One born to glory

Thinking of how Jesus was here for us, died for us and will come back for us.

I was watching one born every minute last night.

And just as I was about to leave this page the Lord reminded me.

My mother, I found out was pregnant 13 times, but only had 5 children. One died 15yrs and 10mths due to a drink driver.

So being the final one, my mother went into labour 23rd October, but I was stuck under her ribs.

She was 4 ft 10 inches, I weighed 7 lbs 9 ozs when born, anyway the doctor came in on day two realised the problem. Dove in pulled me out, I reportedly was black and blue when I came out.

They did not believe I would survive, well the enemy will not stop me. 3 times in my life I have come so close and the father just reminded me.

Why, to show, nothing can stop the destiny, once you accept it into your life. And remember the contract you made with him before that.

He will never fail you at any age, if you believe beyond doubt. For your born for his glory and purpose….receive it.


You just gotta fight…

Why do I say that, because I have to fight for my right, especially this week to be able to just do the normal things.

What a week, sometimes it is hard to even sit and type. So today I am taking what I can do and running with it.

I have to fight, and I have to believe I will come out the other side. I have to believe, my healing will come.

Having tests that cause your veins to feel like they are screaming, they should not put things in that do that. Found out later, as to why I felt the way I did.

But I know, I will find my dad and he will give me the life I am after. If I did not have him this week, I hate to think where I would be.

When it gets tough, that’s right dad, the tough get going. I will be a sign and wonder, for I believe him in all ways and all things.

Its my birthday and my greatest gift today is him. Oh what I have received I give him all the glory. Without him I am nothing, love him today and every moment.

Blessings to come.

What a time as this…you need to trust

I am reading a book that activates his gates or doors within you.

We sing thisn

In the crushing
In the pressing
You are making
New wine
In the soil, I
Now surrender
You are breaking
New ground
So I yield to You and to Your careful hand
When I trust You I don’t need to understand
Make me Your vessel
Make me an offering
Make me whatever You want me to be
I came here with nothing
But all You have given me
Jesus, bring new wine out of me

I am on a roll

Last week the prophecy was so exciting, when he speaks, I listen.

And hearing and listening are two very different things.

I am so excited, I realise now why he chose me, why I am where I am.

Why, I must do what I have to do, because of what he saw in me. What he saw, before I was in my mothers womb. What I agreed for my life, and with that, its just awesome.

My heart is open, every time the enemy tries to close it, I force it open. He asked for this and I will obey.

What I realised last week, talking about how two slayed an army. Well with him you can, if there is a incident, many run. What I realised in my spirit is, I run into the midst of it, knowing full well, he is with me.

I am not afraid, but I will fight for him when he directs me. For I must always keep in front of my mind is, my journey and finish line is just that mine.

I cannot stop because of my children’s choices, I am not being harsh, just real, that is what he expects.

He said choose and I did, he said follow and I do. He said, “I will always look after you”and I know he will…

I love to live for him

For in him is my home, my breath and my heart.

I am so very grateful, you cannot feel what I feel. But what you can do is take what I have experienced and learned and build on it.

If I did not have him, I would be no where.

He has always been sitting next to me, waiting for me to take hold. He knew just how much, I would give to him all I have and more.

Because, its the only true love I have ever felt, and that is a very precious gift.

Gifts come in many ways, recently I experienced seeing the garden east of Eden.

Praying with purpose has brought me into a place, a place I cannot express, but as I garden in my own backyard. I speak to him, whether it be out loud or in my spirit.

When I see flowers, I see joy, when I wait for veggies to flourish. I see his words feeding me.

I have learned its not the way, the world has trained us to see or what we have known all our lives. But its his way, the kingdom way, and within that is so much, it fills every part of you..

There is so much more than you can ever try to imagine.


Sometimes there are no words, when he tightens me up its then I give thanks.

Its then, I remember that when its good to praise him, when its not good to praise him.

You just gotta keep going and going and never give up.

For he is always there and if you think when things are good you don’t need him, then you got it wrong.

He needs to be tapped into because he is a friend and you need to respect him and remember just how far you have come.

take hold, for I am close

What strikes me often is, when I feel low.

Once I realise what is going on, I take hold of the word, for I am close to hand.

Lean on me, for I am here to take your cares, to grant you peace.

Does this sound familiar if so, pray, I just prayed for an hour for something, I got it and I am not letting go…

Be blessed.