Life can get in the way

So many times we run around, like a chicken with our heads cut off and forget about how we need to plan our day.

But what I have found, if I don’t make time immediately for him as I have my breakfast and read my 3 pages, then I forget and run out of time.

Without him, nothing goes the right way, without him, I cannot function, without him, I have nothing.

So here I go again, its 2019 and things need to change, he is first and not last. He is the reason I live and he gave life to me, he has saved my life, so I need to get out of my own way and put him first.

I need to walk more as if I am him, do as he would do, and if the world doesn’t like it. Its not my problem, its theirs.

So life can wait when it needs too, he is mine….


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