My vision is fixed

All weekend the enemy tried to make me fear, that this thing would burst and would cause bad things to happen.

Well, I know and my vision is fixed on having this operation, everything taken care of and coming out the other side.

I am looking forward to not living with restraints, my stomach has been so sore and doing anything, even walking has been out of the question.

On the weekend even driving the car was an extreme effort. But through this I know my father has me, I feel an assurance I cannot explain.

My father, knows of my battles, he knows that I am aware that everything happens for a reason. He knows I trust him with my life, and I trust him in charge of it.

I am in such a place of peace, a place that I wish everyone was, but I have to be here, he has to use this vessel and heal the sick, he has too show the world, his way is the only way.

And for that vision, I had many years ago is coming to pass. Its funny but the people I was shown left in our church are there right now.

The enemy removed the others, I remembered when a prophetic word was spoken and the Lord said, he was removing the garbage. That was really scary for I knew the enemy would twist people and make them believe a false hood, which has happened. I pray that there eyes see the truth before its too late…



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