainly because there is nothing to tell, when you believe his report, then nothing stands.

So I went along today to do what they required and walked out, knowing who is in charge.

Make sure you hold tight to him and all will fall into place, for those who believe.

Sometimes the message is meant for me…

Its true to say that sometimes I read over what I have written and realise the impact of the message he is giving me.

I want so badly to make sure everyone gets a chance when the time comes.

I want to share my hurts, my heals, my journey and let everyone know. That it is all for us, you just gotta be willing to receive.

Whether it is a lesson, a blessing or anything to get you where you need to be.

But be sure, my message is loud and clear and I will get to the finish line.

Change is a coming

I recently completed a painting, showing a landscape with a change blowing in.

Why, because I feel this is happening to me, you see before I was doing things that I was not aware of.

But my soul has been reactive because of the hurt, so letting it be healed slowly but surely.

Change is a coming and I welcome it…

What are you doing?????

I was your cure and your were my disease

(God is waiting to give you all you need and by going the opposite way you are stopping it.)

I was saving you, but you were killing me.

(God is wanting to save you, not just your body, but your soul and spirit etc and by trying to control the situation your killing the blessing.)