Prayer will bring your prophecy to pass

Do you know that?

Did you know that God will withhold the rain. And I know just like me, you need the rain.

So pray, like a woman giving birth don’t give up till you get it. Do whatever you need too. God will honour that, when you make yourself available. Shout out declare, bind the strong man who has been pulling your strings causing you distress.

If you don’t know how to pray start with the Lord’s Prayer, I start out say,” lord I thank you for all you have done, all you are doing and all your about to do. Then I tell him what I need from him, sometimes I even demand it. For I am not one to let it go, then because I have been filled by the spirit I pray in tongues. Some think it sounds weird or is scary, what I know is you are talking the Gods language and guess what, the devil can’t understand. Did you know the devil sits there waiting to hear you talk so he can go out and cause trouble. Yep, so doesn’t matter what is coming out of your mouth when you pray in tongues, for he can to do a thing yeehaa.


Verses can help you

Verses I believe can help you with whatever you need. The night before my sons operation. I read Isaiah 44 v8 do not fear, nor be afraid. Have I not told you from that time and declared it? You are my witness. Is there a God besides me? Indeed there is no other rock. I know not one.

Its like not understanding that the agenda is doing Gods business, for when a queen is chosen if she doesn’t understand her purpose, she will ultimately loose her crown. She didn’t get when the KING commands you must obey, not if you feel like it

Its the same with us, I know I am the apple of his eye, he has loved me always but before I couldn’t except it. Here are some questions to ask yourself, how connected are you to God? How is your supply? How is your identity on the vine? Or are you doing just what you want to do, this may hurt but I wish someone had said it to me.

If you know God but will do what you want when you want and only call him when you have tried everything else. Then I ask you this, what the hell are you thinking? I have seen miracles, I have heard his beautiful voice. Get it now before you have to go through anymore pain, give up repent and bow before the king. He wants to change the condition of your heart, be smart and let him.

in simple terms don’t be sanctimonious, when you think no one is watching. He watches you everywhere, he hears your thoughts and knows your heart and I will keep telling you until you get it  get off your backside and pray, don’t let the devil fool you with other idols in your life  he wants us to be more dependant on him  when you do this God will birth something in your life, humble yourself repent and renounce first, I have given you a key  why not put it in the door and turn it.

Someone said to me last week, you have softened. Your approachable, nice gentle and full of love.

I always was was but the devil kept reminding me of what I have done wrong. When I turned off his leaking tap of judgement and power in my mind, then something changed.

i just got this and I hate it when I think of all the time I have wasted, I love to just find the truth and lock it in and press GO.

Peace is something we all need

i was brought up in a way because my father expect the house to be spotless and if it wasn’t done he would hit the roof and burn whatever on a pile down the back.

Yes it doesn’t sound great, but what it instilled in me is that I have to always be doing something.

Which can bug people but if I stop I sleep, at home I try and give myself one day, to not do anything. Trust me when I say this is like putting a lollie in front of a child and telling it not to touch.

I was brought up the old way, if you go to someone’s home as a guest you help out, showing your appreciation for letting you stay.

I still have a mind that constantly goes 1000 miles an hour, I know the lord put that into me for a reason and when it’s time. He will tap me on the shoulder and say ok, now it’s time. I really believe that, belief is faith in action.

I have had this feeling over the last week that I am ready, don’t know why but I trust the process.

I will keep you posted, I do hope my words help you or just make you laugh. This is just my journey with the king of kings, I am coming into the knowing of what that means.

Peace is something I use to crave more than air, but now having peace it was worth finding that place it was hard but what I relished is I had to trust.

To trust and really do it with my whole being. I hope if you need peace that the father grants it to you.


i am working again from my sons IPAD loving it but have not got all the control of the normal set up.

My son and I had a discussion about that young boy who was a suicide bomber for Isis. I know he was a loner, but I made the point of what I did when I was at school.

As a teenager my mother said you have the power, so when I got what she meant I took charge. I made point of talking to the quiet ones, the shy ones who were picked on. Really what did I have to loose, i was brutally honest saying I had no interest in going out with them. But I wanted to get to know them and there interests what made them tick. Because I wanted to change the atmosphere and show by example, that we are all the different in some way.

But it as I have said to some who get all racist, do you think God sees you because of colour? No he doesn’t, he sees you. The one who has private thoughts and feelings, the real you.

You may have noticed I love that, well better go feed my sons cat. Be blessed.

Do you know?

