God is moving

In our group things have been happening on a very large-scale, what I love is I am in the right place.

And I have to be honest, I have come close to thinking that it was too hard. Or I took offense to some persons comments to me.

But what stuck out to me was GOD IS IN CONTROL, I know the pattern that he showed me that began in the people who walked away.

I will stand for my father, I will continue on this path. I have no control over what is to come, but I have control over the fact that I can keep going. One step at a time, I don’t want to think I know what he has planned for my life, because he can change his plan.

Because of what I may do, or be doing things may need to be tweaked.

I was talking to a friend the other day and I said, we are like a tree. The branch may split and go off on the wrong direction, trying to get ahead of itself, but he can wait until we come to the end of ourselves. Then he prunes us back to the split and shows us to take the stronger branch that can have no end.

What am I getting at, is God is moving. Things are shaking and changing, you have to change. Are you so perfect that you have no spot or wrinkle, or so self-possessed you can’t see your faults.

Get on board, this is the last call, someone said to me and I may have told you. She saw me at the ramp of Noah’s ark, yelling and waving to people to hurry and get on before the last call and the door closes. The ship is about to depart, is the world you live in so much better than heaven is??

I recently watched heaven is real and lets just say, he showed me and its true. Its like here, but more beautiful. Seek his face, seek his way of doing things.

I can tell you there is no other way…


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