Why me??

Sometimes I stop and talk to the Lord and say “why me?”

What I mean here is, I don’t think I am anything special, I am just a regular person if you passed me in the street. But as his daughter I feel extraordinary.

For some reason he chose me, I feel so over whelmed and I get teary, because I don’t see, what he sees. I think the main thing here is, he knows in the midst of all, I have the strength to stand. I have gone through some amazing things and I know one thing more than any other is the super strength I have.

I am one determined woman, when I make my mind up, and no I am not single-minded, if I can see a better way then I am flexible. But the goal is always the same destination or me, I will make it to the finish line even if I have to crawl the rest of the way.

He has waited for me patiently like any parent and for that I am so very grateful. Something that has really hit home these last few weeks is, how much of a gentleman he is. He will not push you or come in without being asked.

I was at church and we always pray before hand (we call it the engine room). I went in and said, “Father I invite you here today, this is your house and you run it the way you want, we are willing to do what ever you request” one of the girls said, the room got thick when I started praying, that is a sign of his presence. I said that night I invited him in, he will not intrude he is so polite and its so very true.

When I pray I tell him father what ever you do will be done with the utmost love. So I give you permission to do anything yes there may be times I need to take a breath, but do it. I am your willing servant.

And with that my journey began, change started to take place.

Glory be to the King of kings the father of all. Go to a quiet place and have a chat, he is waiting for you. If you trust one thing trust this.

May blessings come your way.


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