I am, a ok…

As you know I have been off having a little surgery. Well all went very well, it was funny they were trying to reassure me and I ended up reassuring them.

What I have found to be funny is that my dreams have changed, they are very REAL. Yes I still know I am dreaming but its like I have moved into a far greater awareness. Which is awesome and I must make sure that I have my sword and shield at the ready.

And I have this force in me, I don’t know what happened but all I can say is, don’t try me. I am scaring myself here.

Happy to be back on board though… I told the docs that I had a high pain barrier. I don’t think they believed me, they do now. LOL

What I have noticed loosing weight, because I couldn’t move, so I couldn’t cook and didn’t feel like eating, this duck has lost 16kg. I noticed my reflection in the window of the bank on Saturday and had to look again, I am not recognizing myself in a way. But I am looking more like I did before this happened, I use to be a well proportioned stick and eat everything, I know I wont have a 20inch waist again but I feel so much better.

I know one thing, hernia’s are not nice to have, but awesome when gone. And if you prayed for me, then I thank you from my heart.

Be blessed


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