Drugs, a subject that I get heated on

I personally know, the pain and anger that drugs cause.

I see again on the news, a girl dies because she took a drug at a concert. My immediate response is, isn’t going out and enjoying the show enough, WHY do you need more, when the dice is rolled you only win once?

One pill WILL KILL YOU or the devil will hook you, you do not know who made it and with what, really if your life is so bad that you need one, then talk to someone who can help.

Leaving behind heartache is not worth any of it. Trust me, you leave a path of destruction, that can take generations to heal.

Lord: I am going to pray, that where it starts, it gets stopped, who delivers gets caught and that lives will be saved, that labourers will be put in front of those, before they are lost. THIS MUST STOP NOW in Jesus name Amen

DO YOU AGREE, if one or more agree HE MUST ACT, so agree PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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