Travel the world and free the people

I think I posted about a vision I was shown, when I first gave myself.

Now its always with me, you will go out and tell the people.

I see him using me, he will select those whom he wants. I will be used to get those people and by his word, release them from the prison they are in.

He showed me, he would use me, to heal not just physically but spiritually.

And its coming, I do not want glory. I do not care what they think, I care what HE thinks, I want him to use me.

He has been training me, I feel it closer and closer. Some in the world will try and get me to explain but when they do, you have to remember the veil over the eyes and ears.

God will do his work as he has PLANNED, not the people. He is in charge, not the people.

I will always give him the glory and honour.. AMEN


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