God is working

Today at prayer it was evident, people who have turned are going to hear his call.

He is about to get on their case and they will not find peace until they acknowledge him.

Our meetings at present are in various homes, we change every week and we are finding it more powerful even personal.

God is making a path, for those that have left or want to come. To feel at ease, to be able to walk in and make time for him, peace will then be yours.

He has been changing our hearts especially mine, I personally couldnt figure out why those people had left. But I could see that they were blinded, they seemed so smart to me, why couldnt they see what I saw. But each in there own time, we cannot rush the season of God.

I have been one too quick to give my opinion in the past but that has changed, thank the lord, my mother put that in me which is not something I admired about myself.

But things are subject to change.


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