Be the exception.. not the rule

I keep trying to explain this simple line, but no one gets it.

So many times in business especially, I have seen a lot of followers because that is the way everyone else does it. If you don’t do the same, we don’t know how to act. Or it’s so far from their reality they can’t comprehend.

Well here is a new thought, be the EXCEPTION. I keep trying to get this across because I know it works, I have been able to do things no one else does, why?

Because I believe I am the exception, not the rule. I work with my father all day, he is never far from my thoughts.

Why am I about to make a huge step forward? Because I know I AM THE EXCEPTION.

Someone needs to show the way and I am not one to shy away from a challenge, if there were no challenges, no one would climb.

Like climbing Everest, not everyone has it in them to make the attempt. But do you?

What has been put inside of you, what is it that you know beyond all reasoning? What has he put within you, don’t ever doubt what can happen, trust, it is an amazing power when you have it locked in.

I am being the exception to the rule, watch this space. You never know what his next step for me may be.


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