I love to live for him

For in him is my home, my breath and my heart.

I am so very grateful, you cannot feel what I feel. But what you can do is take what I have experienced and learned and build on it.

If I did not have him, I would be no where.

He has always been sitting next to me, waiting for me to take hold. He knew just how much, I would give to him all I have and more.

Because, its the only true love I have ever felt, and that is a very precious gift.

Gifts come in many ways, recently I experienced seeing the garden east of Eden.

Praying with purpose has brought me into a place, a place I cannot express, but as I garden in my own backyard. I speak to him, whether it be out loud or in my spirit.

When I see flowers, I see joy, when I wait for veggies to flourish. I see his words feeding me.

I have learned its not the way, the world has trained us to see or what we have known all our lives. But its his way, the kingdom way, and within that is so much, it fills every part of you..

There is so much more than you can ever try to imagine.


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