Gods question to you, what is your agenda?

Yes he is asking loud and clear, what time did you give him today?

i keep getting time tithe task, he wants your time, he seeks your willingness to tithe and what have you done as a task?

he is hounding this home for a reason, it’s not for us to know the grand architects plans. But just surrender to the flow, ooh this might help ( let go and let flow) remember he knows your wants and needs.

All he he wants from you is to be content with the little and yes thank him when it’s tough, for he is building a better YOU. Man I do know how hard it can be, but TRUST the process, for you cannot fail.

I wouldn’t lie to you, if you need too, go have a cry, but keep going. Don’t ever give up, I know I was born to stand in the midst of the battle, go bind your strong man. Take back the power, prayer will give you stature.

If you need it I will stand by with you, willing you on all the way. For together we cannot loose, I’m excited. I am holding your hand for my heart is big like the lord, if he loves then I love.

Much luv and blessings

The Lord is speaking so loud

i am so aware of this fact.

Yes, fact, he is calling his chosen people to call in the lost. He doesn’t want anyone to suffer, he loves everyone for God gave his son. Jesus gave his life because of the love he had for those then and those to come.

When that fact hits you, I remember I felt like I had been winded. For my sin he took on his body and he had my plans, he knew me before I was in my mothers womb.

Dont you consider that a wow, not just an everyday wow but a huge wowee.

Update on my boy

i have just come home from the hospital. He came through, now I am praying the swelling doesn’t happen as they always say 24 to 48hrs.  Thank you so much if you prayed for him, I always go back to if two or more pray in his name he must act  yahoooi

I didn’t realise how much he hates being touched. To bad he got 3 kisses from a tears mum, I was crying because the sheer overwhelming knowledge that my father took charge, I really don’t care what people think.

I love my son, so very much as I am sure any parent does but because he is my miracle, I get all mushy. But I nearly lost him when I was 3 months pregnant and various other problems. When he was born and the cord was cut he didn’t breath for 7.5mins.

I have all this love, my daughter is another matter she isn’t big on hugs either. Hmmmm where did I go wrong?

Well lord again I thank you and let me decree that if you have a husband for me, he has to like the odd cuddle ( and I don’t mean sexual) just to hone in on my point.

News ! On death row

I went into prayer when I hears that the two Aussies we’re going to be shot in Indonesia.

This is my point, you idiot!!! Why am I saying that, there is such a drug problem you get off the plane and instant question. Do you want drugs?

I know of girls fearful because they even show up at hotel doors to try and force their way in.

I believe in the death penalty, IF you are beyond help that u have killed over and over and love killing or how it makes you feel.

But these men, haven’t killed anyone. They are trying to live which is their right. The prime minister is trying to show his power, but what he is doing is showing he is not a leader but a tool.

If he wanted to show leadership he would take all things into consideration. He would see common sense and stand up to what others now. That they didn’t kill anyone, they are not murders but want clemency.

With my prayer I felt if he pushes this he will release something that he cannot control and it will be very very bad not only for his country but the world.

Everyone can have a point of view it makes the world the way it is and that’s ok to a point. But lord turn the heart and mind of a king, lord you are in control.

Majority rules I won’t give up the belief that my father can stop this.

I believe nothing is over until you stop breathing, so I never give up. One way or the other it’s not over.

When all is lost

When all is lost, you can be found.

I believe it’s what is required, for we can then find him.

Blessing, joy, peace and riches beyond words he has all this and more for you.

My question to you is what are you waiting for, nothing is greater.

For with God nothing is impossible, absolutely posiitively no exceptions.

My journey is one to share so I can show what he can do for you.

how small are we

The world tries to make sure we feel small, that we have a insignificance we must keep too.

I use to always feel like some kind of nothing because everyone seemed to want to take a piece of me. Like I was a possession to toy with, since giving my heart to the lord under my own mind, let me just add that point.

I am no longer small, I am on the narrow path directing my feet towards what he requires of me. For so long I tried various things to try and feel real happiness and piece, to use my talents because I thought if I did that I would find some kind of joy.

But the only place I have found joy is in prayer and worship, I don’t feel I need to apologise or excuse myself to make others happy with my actions. I am extraordinary, I keep telling people and one of these days the world will see the truth.

I have no other option there isn’t a plan b, I am not going to change my mind, I am set on course so if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t listen.

But I have found my truth and I am truly happy, it didn’t take a man. It took my heart and I am in love for the first ime in my life, hallelujah.