I am on a roll

Last week the prophecy was so exciting, when he speaks, I listen.

And hearing and listening are two very different things.

I am so excited, I realise now why he chose me, why I am where I am.

Why, I must do what I have to do, because of what he saw in me. What he saw, before I was in my mothers womb. What I agreed for my life, and with that, its just awesome.

My heart is open, every time the enemy tries to close it, I force it open. He asked for this and I will obey.

What I realised last week, talking about how two slayed an army. Well with him you can, if there is a incident, many run. What I realised in my spirit is, I run into the midst of it, knowing full well, he is with me.

I am not afraid, but I will fight for him when he directs me. For I must always keep in front of my mind is, my journey and finish line is just that mine.

I cannot stop because of my children’s choices, I am not being harsh, just real, that is what he expects.

He said choose and I did, he said follow and I do. He said, “I will always look after you”and I know he will…


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