Man I can get narky..

Yes little old me, I was so cranky and I really didn’t know why. Then he showed me, living on my own, you get to a point you do not like to be told.

And that was the key, so I got angry at myself, for being lazy, instead of being told. Then I told myself to grow a pair and get over it.

Sometimes you have to be severe to yourself, to build again.

This is a lesson I am dealing with, because I am easy at giving but, taking it is hard. Especially when you know, its the truth, so not quiet out the other side but I know he is right and I am not.

So, today is a new day, and its good to be pushed, for out of the crushing and the pressing he will bring new wine.

And that is what he is trying to do in me, and I can be stubborn but you have to know when to get out of your own way.


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