What does this mean to you, I love to save money, it becomes a great game.

I like to get the most out of every dollar I have.

Many will make a rissole or patty out of meat, expensive is what comes to my mind.

So I take half mince, 1 quarter grated zucchini & 1 quarter carrot, then the breadcrumbs, herbs egg and flour. instead of getting 5 or 6, I can get 13 a bakers dozen. Growing my zucchini, even cheaper. This recipe I vary slightly but its so versatile.

So filling, but I always think to myself, being a good steward. Is being awake on everything, don’t let the world convince you through adds, that convenience is best.

A little effort, on your part whether its time, tithe or task, is worth so much more.

Picking and growing herbs, drying etc, yes its fiddly. But I always think to myself, if I expect him to do it all for me, then why can’t I do the same?

I believe its food for thought… return the favour.


Man I can get narky..

Yes little old me, I was so cranky and I really didn’t know why. Then he showed me, living on my own, you get to a point you do not like to be told.

And that was the key, so I got angry at myself, for being lazy, instead of being told. Then I told myself to grow a pair and get over it.

Sometimes you have to be severe to yourself, to build again.

This is a lesson I am dealing with, because I am easy at giving but, taking it is hard. Especially when you know, its the truth, so not quiet out the other side but I know he is right and I am not.

So, today is a new day, and its good to be pushed, for out of the crushing and the pressing he will bring new wine.

And that is what he is trying to do in me, and I can be stubborn but you have to know when to get out of your own way.

Life can get in the way

So many times we run around, like a chicken with our heads cut off and forget about how we need to plan our day.

But what I have found, if I don’t make time immediately for him as I have my breakfast and read my 3 pages, then I forget and run out of time.

Without him, nothing goes the right way, without him, I cannot function, without him, I have nothing.

So here I go again, its 2019 and things need to change, he is first and not last. He is the reason I live and he gave life to me, he has saved my life, so I need to get out of my own way and put him first.

I need to walk more as if I am him, do as he would do, and if the world doesn’t like it. Its not my problem, its theirs.

So life can wait when it needs too, he is mine….

Drugs, a subject that I get heated on

I personally know, the pain and anger that drugs cause.

I see again on the news, a girl dies because she took a drug at a concert. My immediate response is, isn’t going out and enjoying the show enough, WHY do you need more, when the dice is rolled you only win once?

One pill WILL KILL YOU or the devil will hook you, you do not know who made it and with what, really if your life is so bad that you need one, then talk to someone who can help.

Leaving behind heartache is not worth any of it. Trust me, you leave a path of destruction, that can take generations to heal.

Lord: I am going to pray, that where it starts, it gets stopped, who delivers gets caught and that lives will be saved, that labourers will be put in front of those, before they are lost. THIS MUST STOP NOW in Jesus name Amen

DO YOU AGREE, if one or more agree HE MUST ACT, so agree PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

How would Jesus behave?

Many times, sheer rudeness baffles me, I was brought up that the different between animals or bogans and us, was manners.

Walking in front of someone, “oh excuse me or sorry”. Bumping someone, “sorry”.

Or just offering a hand, “excuse me, would you like me to grab a basket for you”.

Again what would Jesus do?, walk around with sheer ignorance, hmmm food for thought.

Thinking of someone else, driven by his father, not money or status, again hmmm.

I clean my house, ready for his presence and I do it with gladness, I tell him I love him, why because I do, he is my father, my brother and my friend.

(Someone recently said to me, they saw Jesus putting his hand behind them and greeting them in my driveway) as I said to them, in the word it says that he has no place to lay his head. Well I have two beds he can pick which one, but he is always told by me, that he is welcome anytime, this is his house, I just live in it.

I am the exception to the worlds rule and he will wait for your invite, so invite him in….