I need you to pray…

A CALL TO ARMS. (This is what the Lord has been telling me and I must do as instructed)
Right, I am one person who is ready to fight for anyone and stand in the gap in prayer.
I need everyone to battle for me, I will do my part and I never ask, for I never thought I was important enough (stupid I know), but right now I am asking for everyone to pray.
Since I was told I have been thinking what is missing, what have I not done, one thing I know, I have no goal because I didn’t think I deserved it (again a lie of the enemy), I have no husband, no family to call on (my son needs a kick in the pants), no material items or money drive me.
For what I have is priceless.
All that I want is to be here for the Lord, do what ever he needs me to do, some (worldly) may think this is nuts, I do not have time to care what others think and I have lived my life sitting back because of what others have said, or how they have shut me down (enemy has used). It has been a journey to find who I am, and by God I will not be shut down.
I am stepping forward, I am important and worthy, I am believing his word over my life, but it never hurts to have a back up plan, normally its the Bronie plan, miss fix it to the rescue.
I want the rest of my life to be long, to be full and I have not received all the enemy has stolen and by God, I will not allow history to repeat and not have a full life, I am determined to receive every last bit of it, with interest.
I DO NOT WANT any pity party, I want strength, I want single minded people to petition the courts and demand my verdict, for a long healthy life, full of love and laughter.
So, go for it, for those who do not know how, start with Lord, Bronie needs you, now more than ever, she needs your very best to get this dealt with right now, Amen.
Again this may not be a facebook post, what the devil used for bad, I WILL USE FOR GOOD.


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