I love where I am at

We have been learning how to open up the portal, how to open heaven and get it here and now.

You may be interested or you may say, what?

Last night we sang a song, it said step into the cloud, I felt (do it), so I stepped into the circle. He needs us to listen and do, its very simple.

When I did, I felt an opening above, many years ago. When we had church on Sunday I was getting ready, I was so charged up I couldn’t concentrate. I needed to get there, as the person was opening up, I walked past and said hi, walked into the prayer room and felt that I had to open heavens door.

I went for it, I had too, I had no option. Last night brought that back, I did as instructed, that is why its happening.

The devil is trying to stop me, the more he tries, the more I want to push back 10 times harder. Its driving me, I cannot contain it.

All I can say is watch this space….


Judgement day

Recently I posted and started facebook, hated it tried for 3 days and gave up.

I posted about Judgement day, what are you going to do when it comes, when he has tried and tried to tell you and you stand before him.

He turns and says, “depart from me for I have not known you.” Its too late then, get the message he keeps telling you over and over.

Like my mother, she would lecture me over and over. Until I gave in and said, OK. I got the message, its the same with him, but he can only do it so many times.

The time is nearly up, you need to get it. Wake up and pay attention, I would rather have an eternal life of glory, than burning in HELL…