Oh what an appointment

I always keep in mind that his word says, in the right time and season.

So being very aware of this last Friday, I had an appointment at the hairdresser’s. I thought about changing it, so glad I didn’t.

So I went in, the lady is Indian nationality, we started talking and I felt his presence. She said, that she was going to give up her daily prayer, she had set up a place in her home for every morning to go and pray.

She put it all away, but still prayed that day, I saw the opening and grabbed it.

I told her, I know that there is only one God, he doesn’t mind what you do, but you need to keep praying.

She then said, how others around her that are not good people seem to be getting further or everything in life and she pray’s but nothing happened.

I told her the truth as I know it to be, I said to her, the Lord lets others who do not have a hedge around them, or the blood of Jesus on the door posts of the house, go so far.

He then lets the enemy knock them off (pedestal), I told her not to worry about what you see in others. When nothing appears to be happening, it’s happening in the heavenlies. So keep going, don’t stop for he appreciates your dedication and loves you for it.

If its quiet pray harder, pull it down and have it now.

She said, you were meant to come in today, I feel very blessed by your words, thank you.

No thanking me, its him, he had a date with her, right time and season…how awesome was his love for her that day.


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