I just had to share

Last night the speaker and Pastor spoke on what I have been posting and I AM EXCITED today.

I sat there thinking, did they read what I posted, oh father I know it’s you.

I feel so very special today, he is right here with me, the angels are being put to work and I desperately want to know what tomorrow will bring. But in him, I trust what he has for me.

I trust that he will use me, what others over my life have considered the foolish. He is going to use me to speak and shock a lot of Christians, because they are sitting on a dusty shelf and need cleaning up.

But it will not be me, just my vessel being used for my dad. I trust any words he has to speak out to the people he will be the teacher. Because if it was him before you, in all his glory. Would you really know him, that’s the key to everything, know him.

On this wonderful weekend, make a date with him. Spend quality time, put down the technology and read his word, pray in tongues and be blessed.

Get the message he has for you, right now and be inspired to go out and speak up…


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