You just gotta fight…

Why do I say that, because I have to fight for my right, especially this week to be able to just do the normal things.

What a week, sometimes it is hard to even sit and type. So today I am taking what I can do and running with it.

I have to fight, and I have to believe I will come out the other side. I have to believe, my healing will come.

Having tests that cause your veins to feel like they are screaming, they should not put things in that do that. Found out later, as to why I felt the way I did.

But I know, I will find my dad and he will give me the life I am after. If I did not have him this week, I hate to think where I would be.

When it gets tough, that’s right dad, the tough get going. I will be a sign and wonder, for I believe him in all ways and all things.

Its my birthday and my greatest gift today is him. Oh what I have received I give him all the glory. Without him I am nothing, love him today and every moment.

Blessings to come.


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