I am being blocked but never will give up

I am trying to get my home computer working, lets just say I think the devil is trying to block me. He cannot stop the flow from heaven.

God is working on me at this time to purify me, the old me is going out, to bring in the new.

Personally I cannot wait, I have felt every push and his hands on me molding me into how he sees me. I have felt the oil being squeezed out of me and that is all good in the end.

Yes it has been very uncomfortable but I know I must trust this, I must trust that what is coming is beyond my discomfort and is greater than any words and I have to admit a lot of the time I have not liked the old me.

But I have to grow, I am capable of so much and he has told me he wants to use me so if I don’t grow threw it how can I understand someone else’s journey.

I will not stick my head in the sand, I just want to go from glory to glory. My journey I am sharing with you but I am here and I do have a lot to share that will inspire.

When I am quiet great things are happening so just know when I am back on full speed will happen and you will be so inspired by what I have to share about my journey you wont be able to help yourself  but get excited.

Jesus loves me enough to transform me and that not just happen I am being birthed into new and exciting things to come.

Remember I am here and praying for you, I am on the 12 to 3 am watch depending on what time I feel the need.

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