How hard is it to care???

Again what are you on about woman, I show how much I love someone by either cooking their favourite meal. Growing a veggie they may really love.

Or simply, honour them when they ask me to do something. I will drop everything or do it first, so they know they can count on me.

I will preen them sometimes so they look there absolute best. Because I love them, that I care.

Today it’s so simple to walk by someone who just needs you to say, “are you ok?” I don’t know how many times these three little words have touched people’s heart.

For so long people used my big heart against me, they either tried or did hurt me, deeply.

Well, I am here to admit that my heart is huge, I may get hurt again. But all I know is if I put all my faith in the father and not in man, then there is no holding me back.

I trust him with all I am and that for me is priceless, so show you care. Don’t let your stubbornness stop you, or un-forgiveness, you can do it. I believe in you.

One more thing before I go, I am every day trying to forgive a family member. Someone who is single-minded, I know they are mainly acting out of fear, but know this, as I have said before, “I still love you, but I don’t agree with you sometimes”.

Sometimes we can be so single-minded to point the finger at someone’s problem and not see the big one hanging over our own heads. Maybe we can be the one with the problem, not others. Food for thought.

Be blessed….


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