Need or want?

Yes I am back to that again.

I need to be on Gods agenda, I need to understand my purpose.

I want to own my little home and work in a job that I love, with people who show honour and respect.

Now I know these days that may be a hard ask but my father knows, he already has it for me. I don’t need to stress, all I need to do is trust.

So I get up get moving and make today count, for we don’t know what can happen tomorrow. Nothing can happen to you, that shouldn’t be.

What do I mean by that, if you are doing something wrong or ungrateful then it will catch up with you. And when you whine and say, why is this happening. Do a recall of memory, I urge you to be kind, thoughtful and have empathy for someone today.

Dont do something expecting a return in the natural, just do it with integrity and honour.

If your parents are alive then honour them, yes you may not see eye to eye. But what I always go back to is my relationship with mine, I can only remember my mother saying once she loved me just before she died, she didn’t hug or show affection.

But I didn’t let that stop me showing her that I loved her and I even thanked her for what she had done. What we forget in our growing, is not to hold onto un forgiveness, through much hurt she produced a wall. But with love I was able to make a hole, don’t look at the now, use history to understand a person more.

It just might pay dividends.


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