As I go along one thing is getting stronger

Every day I am excited about what is happening, some more than others.

What is firing me up at present is the fight in me. When your threatened or told no, everything in me is ready for his fight.

If and when he needs me I will be there. I might have posted about a drug dealer threatened to take me out in a box if I squealed about anything he was doing.

Closed the door told my kids who were small at the time, well I am not going out quietly.

That is so strong as I sit here, I have enough boldness in me to fight. Think about this when he needed the people to fight the enemy, they did. They had to fight to win…

Its the same now, not that I am going out to kill anyone, but stand up. Don’t let others shut him down, if he needs you stand for his word, for life will be yours.



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