Time heals all

Time was required for me to heal. Not only what happened earlier this year but in me.

I hit close to bottom inside myself, it’s been hard even to breath. I don’t know why but I think the lord has been renewing me for what is to come.

I was also given a book to read Approval Addiction. Wow what a whack it’s really moved something in me.

I have some news I have lost over 25 percent of my body mass. The hardest thing was facing what I have hidden from for more than 20 years

I have gone down 6 dress sizes and counting a couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding. I have hidden behind the fat for so long I forgot I was even female.

The fat was my shield from hurt and I hid safely. Well I got hit on, which shocked me but reminded me I still got it.

But problem, married man so when he came from the right I kept exciting stage left lol.

Hope your all well and let him do the renovating you may need. Be blessed


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