Be the exception.. not the rule

I keep trying to explain this simple line, but no one gets it.

So many times in business especially, I have seen a lot of followers because that is the way everyone else does it. If you don’t do the same, we don’t know how to act. Or it’s so far from their reality they can’t comprehend.

Well here is a new thought, be the EXCEPTION. I keep trying to get this across because I know it works, I have been able to do things no one else does, why?

Because I believe I am the exception, not the rule. I work with my father all day, he is never far from my thoughts.

Why am I about to make a huge step forward? Because I know I AM THE EXCEPTION.

Someone needs to show the way and I am not one to shy away from a challenge, if there were no challenges, no one would climb.

Like climbing Everest, not everyone has it in them to make the attempt. But do you?

What has been put inside of you, what is it that you know beyond all reasoning? What has he put within you, don’t ever doubt what can happen, trust, it is an amazing power when you have it locked in.

I am being the exception to the rule, watch this space. You never know what his next step for me may be.

What power simple words can have…

Its true, remember this one liner. “Forgive them father, for they know that what they do.”

Do you know what you do? Ok, here I am putting myself on the line.

I know following the Lord seems like being an extremist. But I cannot deny the love I have for what, HE has done for me.

I was once in a very bad place, there was no hope and as I said at the time, ‘I am breathing but I am like the living dead”.

Because my spirit and soul had been so battered, I could no longer breathe in spirit. I was moving, eating, breathing having sex. But not feeling, I was acting parts but nothing made a dint.

Then words my mother said to me, “Dont let the bastards win”. This saved my life, and the journey coming back began. I decided to live, that there must be, a better life, all men were not bad. I just grew up among the bad, it was up to me to learn how to be treated.

This is not a simple thing, I had to learn how to behave around people for a start.

But words can affect you, I know that his words, “forgive them father” he was still asking and pleading for us. I thought a long time ago that I was a nobody, well look at it this way. In his eyes you are a some body.

Stop the lies of the world, be who christ saw you to be, but always remember that you’re a servant. Not more important than the next, not in the limelight more than the other. Sometimes the one cleaning the toilet, or sweeping the floor in his eyes is the best.

Remember in a crowd, he heard that one small voice. He doesn’t care if you’re a king or a cleaner, he knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. You are important, don’t get ahead of yourself, for he will correct you.

Something that hit me yesterday, he sees me as the apple of his eye.

But he will go after the apple of my eye, if I do not follow his word and instruction. And as a mum this hits hard, but sometimes as a parent it’s what you have to do, to get the lesson learned.

Understanding..maybe a little more would go along way

I have found this word to be amazing, break it down. Sometimes we are so quick to judge or because we cannot deal with it, we abruptly cancel it out.

I am guilty of this, remember when you were at High School, unless you joined the leader then you were an outcast. I think because I stood my own ground then, it showed the Lord that I will stand for him.

I found it with Halloween, so easy to join, you get lollies. But really what do you let in?

Its like watching the news and all violence in the world, or the new super food.

My question to you where is your research, its like my journey. So many are so quick to judge me because, so many have used the bible for their gain. They have used it against people instead of for people, Jesus died on the cross, for your sins (THE ONES YOU HAVE DONE RECENTLY) can you imagine the pain and torture.

Understand this, I had an encounter with the Lord when I was young, since then I have heard his voice twice more. It to me is not unreal, the world is what is unreal to me. People don’t realize that your term on earth is very short, it’s what is after (the after life, eternal life as you would say). There is a lot more and we have to remember that, someone recently said, we are here but only for a flicker of God’s eye, make it count.

Make him number one if that is your passion, but as a mother I know what I do affects the next generation. So what I do has great power and authority.

Dont think because you may just go to church on Sunday or appear godly then that’s enough, if you can’t be touched in your day-to-day life. If your life is living above his or your number one, then I think your WRONG.

I like to keep it simple and understanding why he took my sin, what was he thinking about me. I know beyond a shadow of doubt, that those who are using their god for evil, are only serving the devil. But this I also know, he has made them blind to their actions and made it seem that what they do is for the benefit of all.

Sorry but again, the devil is using you like a puppet on a string. It’s up to you to cut the cord.

Understanding how little that people do really understand about it all affects my views, sometimes people hit out from fear. Or just because they had so little control that they now pursue as much control as they can.

Something I learned along time ago, you dont control anything. Your on a journey, its up to you what CHOICE you choose.