So glad I was trained

Growing up I was trained to push past the barrier of giving up. My mother knew I needed it, I remember the day she gave me a ball of wool, tangled so badly but made me sit there and untangle it, I was told I was not allowed to break it, but had to work out how to make it right.

I learned that a lot, from what I have done or went through, my mother said, its mind over matter. You have the power to mentally stick to the outcome you want.

This may not seem like much but it showed me what I could do, when things were out of my control. I decided that I would be the best person I knew how to be.

When the old man needed me to go and collect wood, filling the council tip truck that he could use on the weekend, (he worked for them). Then come home and dump it off, then I had to learn how to split the wood and told how to stack it, know I listened because he would go off his tree. I worked to fill each shed and pushed, I remember I was about 8 yrs old and my back screaming in pain (but would never let him see it, if I am dealing with something I go quiet, but I will never give up), it was getting dark, but he would not let me stop until I had finished.

Yes this sounds harsh but I learned to FINISH, now with what I am dealing. I have single mindedness and dogged determination, I will finish this and get the outcome I believe it to be.

I have come out of so many difficult situations and survived, this is training, this is the enemy trying to stop me, but by God I declare that, the more he tries, the more I will shout the name of Jesus to anyone who cares to listen.

I will succeed in my mission for I am on a mission from GOD…


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