Change is coming…

I know when I am doing well, because I get in such pain. The enemy tries to stop me, but I will not stop.

Over the weekend, I felt so much pain, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and not get out again. Nothing seemed to help me, but I kept going, I have no other option.

Sometimes, I walk around my house not being able to sit without yelling out in distress. I just wander around, because I feel beside myself and cannot make out what to do.

It sounds bad, trust me when I say, I pray you never have to deal with any of it.

But I trust his word and I feel change coming, so I hang on for dear life. What annoys me is, when asked to go anywhere, I melt down internally. Why, because I know what happens and I cannot portray enough, if you wake up yelping because you need to move, OMG.

I know I will be without pain, soon, I have to believe, when it seems impossible. For he makes the impossible, possible. Amen


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