What power simple words can have…

Its true, remember this one liner. “Forgive them father, for they know that what they do.”

Do you know what you do? Ok, here I am putting myself on the line.

I know following the Lord seems like being an extremist. But I cannot deny the love I have for what, HE has done for me.

I was once in a very bad place, there was no hope and as I said at the time, ‘I am breathing but I am like the living dead”.

Because my spirit and soul had been so battered, I could no longer breathe in spirit. I was moving, eating, breathing having sex. But not feeling, I was acting parts but nothing made a dint.

Then words my mother said to me, “Dont let the bastards win”. This saved my life, and the journey coming back began. I decided to live, that there must be, a better life, all men were not bad. I just grew up among the bad, it was up to me to learn how to be treated.

This is not a simple thing, I had to learn how to behave around people for a start.

But words can affect you, I know that his words, “forgive them father” he was still asking and pleading for us. I thought a long time ago that I was a nobody, well look at it this way. In his eyes you are a some body.

Stop the lies of the world, be who christ saw you to be, but always remember that you’re a servant. Not more important than the next, not in the limelight more than the other. Sometimes the one cleaning the toilet, or sweeping the floor in his eyes is the best.

Remember in a crowd, he heard that one small voice. He doesn’t care if you’re a king or a cleaner, he knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. You are important, don’t get ahead of yourself, for he will correct you.

Something that hit me yesterday, he sees me as the apple of his eye.

But he will go after the apple of my eye, if I do not follow his word and instruction. And as a mum this hits hard, but sometimes as a parent it’s what you have to do, to get the lesson learned.


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