Never give up

Sometimes its hard, when the enemy pushes me, I fight back.

I will push back the works of the 7 nations you know the ones Hitites, cananities etc.

They have no place and its us that have to tell them where to go.

I am fired up because I watched the WAR ROOM movie, its what I am learning in our church at the moment.

How to effectively win and for your word to have power and authority.

Its not just something you read, its what you need to do. To effect what you ask, its not a case of praying and praying and not seeming to get anywhere.

Its to pray once and do it right, with power.

For instant result, yahoo.


Bricks are meant to fall

I was told today, by a see’er that I had this brick wall built around me.

That part I knew because from very little I built it up for protection.

Problem is it stopped me from moving out, well moving I am.

They also said that I broke it down and came out holding the sword of the spirit. Yeehaa, I will not stop until he takes me home.

The fight is not ours, but the WORD is the winning tool to use.

And by God I will use every tool I can get hold off.


As for my last post, my trust in my father is my strength for I will not fear. What man can do to me.


Fear belongs to the enemy and its out of my house, the vessel for my father to use.

Be strong, and TRUST in him

Do not allow the enemy room to move

Recently as of last week I came close to loosing one of my children.

Now this may seem shocking but I know that the enemy will not move me away from my father, the holy spirit is my guide and will stay that way.

What did I do, told the Satan to get off me, my family and exit stage left, out the door. I even opened my sliding door and reminded him that he was defeated.

A demonic spirit is living within one of my children and it will not stay, the life my father gave to my child will push it out. Deliverance will be given and received that I believe.

So take up your sword, using the word and drive it out of your life.