Your the voice, try and understand it

John Farnham sung that song many years ago, if you don’t know who he is then google it.

Man he can sing, I saw him live once, wow he does not need a microphone.

Anyway, your the voice of the word, do you understand that, we are his daughters and his sons, so you have a destiny.

Make a noise and make it clear, do not sit in silence do not live in fear. We can all stand together for him without fear.

Let the Lord use you, let him fire you off in the direction of his choice and love it all…



Oh what an appointment

I always keep in mind that his word says, in the right time and season.

So being very aware of this last Friday, I had an appointment at the hairdresser’s. I thought about changing it, so glad I didn’t.

So I went in, the lady is Indian nationality, we started talking and I felt his presence. She said, that she was going to give up her daily prayer, she had set up a place in her home for every morning to go and pray.

She put it all away, but still prayed that day, I saw the opening and grabbed it.

I told her, I know that there is only one God, he doesn’t mind what you do, but you need to keep praying.

She then said, how others around her that are not good people seem to be getting further or everything in life and she pray’s but nothing happened.

I told her the truth as I know it to be, I said to her, the Lord lets others who do not have a hedge around them, or the blood of Jesus on the door posts of the house, go so far.

He then lets the enemy knock them off (pedestal), I told her not to worry about what you see in others. When nothing appears to be happening, it’s happening in the heavenlies. So keep going, don’t stop for he appreciates your dedication and loves you for it.

If its quiet pray harder, pull it down and have it now.

She said, you were meant to come in today, I feel very blessed by your words, thank you.

No thanking me, its him, he had a date with her, right time and season…how awesome was his love for her that day.

I just had to share

Last night the speaker and Pastor spoke on what I have been posting and I AM EXCITED today.

I sat there thinking, did they read what I posted, oh father I know it’s you.

I feel so very special today, he is right here with me, the angels are being put to work and I desperately want to know what tomorrow will bring. But in him, I trust what he has for me.

I trust that he will use me, what others over my life have considered the foolish. He is going to use me to speak and shock a lot of Christians, because they are sitting on a dusty shelf and need cleaning up.

But it will not be me, just my vessel being used for my dad. I trust any words he has to speak out to the people he will be the teacher. Because if it was him before you, in all his glory. Would you really know him, that’s the key to everything, know him.

On this wonderful weekend, make a date with him. Spend quality time, put down the technology and read his word, pray in tongues and be blessed.

Get the message he has for you, right now and be inspired to go out and speak up…

I shout out the joy of the Lord

Time to shout, time to smile, time to speak his word.

Time to live, time to stand, its time….

For the love of my father, I make this statement that when he needs me, fear shall not stop me and I will be there as his friend. To speak his name, with love and compassion, most of all, all of me, I am ALL in…

Don’t let the enemies fear hold you back

That disgusting thing stops us, we need to be bold.

I am getting more and more, if I need to close my eyes to do it. Then whatever works for you, step out, step into the cloud.

Take a step when he tells you, for he put you here for a DESTINY to be fulfilled.

Full-fill it, enjoy your journey for the day of glory will be your reward.

Fear has no hold on me, it fires me up to push and push back 10 times harder. I said to someone the other day, if the enemy thinks he can play with my life, then I will play to WIN.

As I go along one thing is getting stronger

Every day I am excited about what is happening, some more than others.

What is firing me up at present is the fight in me. When your threatened or told no, everything in me is ready for his fight.

If and when he needs me I will be there. I might have posted about a drug dealer threatened to take me out in a box if I squealed about anything he was doing.

Closed the door told my kids who were small at the time, well I am not going out quietly.

That is so strong as I sit here, I have enough boldness in me to fight. Think about this when he needed the people to fight the enemy, they did. They had to fight to win…

Its the same now, not that I am going out to kill anyone, but stand up. Don’t let others shut him down, if he needs you stand for his word, for life will be yours.


Travel the world and free the people

I think I posted about a vision I was shown, when I first gave myself.

Now its always with me, you will go out and tell the people.

I see him using me, he will select those whom he wants. I will be used to get those people and by his word, release them from the prison they are in.

He showed me, he would use me, to heal not just physically but spiritually.

And its coming, I do not want glory. I do not care what they think, I care what HE thinks, I want him to use me.

He has been training me, I feel it closer and closer. Some in the world will try and get me to explain but when they do, you have to remember the veil over the eyes and ears.

God will do his work as he has PLANNED, not the people. He is in charge, not the people.

I will always give him the glory and honour.. AMEN