Different people need to find honour..

In the world you have many different nationalities and they all do something different.

What am I on about, well last night I stayed up to wait for two people who were flying in and need somewhere to rest before their next flight.

Someone went to pick them up, waited for nearly 4hrs and nothing. Yes it may be ok, where you come from, but I go back to the Lord and what he says about it.

HONOUR, honour those who are kind enough towards you, if you say your going to do something, either do it or ring and apologise. People do understand and if they don’t then you have to know that by his law, you did the right thing.

We cannot loose in this day and age, honour – respect for his word and his LAW.

Keep it simple and know that when you do this that he records all in his book for that day (Judgement Day) that you have to answer for what you do on a daily basis.

I am not angry, just that I care about their end. It is really important to me.


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