We had a visitor last night

It was really late (2am) and I couldn’t sleep, so I lay there for a while. I heard a car with no lights drive up wait a few turn and leave.

Now most would freak (especially sleeping in a caravan) , I checked to make sure there was no one around and making sure the cars were there.

I just took it as the devil was trying to scare me, but my trust in the father I knew I would be fine.

No I haven’t lost my mind, only because of the miracles and things he has done for me, do I trust him. Accepting what is real, we are taught that if we don’t have tangable evidence then it doesn’t exist.

But his word says to pray, for you know not what you are praying. In the heavens it must be done by spirit before it happens on earth.

So I go by that, for his word does not lie. My thinking is that of a knowing that what I keep doing is building in the spirit. He will not fail me or forsake me, it’s been done in the heavens and as he said to me as a child.

I will always look after you.


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