Take a look in the mirror….

This is something that is so hard to do. Today I was praying for our government, that God rules over them and their decisions.

I think the biggest and most admiring thing in someone is when they can see their faults and admit it.

Here is some honesty, point-blank. Once I was asked something, by someone who I love and I lied. Yep, it just flowed off my tongue, what stopped me and hit home was, DONT REPEAT HISTORY. My earthly father use to lie all the time, that much he couldn’t keep track and as a child I hated it, with everything in my being.

Why, because in my heart I kept crying out, why was it so hard to tell the truth. His word says, truth will set you free.

So the next week, the sermon was on courage. Do you have enough courage to go up to someone and admit your fault.

All I kept thinking was, the devil tried it again and I have the power to change it. I have to tell you, I felt hot, clammy, shaky and worthless, but I went straight over to the person and admitted it. I said to her, you wouldn’t know the correct answer but I do and I am sorry for lying to you, please accept my most humble apology.

The person was so shocked that I did that, she admired me for my honesty and integrity.

I was so grateful and I will not let the devil win over my life. I have had enough and I am now going to make sure he is finished, if it’s the last thing I do…


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