Find something to smile about, even if you don’t want too

I find sometimes things can seem the opposite to how I want them to go.

But I believe that you have the power to change the atmosphere.

So after today, I say put a smile on your face and think positive because YOU have the power to change.

So go on find something positive, that is todays challenge.


Why me??

Sometimes I stop and talk to the Lord and say “why me?”

What I mean here is, I don’t think I am anything special, I am just a regular person if you passed me in the street. But as his daughter I feel extraordinary.

For some reason he chose me, I feel so over whelmed and I get teary, because I don’t see, what he sees. I think the main thing here is, he knows in the midst of all, I have the strength to stand. I have gone through some amazing things and I know one thing more than any other is the super strength I have.

I am one determined woman, when I make my mind up, and no I am not single-minded, if I can see a better way then I am flexible. But the goal is always the same destination or me, I will make it to the finish line even if I have to crawl the rest of the way.

He has waited for me patiently like any parent and for that I am so very grateful. Something that has really hit home these last few weeks is, how much of a gentleman he is. He will not push you or come in without being asked.

I was at church and we always pray before hand (we call it the engine room). I went in and said, “Father I invite you here today, this is your house and you run it the way you want, we are willing to do what ever you request” one of the girls said, the room got thick when I started praying, that is a sign of his presence. I said that night I invited him in, he will not intrude he is so polite and its so very true.

When I pray I tell him father what ever you do will be done with the utmost love. So I give you permission to do anything yes there may be times I need to take a breath, but do it. I am your willing servant.

And with that my journey began, change started to take place.

Glory be to the King of kings the father of all. Go to a quiet place and have a chat, he is waiting for you. If you trust one thing trust this.

May blessings come your way.

Purification can be hard

I was discussing on one of my very quick blogs, that I was trying to get things up and running at home.

Well here I am, I feel like I been away a long time, but I really think that is because the old me has been going and I am getting to know the new.

Like I said I have been praying mostly from 12 to 3 am this watch is for marriages and is when most evil is at work, rapes etc, so I have been going into battle. Because I have had the time to do it, I have enjoyed my uninterrupted time with the Lord.

My last break through was when I was praying and all of a sudden I felt myself as a little girl, the one who had been hurt so badly. I forgave those who had hurt her and released them, I have to tell you things changed from then on.

Yes its is not completely done, but the biggest thing was to tell that part of myself it wasn’t her fault she had no control and from now on I stand as a grown woman. That I have the power to change what I do, I choose to become obedient to hasten the fulfillment of the preceding word.

The main thing here I CHOOSE not the devil, not the man down the street, but ME.

I am in the process of being purified and its been a struggle but their is always a better place when you make the change.

I am about to cross over, major things are about to take place and I will not be stopped.

The Lord wins again, yahoo.

Update on church website

Still trying to get through to IT to get this attached but if you google River of Fire Ministries, Sunbury which I am going to learn things need updating you will see where I am.

I am in his house that he is doing a great work in at the moment.

The river from heaven is white hot and on fire, praise the Lord

Be blessed

I am being blocked but never will give up

I am trying to get my home computer working, lets just say I think the devil is trying to block me. He cannot stop the flow from heaven.

God is working on me at this time to purify me, the old me is going out, to bring in the new.

Personally I cannot wait, I have felt every push and his hands on me molding me into how he sees me. I have felt the oil being squeezed out of me and that is all good in the end.

Yes it has been very uncomfortable but I know I must trust this, I must trust that what is coming is beyond my discomfort and is greater than any words and I have to admit a lot of the time I have not liked the old me.

But I have to grow, I am capable of so much and he has told me he wants to use me so if I don’t grow threw it how can I understand someone else’s journey.

I will not stick my head in the sand, I just want to go from glory to glory. My journey I am sharing with you but I am here and I do have a lot to share that will inspire.

When I am quiet great things are happening so just know when I am back on full speed will happen and you will be so inspired by what I have to share about my journey you wont be able to help yourself  but get excited.

Jesus loves me enough to transform me and that not just happen I am being birthed into new and exciting things to come.

Remember I am here and praying for you, I am on the 12 to 3 am watch depending on what time I feel the need.