My vision is fixed

All weekend the enemy tried to make me fear, that this thing would burst and would cause bad things to happen.

Well, I know and my vision is fixed on having this operation, everything taken care of and coming out the other side.

I am looking forward to not living with restraints, my stomach has been so sore and doing anything, even walking has been out of the question.

On the weekend even driving the car was an extreme effort. But through this I know my father has me, I feel an assurance I cannot explain.

My father, knows of my battles, he knows that I am aware that everything happens for a reason. He knows I trust him with my life, and I trust him in charge of it.

I am in such a place of peace, a place that I wish everyone was, but I have to be here, he has to use this vessel and heal the sick, he has too show the world, his way is the only way.

And for that vision, I had many years ago is coming to pass. Its funny but the people I was shown left in our church are there right now.

The enemy removed the others, I remembered when a prophetic word was spoken and the Lord said, he was removing the garbage. That was really scary for I knew the enemy would twist people and make them believe a false hood, which has happened. I pray that there eyes see the truth before its too late…



I have grit and strength

I do have a grit and strength that is so beyond any words, I cannot explain but I will never back down from a fight.

I have been described as a pit bull with a bone and I am so glad that I am. I will fight and keep fighting, its my fight and I say this, the enemy should be scared.

No other outcome will be accepted but a long, happy and healthy, abundant life…. AMEN

So glad I was trained

Growing up I was trained to push past the barrier of giving up. My mother knew I needed it, I remember the day she gave me a ball of wool, tangled so badly but made me sit there and untangle it, I was told I was not allowed to break it, but had to work out how to make it right.

I learned that a lot, from what I have done or went through, my mother said, its mind over matter. You have the power to mentally stick to the outcome you want.

This may not seem like much but it showed me what I could do, when things were out of my control. I decided that I would be the best person I knew how to be.

When the old man needed me to go and collect wood, filling the council tip truck that he could use on the weekend, (he worked for them). Then come home and dump it off, then I had to learn how to split the wood and told how to stack it, know I listened because he would go off his tree. I worked to fill each shed and pushed, I remember I was about 8 yrs old and my back screaming in pain (but would never let him see it, if I am dealing with something I go quiet, but I will never give up), it was getting dark, but he would not let me stop until I had finished.

Yes this sounds harsh but I learned to FINISH, now with what I am dealing. I have single mindedness and dogged determination, I will finish this and get the outcome I believe it to be.

I have come out of so many difficult situations and survived, this is training, this is the enemy trying to stop me, but by God I declare that, the more he tries, the more I will shout the name of Jesus to anyone who cares to listen.

I will succeed in my mission for I am on a mission from GOD…

I need you to pray…

A CALL TO ARMS. (This is what the Lord has been telling me and I must do as instructed)
Right, I am one person who is ready to fight for anyone and stand in the gap in prayer.
I need everyone to battle for me, I will do my part and I never ask, for I never thought I was important enough (stupid I know), but right now I am asking for everyone to pray.
Since I was told I have been thinking what is missing, what have I not done, one thing I know, I have no goal because I didn’t think I deserved it (again a lie of the enemy), I have no husband, no family to call on (my son needs a kick in the pants), no material items or money drive me.
For what I have is priceless.
All that I want is to be here for the Lord, do what ever he needs me to do, some (worldly) may think this is nuts, I do not have time to care what others think and I have lived my life sitting back because of what others have said, or how they have shut me down (enemy has used). It has been a journey to find who I am, and by God I will not be shut down.
I am stepping forward, I am important and worthy, I am believing his word over my life, but it never hurts to have a back up plan, normally its the Bronie plan, miss fix it to the rescue.
I want the rest of my life to be long, to be full and I have not received all the enemy has stolen and by God, I will not allow history to repeat and not have a full life, I am determined to receive every last bit of it, with interest.
I DO NOT WANT any pity party, I want strength, I want single minded people to petition the courts and demand my verdict, for a long healthy life, full of love and laughter.
So, go for it, for those who do not know how, start with Lord, Bronie needs you, now more than ever, she needs your very best to get this dealt with right now, Amen.
Again this may not be a facebook post, what the devil used for bad, I WILL USE FOR GOOD.

The enemy will not win, for I am a warrior for Jesus

I may not share what is going on, but in the world its oh I’m sorry. Bah hum bug, I am going to win again. For I am Jesus warrior, I am here and here to stay.

I feel so peaceful, so in love with Jesus and know this is nothing.

I am his daughter and I am strong, I am woman here me roar.

I stand in the gap against drugs, cancer, death and destruction. I stand as the daughter of the king, I will not be removed.

I am really happy typing this, why, because I am the exception not the rule.

Sometimes a journey is really hard

Being a mum has been my biggest test, and the saddest at times.

I had to be really bold and blunt and have not received any response. I hated doing it, but knew this was my last shot at it.

I feel so very tired and drained and have become quiet short with others, who did not deserve it.

It would be OK I suppose if I had family or a hubby to fall back on, but I have only the father. And sometimes that feels such a wonderful place but also a very lonely place.

As I just typed that, I saw a kaleidoscope of colours, he reminded me of the poem, footprints.

Yes, I get it Lord but please, its time, I do not understand why, I am where I am, I do trust you with the outcome, but it gets really hard.

I sat in front of someone the other day and lost it, cried and I was embarrassed but so desperately required. I don’t like to cry in front of my friends, I hate to burden them with my journey. I know they have other matters and family who need them.

I know when it comes, I will be so blessed its not funny, but right now, I just need to let it go. I am sharing this moment to maybe help someone else, to know we all have times when we need a good cry and to just surrender.

I trust in the plan that the holy spirit has, I am just having a moment. I am a work in progress and human after all…

Be blessed.

Change is coming…

I know when I am doing well, because I get in such pain. The enemy tries to stop me, but I will not stop.

Over the weekend, I felt so much pain, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and not get out again. Nothing seemed to help me, but I kept going, I have no other option.

Sometimes, I walk around my house not being able to sit without yelling out in distress. I just wander around, because I feel beside myself and cannot make out what to do.

It sounds bad, trust me when I say, I pray you never have to deal with any of it.

But I trust his word and I feel change coming, so I hang on for dear life. What annoys me is, when asked to go anywhere, I melt down internally. Why, because I know what happens and I cannot portray enough, if you wake up yelping because you need to move, OMG.

I know I will be without pain, soon, I have to believe, when it seems impossible. For he makes the impossible, possible. Amen

Bruce Almighty

Think of this movie, when he gave people everything they prayed for.

What happened…

When your in a high position and God is working through you, you cannot make everyone happy.

And those not in God, will make the most noise, but turn from them and trust.