Take the glasses off.. and see for the first time

What do I mean, so many of us have glasses on. Not to see what is really going on, but to make us focus on what we sometimes should not be focusing on.

As a parent sometimes you can say, oh no my darling wouldn’t do that. I know from experience when I say, you idiot.

Now I am not trying to be hurtful, just real.

Sometimes we focus on all the ads or being politically correct. Or making sure we follow the rules, that really we had no say in making in the first place.

Sometimes refocusing on him can do more than we give him credit for.

All he asks is we spend sometime with him, my question to you is how important are you to deny him. Trust me when I am speaking to myself here.

You want to have success, well his law says, ‘If you meditate on my word day and night, for then you will have success’. This is not rocket science, simple stupid.

I keep hammering this home to myself, so I am not picking on anyone here. You may tithe at church, but really how much do you tithe of your time and task.

I know great people who never forgot, forgot what, that they can wash a dish and help out. That they are part of a team, not the Lord of all.

Take a new look through different eyes, you may be seeing for the first time….


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